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Plejarens Provide ET Sentient Species Data - Srut Ptaah Endorsed and Listed

Dear friends,

It has been accurately stated, by our associates within the Plejaren Federation, that for the purposes of clarity, they have quantified and qualified eighteen specific ET species, of sentient types, which make up the cosmic races of the known universe...They may exist across the cosmic aetheric planes, but here upon the physical aethers, they are also able to manifest, within their ships, when they visit this realm of outer Earth.

Independent surveys have been conducted by various star nations, to confirm this data, but this one list provided, is supplemented by the following facts in support:

That across this galaxy, termed the Milky Way, by Earth peoples, there are 2,630,000 highly developed spiritual societies, of space faring technologies, including the Plejares, Sirius, Lyra, Vega and many others....However, there are a further 1,040,000 civillisations in this galaxy, that remain officially outside of the wider Federation and though some of them are space-farers, they are not as technologically and spiritually advanced...Outer Earth could also be included among those...with
Inner Earth numbered among the former.....So officially, within cosmos, neither NASA, ESA, or the Sino-Russian space missions, are rated very highly...Even those notorious and secret space missions, using back-engineered technology....It has all been a drop in the galactic ocean, as it were...

Beyond this galaxy are numerous allies of the greater Cosmic Union of Light, numbering 1,141,000,000 advanced civilizations....And like the Galactic Federation, they seek to be part of a greater Lighted Union, in service to the evolution of spirit, through creation, linked with this Milky Way and several others and some at Universal levels and between Universes.

Sentient Species Types:

Humanoids  Like the Plejaren themselves and the Earth humans 

Amphiboids  People who resemble animals that live in the water; they live on land and in water, like Asina and her people 

Reptileoids  Human-reptilian forms with a skin covered with scales 

Insectoids  Human-insectoid forms; their skin having a chitin quality 

Sauroids  Human-sauropode form, their skin resembling that of an elephant 

Primatoide  Human-primate form with more hair on his skin than the Earth human 

Condicoids  Humanoids who are capable to move along through levitation, like the ones who were seen sitting on the roof of the SSSC 

Teropoids  Human-birdlike body with a long neck, face and beak-like mouth 

Hydroids  Human-fishlike body, who are living in the water, but can leave it for longer periods 

Thermoids  Humanoids who are living in hot zones of very high temperature 

Frigoroids  Humanoids who are living in regions with very low temperatures 

Aërioids  Humanoids who are breathing poisonous gas or living in different gas environments, respectively 

Acoroids  Humanoids of humanoid body, whose skin is covered by a fine acid layer, as it is the case with the Trilaner (Trilans). 

Floroids  Humanlike and diverse plant bodies 

Kentauroids  Life forms with part human, part horse-like bodies 

Faunoids  Bodies part human, part animals with hooves 

Cheruboids  Very light human life forms, with wings with which they are capable to fly 

Seraphoids  Very light life forms with a human-animal body, with feathered wings by which they are able to fly 

This comprehensive list was provided by Srut Ptaah, who stands at the first degree, of that spiritual level of "Srut," so a higher grade than an "Jschwjsch"..and this means that his data is of premium quality, as far as ET sources go...

I will also gladly clarify that the classifications use the frail English language, which cannot compare to Plejare (based on Lyran dialect,) in it's far-ranging finer meanings, however, it is the nearest we have to use as a global language and so we must work with it...I know that many in this community use the term "reptoids," as opposed to his preferred choice of term, "reptileoids," but he has selected that variant deliberately...and it was not an oversight on Ptaah's part.

Moreover, just to straighten another common misunderstanding, among enthusiasts of "ET data," the Arcturians of the Bootes constellation, those well-known healers, are of the species type listed as "Kentauroids." They are in possession of horse-like features, and stand upright on two legs....There have been many descriptions of the Arcturians, by false contactees, who make the claim that they are a type of grey being, with hairless bodies and bald heads...?? Not so...

I will also say that the species term of "Sauroids," Ptaah has used, describes the infamous "Dinosaurians," sometimes discussed by contactees such as Sheldan Nidle.

I left his wording exactly, but will state here that the top listed "Humanoids" includes the Plejaren, Sirians, Lyrans, Vegans, Andromedans, Timarians, Epsilon Eridanians and numerous others, too many to list....all coming under the "Humanoid" category....All ancient Humans were related to Lyra and earth is very much a melting pot of these various types, who came in waves to our shores...For example, the Njsans of Kudra, within the Lyra constellation, were the original (Chinese) colonists who arrived in Atlantis, one full precessional cycle ago...All modern Chinese and Japanese are descendents of space colonists, from the Njsan star system of Lyra....

Putting artificial genetic tampering of ancient Earth people aside, for one moment, all the species listed here are products of the natural spiritual evolution process, manifest within the greater creation....There are cross-species variants artificially induced using advanced ET technologies, as in the possession of the Life Sciences Clans of the star nations...Such manipulation may sometimes be at odds with spiritual laws and create an artificial species possessing chronic disabilities, physically and spiritually and these can also render such a race as sterile..

I think that the race from Zeta Reticlli I have in mind here, explains why they have been coming to Earth, to extract human genetic potential. Under divine law and a special grace, such a race is and has been aided and now has regained many healthy qualities that it formerly lacked....and we may now honour them again, under the natural category of "humanoids."

The term; "Teropoids," can be aptly used to categorise the so-called "blue avians" some people report in witness accounts.....I will state though, that although some have made the false claim that the ancient Egyptian "god" Thoth, was one such a being, in fact he was humanoid and only used the costume and insignia symbolisms of the ibis bird, as depicted upon various papyrii, in which he performed ritual and acted in his special role of scribe of the gods, overseeing the lives and good order of nature, within the two ancient kingdoms of upper and lower Egypt (Khemet...)

One further observation for reference I will add, is that the category listed as "Primatoide" is intended to list the beings of Tau Ceti, who are well known bear-like members of the Federation and use distinctive rhombic-shaped scout craft...Although the English name he selected suggests that the category is purely applicable to primate type beings, we can also include the variations upon the type, and all those with much bodily hair, akin to apes and bears on earth...

Hopefully, this was of interest to readers and may be used as preferred reference material, for any serious student of cosmic sentient species.

Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”)

Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)

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Who is Srut Ptaah?

He is the high level top honcho of the Pleiadian mission, prior to the baton of responsibility being past over to the Sirians, in the mid 1990s....He is the father of Semjase, who is well-known to many in the New Age movement..

His other children were Jucata and Pleija, his second daughter...Jucata was a son, but passed on...

Ptaah is a very wise ET from the Plejares star cluster planet of Erra....His grade is "Srut," which indicates his advanced spiritual position among the cosmic degrees....He is over 770 earth years in age....Plejarens have 1000 year life-spans between incarnations....

Wow.  Thanks.

You're most welcome, 1 darkstar.....good to see you here...

It's great to know who these beings are and what they look like as to be lost in the dark wondering what and who they are when they are brought up.... Thank you love

Yes, this is a comprehensive list, which demonstrates the variety of sentient body types, adapted for the most dangerous (to humans) of planetary environments, in some cases...That expression about Prime Creator seeking great variety in lifeforms, is true....Most contactees have seen one or other of these types, but I have never heard of contactees interfacing with Floroids and Aerioids, who would find our atmosphere poisonous to themselves, so would require spacesuits while visiting Earth, off-ship.

Many of those listed, even the strangest to human eyes, breath oxygen, but several cannot....If encountered on Earth, they wear special protective suits...and that would be among several eye witness descriptions...The most extreme forms cannot therefore be easily identified by witnesses...

Thanks for your comment, my lovely..

We are definitely not alone.... It's nice to know.... Thank you for all you do....

None of the classifications listed cover an most interesting ET visitor type, seen mainly in south America and known there as the Chupacabra, in Spanish language...which translates as "goat sucker..."

It is neither a true Faunoid, nor a true Seraphoid and is not fully sentient at that level of spiritual development that defines a fully functioning mind and is therefore an ET ANIMAL...with base instincts only....These beings do not fly scout ships and were brought to Earth by the beings of Zeta Reticuli, as requested by their former allies in the US elites.....Some escaped into the wild and have not been recovered to this day...Having such beasts roaming around the jungles is "excellent" propaganda though, for the UFO coverup policy, which seeks to give benign ETs a bad name...

Awe he's kinda cute....

Weird animals, these have chameleon-like abilities and are very elusive in the jungles...

Drekx Omega:  Knew a girl from  Puerto Rico, I believe, who had one walk on her HOUSE!

Not to fear friends, our valuable data is on YouTube now and I thank Family of Light for this act of service.....Blessings to all and I hope the truth of the matter, about ET sentient species, may be adopted by all within our New Age movement...



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