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I just thought I'd post my thoughts and see what others have to say regarding the ET's who are supposedly arriving "soon."  I am sure that many are already here and walking among us, but this talk of mass landings in the near future has me quite confused because there are those who suggest being very cautious because (they say) that some of these beings are not good at all.


In considering Ascention, or 2012, I have felt the need to investigate many opinions (which can absolutely lead to even more confusion), but I feel that it is very important to ponder many perspectives in order to hopefully connect some dots. I realize that ultimately it is up to each of us to make our own decisions and pray for a good end (or beginning) to what is said to be just around the corner for mankind and our Earth. My thoughts may be a bit lengthy (please forgive), but I hope you might chime in:


First, here is a list of some of the individuals who are giving lectures, writing books, channeling, etc, and which I have listened to:


George Kavassilas- I really like this guy, he offers alot of his personal experiences to his audience and I sense his sincerity and believe he is very, very, knowledable. But, he also talks about the "bad ET's" and warns us to be very cautious. He emphasizes that some are extremely evil, and will make promises that are for their own bennifit and he says that they will enslave those who choose to board their ships. He warns that some will talk of Love and Light but they simply are not sincere. UHG!


Dr. Steven Greer- Love this guy, but Dr. Greer is absolutely convinced that the ET's are all our friends and ancestors and claims that there is absolutely nothing to "fear." Could he be decieved already?


Dr. Bill Deagle- Wow, this guys preaches fire and brimstone! He warns that there will be marshall law, horror on the streets throughout the wolrd (especially the US?), the collapse of governments (not a bad thing), the banking systems, no value to our currency, deadly food additives, deadly vaccines (de-population), our troops coming home with depleted uranium in their urine, nuclear war, the mark of the beast being forced upon us (micro-chip implants to observe and control every human being), world army, New World Order, this list just goes on and on and on. He backs much of what he claims through high profile indivuals (whistle blowers), his own personal experience because he was at one time working inside the "system" as well as Biblical Texts and more. Although he is very scary to listen to, here again, I wonder if we should heed his voice\warnings...., and "prepare" ourselves for what he claims is coming upon us very quickly. He believes that people have to repent, get their hearts right toward our Creater, otherwise we are all going to parish. He talks of massive bodies being removed with bulldozers and millions of plastic coffins already stocked and ready to fill.


John Moore- Here again is another guy warning us to "prepare" for the coming disasters.


David Icke- Most of us know David. He speaks about the "grays". Those evil reptillians who are controlling those who are controlling our world. David has got a great message otherwise, and is passionate about sharing his message with the world. But, his sory on those reptiallians who are connected to the "grays" concerns me. If these beings can appear and disappear and change their appearance in a snap, all I can say is that I hope we all have eyes to see.


Robert Dean- Retired millitary command sergeant who was part of a secret alien mission when stationed in France for many years. He is very knowledgeable about ET presense here and in our universe. He is an older gentleman, with a great passion for the ET's and he reminds us that we are a high-breed race, that we are going through a transition, and he is mad as hell at Governments hiding ET info from society and he is pushing for disclosure. He has been lecturing for many years on the subject and he seems to agree with Dr. Greer as far as the ET's being trustworthy and friendly. But again...., who knows?


James Gilliland- James has been capturing UFO's on tape for years and channels information. He believes that ET's are also divine Beings who love us and care about the planet, but he also avoids the "grays." He's been involved (directly) with many of the ET's since he was a child.


Anyway, there are some of my concerns and these are not the only indivuals who I have studied for there are quite a few more. I look forward to connecting with those ET's who are in the business of Love and service for higher good. But man oh man, it sounds like it may be difficult to seperate the wheat from the chaff and a bit scary also if we fail to discern correctly. I realize too, that it is not all about whether or not the ET's will come to assist us or not, and is more about aligning our hearts with Source energy and clearing our energies.... but not all of us know just how to do this except through prayer, good intentions, forgiveness, etc. So, if you have anything that you would like to share, please speak up. I'd love to hear some of your perspectives. I hope that this evolves into a very fun and isnpiring thread.





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Hi Jayne

Yes this is a good discussion...
I share your sentiment about how confused everything is... we do not know who to trust or what to follow, even within this network I feel many Ego-driven posts... What is truth for me is that I do FEEL galactic Masters transmiting information to my being... I would like to have more direct instruction about it as to make it a daily inspiration, but when you search for such you find people that wants to make money, the New Agy profiteers are random... so I reflect on my own experiences and follow my heart, I have a lot of help from Amazonian Medicine Shamans that help me open my Pineal Gland and reicive direct information from the galactic family...

I would like to organize a symposium about it...
Thanks for chiming in. Yes, I agree that disclosure will certainly help those who might be "in fear" and also collapse the system of deciet that comes through those in main stream media, world leaders, science, etc, and put their "explainations for sightings" and their "fear tactics" in the trash can where they belong.

I agree too that these greys\repitillians ARE controlling our world leaders. So yes, I can certainly understand why they wouldn't disclose this. However, what about the guys in the skies that are showing up, every day now, in more and more parts of the world? Hopefully, they are there First: to let us know first hand; and Second: maybe they are putting the "squeeze" on the "bad" ones now and preparing to run them out of here. LOL, who knows. I think whatever is happening is going to be quite the show. I am praying that the hand of our Creator and Divine Spirit is upon us. Jim Gillian said in one of his recent interviews that the grays are "dying off". He also mentioned in another recent interview that "those in control who are being manipulated by these bad aliens are also getting sick because the higher beings are slamming them with negative energies." I thought that was interesting.

Honestly, I find it VERY exciting that we can know the truth! And for me, the best part of that new truth, is that THIS IS NOT all that there is!! Ready for RE-PROGRAMING (awakening)..........LOL!
"conspiracy theories that has no relevance to ascension," lmao
wtf??? being poisoned,killing,dunmed down,given deseises,penial gland being calcified etc etc etc is not relevant? wow
its allllll about the here and the now buddy..get out of the clouds and look around you..see your brother and sisters suffering?you feeling all safe behind your 1000$ computer huh...
wake up
everything except humans standing up is irrelevant..
guess we see things differently huh
yall wanna go from being in jail to being free without having to escape(the process of getting free)
your skipping a step and expect ufos to make that step for you
if there wasn't conspiracies vs humans wed all have ascended long ago...
how can you not see that we need to stand together and say NO
"In my view, this is the most important topic in this forum and in the world as it is currently the secrecy of UFO's that is keeping us and benevolent ET's in suspense from moving on"
dude ..did you know that people are deing of hunger right now?
hey dude did you know little kids are living in the streets in some countries?
did you know that 1/3 of us dont even have a matress to sleep on?no?
did you know that in some parts of africa there is curable man made aids killing millions?no?i can got on for hours...............
id revise your priorities dude
unconditional love also encompasses informing brothers and sisters not only about ufos but informing them of reality and whats really going on..and when they ask why you tell them about who they are :) it all fits together . one goes with the other .. u cant disclose ufos without disclosing all the rest..
what do most of the people mentioned in this blog say???they all say we need to take responsibility now b4 its too late stand together and say no...but you wanna leave this part out...oh well
ps what are most people open minded too? ufos coming to save us all or why they lost their job or house?
why arent you making and handing out cds ? heres a good one..
nasa secret transmissions:the smoking gun
I geuss we do not talk about it that mutch because we have talked about it that mutch already. I tend to not mix UFO's and ascention because they have nothing to do with eachother. No alien or ufo is going to make you ascend anny faster than you are supossed to. You might ascend in this lifetime or another. And facts and numbers are irelevant, aliens have been here forever,so whether you talk your head off or not is not going to change anything. If you stick around long enough you will see that most of us here do know what is going on and we do care and most of the work people here do is done on other planes than the 3D talk my head off plane. Also in life not all is work and no plessure, so yes we talk about other stuff to. Ouwer 3D brain is part of us so we give it some atention to. i always smile when somebody showes up and tells us to klick away or stick to the thread. Do you think this thread is going to be the last one about aliens? Have you ever thought people have lives outside this box and that we might not always have time or oportunity to replie? So do not point fingers at people you do not know my friend. Have a nice day mr Pathfinder nothing is like it seems...:))
WOW! What a string this has evolved into! And thank you path for sticking around so faithfully.

First, I want to respond to a comment that cedric made a little while ago. I DO think that aliens\UFO's and Ascention are connected. And as another indivual along this string reminds us, we are evolving and moving into an awareness that was lost long ago. Some refer to this as superconsciousness. I cannot wait for this! And we do have to "connect some dots" as I pointed out in my original message in order to gain a clearer understanding and calm. Having said that;

As we approach 2012 -or "polar shift", or whatever you refer to this enormous shift that hasn't occured in some 26,000 years as, it is obvious that there are a number of results that could take place. The entertainment industry refers to this as "The End of The World".... Catostrophy.... blah blah blah. If this is the case, then I suppose there's nothing that any of us can do about it.

Then we have those preaching "fire and brimstone".... who warn of social rioting, civilian upheaval, war on our local streets and in our neighborhoods, marshal law, societal control leading to conformity and control, monitoring behavior, food shortages, death and destruction, etc. Examples of such "warnings" are plentiful.

Then we have our "secret societies, world governments, and those who really are in "control" and are "controlling" us. They dictate what we will hear through mainstream media, newspapers, radio, etc. They own and control (or at least have a hand in) most of the worlds largest corporate giants like the pharmaceutical companies, scientific communities, banking industry, military systems, political systems, law enforcement, etc, etc.

Then there is "US" the people. Human beings with hearts and with emotions that run very deep. We feel so much and at such deep levels. Inside each of is a spark of Light that connects us to our origins which is God\Source\The Creator, etc. Those of us who recognize our divinty do not want to see that part of creation snuffed out. For so long we have cried out for an end to the madness, the death, the wars, the pain, the suffering. And yes, we've recognized and pray that those who are poisoning us through toxic vaccinations, poisonous food addatives, the chemicals placed in the very air that we breath that is the breath of GOD, the depletion of Earths resources for the sake of wealth and greed, the manipulations of our minds and yes, the dumbing down of our children through the government run and controlled public school system.

Now, I could go on with all of this, but back to Ascention and UFO's\Aliens.... IF....and I am only suggesting.....IF..... there is a catastophy set to destroy all of life on Earth as we move closer to 2012 (or today) and a major pole shift occurs to the point where life could not be sustained here, then perhaps this would be the time of Ascention. And those higher Beings, Beings of Light, who work in service of our Creator, would potentially know of this. And ....IF.... they would like to assist us because they "love" us and see that Light in our heartsand we ask for thie assistance, then perhaps they will appear to help us through the transition of some huge and awesome "shift" in Earth, sonsciousness, and Spirit?

Looking back through history and the painful challenges that our ancestors faced over the ages here on Earth, it really leads me to ponder these thoughts; our generation that exists here now has had it relatively easy compared to those in the past. They sort of paved the way with their blood, sweat, and tears. And I think that many of us, in some deep dark parts of our soul, carry those memories and pain. So much of it just seems so senseless in looking back. Even they were being lied to back then by the elite on some level. Soldiers going off to fight because they believed in their Country and the "cause" when war was usually provoked as a means of wealth for those calling the shots. This continues today. But that's just a drop in the bucket as an example of our history. The roads they tred, are really the same we tred today, just a different picture of struggle. It's still about retaining our freedom....mind, body, and soul. But somewhere deep within, I think to myself, what would they have done to have been able to have the hope of Ascention and the awesome knowledge of TRUTH of "life beyond this planet" that is being revealed to us now? I know that many say "I came in at this time to be a part this great transition", but it's really our forefathers and mothers who suffered and worked the hardest. Perhaps we are on the recieving end of their suffering and their hard work to gain their inheritance through Ascention and the re-awakening that is upon us. A divine plan. All set in stone. Evolution, expansion, and growth.

Those "guys in the sky" are obviously so much more advanced than us and I am sure they've had to grow and evolve as well. They've suffered like we have in their own ways too, I am sure, in their growth processes. The benevolent ET's should be intuitively identifiable. Well, I hope so anyway. Even people can fool other people with their fake expressions and meaningless words. But the Light of God is in His creation. Those of the Light (Gods Beloved Angels and such) send a wave of Love and Peace upon us when they present themselves. The human Spirit recognizes this naturally. So, I feel that any ET's that may come to "assist" us in some great transistion who are representing our Creator, will have this same Loving presence that transends all fear. Does this make sense? This, I feel, is what we sould focus on. God IS Love. There is no fear in Love. And God is IN us. That will be the intuitive "knowing" if\when they reveal themselves on a massive level. It won't matter "what" they "look" like because we'll recognize their beauty within as they recoginize ours. So, I know I've said a mouthful here, but hearts coming together is my only intention.

All I can say is.... Raise the Curtain and Let the Show Begin!

How do you know that "these grays are awesome"?
like i said
undeniable proof is there >>>>> nasa secret transmissions : the smoking gun
check it out m8 !!!!!
and how many countries have had disclosures?..many many even the usa in some extent...but people
want the wolf blitzer 2 hour special"show"on cnn or else they wont far as im concerned,ufos have been disclosed for a while now..



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