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Sheffield, Celestial Incarnate

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I understand.. and seek to continue to understand, and that is more than enough to live.

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Astarael left a comment on Connect With Angels
"Angel = Being of Light, Messenger etc...
We are all beings of light and messengers of words to eachother.

Hence its not beyond our understanding that all things in creation are capable of manifesting themselves as angels."
Jun 10, 2010
Astarael left a comment on Connect With Angels
"Hiya itwashereallthewhile, and the answer is yes they can, they can also be extradimensional too, but now I am just geting into the techbabble.

Simple answer is yes, light and love."
May 6, 2010
Astarael replied to Jayne59's discussion Alien Confusion

PMSL When I saw this.. you could also substitue other names into this sentence.

Light is FREE :D"
May 6, 2010
Astarael replied to Leojandro's discussion Sacred Geometry and Symbol HELP!!
"3x eyes, Eye of Ra see only truth, Eye of Thoth sees only dream/illusion, and together they form the third, The all seeing eye of Horus. Just one map."
May 6, 2010

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Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
Using Vedic knowledge beings can be divided into 3 types :Those in the Mode of Goodness..Classed as HUMANSThose in the Mode of Ignorance.AndThose in the Mode of Passion .are the beings who smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol, eat meat and use abusive…
41 minutes ago
Valana posted a discussion in Cmdr. Val Thor: LIVE
Val: Let's cut to the chase, darling, as you have some thinking I'm not real, some saying "told you so" and some thinkig you are saying you've been lying...which is none of the above.Valana: You're the one that wanted to lead the conversation, you…
4 hours ago
Ara posted a blog post
Ancient Aliens – The World Before TimeHistory Channel, Season 15 Episode 629th February 2020 ancient civilizations dates back to the time that is ever been recorded on earth.
5 hours ago
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motherbg liked rev.joshua skirvin's blog post The Shift Of Power With Mel.K , Elizabeth Tara,Nick Sylvester & Charlie Ward and more video's.
7 hours ago
1godoflove left a comment on Cmdr. Val Thor: LIVE
"Thanks Valana, so glad to hear you are a Christian, you said if we have something positive can post here?  I would love to"
10 hours ago
Joanna commented on Wandercloud's blog post Discernment
"Thanks for sharing, Beth...discernment, as I feel it, evolves and shifts with us...fine-tuning and deepening along the's all part of the journey...💛🦋"
12 hours ago
San 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"This is from the Movie:"Heal" on Netflix Channel. That are Life Storys."
13 hours ago