Everytime someone uses abusive language it is equivalent to a bomb being created and when two many bombs materialise they will explode. This is how World Wars begin.Control your thoughtsFor they become wordsControl your words for they become actionsControl your actionsFor they become your destiny.I normally go to Selfridges in Oxford Street for a nice cup of chai tea.While I was sitting in the cafe some ladies from the fashion department came wearing tee shirts and printed on them was the words... WE DO NOT LIKE SWEAR WORDS. I talked to them and I said I totally agree with you.When someone uses abusive language .. They want to put fear in you, or dominate you, or intimidate you... They are nothing but devils in disguise.There are people who constantly use swear words in public..they are uncivilized and one day the words will backfire on them.If you let Karma built up it will eventually explode.

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  • I agree with this post whole heartedly. Abusive words can be so damaging.

  • Where do you draw the line,, and what gives any one the right to make a statement to sterilize the world of anything.

    What comes out of a dogs butt, should be banned on this planet because ---- it stinks, you could step in it, you can put it in a bag and set it on fire, you can pick it up and throw it. On and on its what you do with it, or keep walking and leave it alone.

    Why dose dog poo even enter your (mind?  <<<<<<<<<<<<<< everything is in your mind and what you take off the shelf and let come out the mouth is everyone’s responsibility,  but to make a statement to ban or eliminate, or not tolerated on this planet is a ignorant statement.

    If one can hold a fart in public, or keep from picking your nose in public. Words can be controlled as well.

    But to start sterilizing anything is wrong, just because it offends you or anyone else, what ever offends you its also your responsibility to stay out of its way as well, and to leave it laying on the ground where it belongs, you don’t have to pick it up and through it back. 

    What your talking about it harmless, all things are harmless until its picked up and put into the chamber of our mouths and fired with intent ( the trigger that fire’s it -- the mind)

    So your saying that abusive Minds should not be tolerated on planet earth.  ( Oh that’s brilliant)  what ever the mind is full of is what come’s out the spill way or over flow gap in your head --- what’s next that should not be tolerated, ugly? Bad smells? Excessive noise? Ignorant statements? No speak English? Bullies’ at schools, as long as its not your kid? Habitual liars? Stinking thinking? 

    Understanding why we are offended by anything is more important than surgery on some one else’s thinking.   

    When you see a room or environment where this is flying all over the room and you walk in and join it?  Why?


  • Which clearly means that those who swear is a reflection of what is in them .. In other words full of garbage
  • Hey rev.

    Cheers for your reply. well what can I say. In Australian we can say may words but it will not mean what your are perceiving and most 98 percent of the time we will say it how it is....

    Its all good if your take if personally then that is your stuff unless it is intentionally meant that way..



  • Depending on whether u will appeove this comment.. in australia we can say some words u may find offensive however, these same words cane b humourous depending on where u r at.. they dont have to be offensive....

  • I ask you this.

    How will you 'not tolerate' it? Do you intend to have some kind of language police? Maybe 24/7 satellite surveillance and an instant ticket system if you use the naughty swear words! Sorry, but the trouble is that you seem to want to control other people. Honestly... words only have the power that you give them, but that aside, what sort of statist control would you enact in order to enforce this intolerance of "swear words"? Should people who "curse" be hauled off to the police station and spanked? How do you even go about controlling what words people use, especially when there is supposed to be an ammendment for freedom of speech and expression... I just don't understand, why you think it's worth it to sell out to controlling statist behavior, over something like harsh language.

    • I seem to remember in a movie, Demolition Man I think with Sylvester Stallone that had little kiosks on the walls that issued warning and tickets when people used certain swear words. Sorry that came to mind when I read your post. 

      As for topic, Different languages and cultures have different meanings to the same words or phrases. My mother would roll over in her grave if she heard some of my language occasionally. I do try to mind my manners and not use that kind of language but I have my slips. I do not think that having a language police is an answer though.

        • Being constantly monitored and fined by big brother still sounds better than Kalki's solution: imprison all persons who use profanity in cages (if I remember correctly from her former post on the topic) but at any rate, Demolition Man does demonstrate a perfect example of what I mean there don't it? 

          I've noticed she didn't respond to me. I thought my questions were pretty relevant.

          Not trying to butt heads with you Kalki, just trying to help you think... police state world is cabal stuff. Do you really want a world where government controls speech in all persons?

  • I hear people using abusive language daily on the buses, on the tube, in public places like supermarkets and shopping centres that puts me right off wandering why did I have to take birth in a planet like this. If you want to get to 5th Dimension one thing you have to learn is to cut out the swear words.
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