Everytime someone uses abusive language it is equivalent to a bomb being created and when two many bombs materialise they will explode. This is how World Wars begin.Control your thoughtsFor they become wordsControl your words for they become actionsControl your actionsFor they become your destiny.I normally go to Selfridges in Oxford Street for a nice cup of chai tea.While I was sitting in the cafe some ladies from the fashion department came wearing tee shirts and printed on them was the words... WE DO NOT LIKE SWEAR WORDS. I talked to them and I said I totally agree with you.When someone uses abusive language .. They want to put fear in you, or dominate you, or intimidate you... They are nothing but devils in disguise.There are people who constantly use swear words in public..they are uncivilized and one day the words will backfire on them.If you let Karma built up it will eventually explode.

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  • "It is obvious to me that you are not coming from a higher place in yourself  right now....let's talk about this another time."

    That's nice

    Thank you

    I could go on about swearing, by spirits, in spirit world, and light, and love, and laughter... but let's talk about this another time xxx


  • Good Point Lori -- everything that is in existence, inherently has no meaning till humans walk up to it and give it one.   -- So everything is neutral everything. --

    Thought or stinking thinking, like a slug leaving a slim trail everything it touches gets a coat of goo. But even the slug is neutral going about its business till human judgment shows up - naming - labeling - finger pointing. And since the slug has no way of knowing all this stuff going on in the observers head is fine and remains neutral to the human’s insanity’s.   

    And I am learning to do like Lori,  take a coin - it has two sides (heads & tails) the coin is neutral.  So give me a slug no heads no tails keep it neutral and all of us can play with the same coin all day with out getting upset -- taking your mind and thoughts out of gear.   Gives back to all creation the right to exist as it was created neutral at its core. 

    Stamping the two sides of a coin is the problem its just a coin.  Two different controls stamped on a neutral peace of metal.  And this was done by the controll---ers ‘’’’’’’  keeping everything divided,  ( divide and concur )  we are taught this from birth instead of all things are neutral. 

    Telepathy there is no two sides of thought to anything, telepathy is exact in its conveyance,---- judgment and divining what > ( is )  ------- has no place.

    Every post on this site disrupts into -- well enough said -- teaching how to stay neutral.  Getting away from the controller’s choices and being divided all the time is a start in uncontrolling our lives ( free soul and spirit ) Neutrality.

    Words and deviding everything into choices --- and the use of telepathy bread out of us since the tower of babble.     We have to find our way back to telepathy and staying on the same page neutral to choises. 


  • What are you saying, I've seen you swear countless times lol xDDD

    I don't like swearing, there's no real need, when other words will do....and I've never seen a person swear, ever...where that word wasnt coming from a place of ego. I mean for me, just to think a swear word, I have to lower myself to some degree....yes I don't even think swear words lol I don't understand how people can swear all the time, they're just not too pure I guess.

    • Pure, ha-ha-ha

  • Sorry. I really didn't 'mean' to.

  • WTF

  • how about learn to not let Words affect you?

    Not everyone is nice. You'll meet people here and there cursing words as their method of releasing stress or expressing themselves. But those are just words.

    And how about stop being so sensitive about Everything?

    I'm very amused at people who receive constant "harsh words and insults" yet brush them off like shoulder dandruff loool. And those throwing the insults are looking stupid themselves - because their silly effort to agitate the other failed.

    They want to put fear in you, or dominate you, or intimidate you... They are nothing but devils in disguise.

    only when you let those words affect you. And why should you?

  • Wait a minute Ravinder...so when you say "Your thoughts, your words and your actions create your reality...you now live in a Planet where wars, violance, abusive language has become normal..True LightWorkers are here to put things right..to create a world of love and light, peace and compassion...to create heaven on earth...the chance to change is here NOW" how do you justify the fact that not long ago you suggested that we should bomb and kill all the workers and customers of fast food joints? Forgive me, but it seems a bit hypocritical...I am not here to judge you, I just want to understand how you can preach about love, peace,  karma and the use of proper language, and in the same breath advocate terrorism and mass murder.
    Care to elaborate? Thanks!

  • 8114636272?profile=original

    • It is only our indoctrination in fear that judges everything, including swearwords. . a tried and tested way of controlling people through guilt trips in religions.  

      God doesn't give a shit about what words are used when we are in Hell, as long as we are not abusing others. I know this for a fact. Also, apparently swear words mean something quiet different on the other side. I am still working it out.

      We are all learning and we have all been suffering. Go easy. We all deserve a break from guilt trips. We cannot control others, only ourselves. Forgive it. We win when we forgive ourselves and we forgive it all.

      Namaste <3

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