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Everytime someone uses abusive language it is equivalent to a bomb being created and when two many bombs materialise they will explode. This is how World Wars begin.
Control your thoughts
For they become words
Control your words for they become actions
Control your actions
For they become your destiny.

I normally go to Selfridges in Oxford Street for a nice cup of chai tea.
While I was sitting in the cafe some ladies from the fashion department came wearing tee shirts and printed on them was the words... WE DO NOT LIKE SWEAR WORDS. I talked to them and I said I totally agree with you.
When someone uses abusive language .. They want to put fear in you, or dominate you, or intimidate you... They are nothing but devils in disguise.

There are people who constantly use swear words in public..they are uncivilized and one day the words will backfire on them.

If you let Karma built up it will eventually explode.

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Swear words is often tolerated in certain languages, i think it depends on the context and intention someone uses a swear word whether or not its positive or negatively charged... i tend to swear real bad if i burn my hand for example, lol

It is like a impulse reaction for some; but yes words are POWER, words are energy, and words CREATE... so choose words wisely or better still dont speak at all ;) ;)

The odd swear word can come out in rare cases and very very rarely directed to person/people but most have made a habit of constantly and daily using swear words without caring that they are disturbing the inner peace of others.

I think all forms of language should be tolerated with a response of unconditional love.The era of us fearing words is over! It reminds me of a old episode from Star Trek.In which a alien pretending to be the dead president Lincoln said,"A charming Negress,"than he appoligised and said,"forgive me my dear of the foolishness of my century."Than the communications officer said in reply,Why should I be offended?"You see my century we've learned not to fear words.Than Captain Kirk added to the response,"We've learned to be happy with what or who we are and besides the Vulcans learned that centuries before we humans did."

actuallaaaid. Sorry myvspellcheck is not good.
Although words can b said in many ways it is the tone of how it is said that makes the difference....
Which clearly means that those who swear is a reflection of what is in them .. In other words full of garbage
words r words its the intention...
SuzieG ..Words become Actions ...Actions becomes your character and your character becomes your destiny. In most instances swear words are used as threatening
I hear people using abusive language daily on the buses, on the tube, in public places like supermarkets and shopping centres that puts me right off wandering why did I have to take birth in a planet like this. If you want to get to 5th Dimension one thing you have to learn is to cut out the swear words.

haha i miss the London underground ;) aha!

I ask you this.

How will you 'not tolerate' it? Do you intend to have some kind of language police? Maybe 24/7 satellite surveillance and an instant ticket system if you use the naughty swear words! Sorry, but the trouble is that you seem to want to control other people. Honestly... words only have the power that you give them, but that aside, what sort of statist control would you enact in order to enforce this intolerance of "swear words"? Should people who "curse" be hauled off to the police station and spanked? How do you even go about controlling what words people use, especially when there is supposed to be an ammendment for freedom of speech and expression... I just don't understand, why you think it's worth it to sell out to controlling statist behavior, over something like harsh language.

I seem to remember in a movie, Demolition Man I think with Sylvester Stallone that had little kiosks on the walls that issued warning and tickets when people used certain swear words. Sorry that came to mind when I read your post. 

As for topic, Different languages and cultures have different meanings to the same words or phrases. My mother would roll over in her grave if she heard some of my language occasionally. I do try to mind my manners and not use that kind of language but I have my slips. I do not think that having a language police is an answer though.



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