This is absolutely incredible news,

I and lots have known this,

But it is now confirmed by scientists..

DNA  is as a result no longer being understood as 90% junk.

Much love to all!! (huge smile)


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  • Extremely wise words, Yet again James (=

    I , Myself have dealt with self healing at a rather young age,

    I was only 29 when , fear overcame me, and out of it i developed a panic attack disorder,

    It messed me right up, until i found a book written by a very wise man, pointing to

    My mind as the culprit,

    It took me a while to realise that , but within 4 months, i was all better,

    Staying centered, In the eye of the storm is key indeed,

    With peace in our hearts, it paves the way for miracles to happen.

    Blessings to You brother James,

       Much love,


  • I wonder where Celestino is lol I tried explaining this to him, he just shrugged it off. Well, the time is upon us where people won't be able to just shrug it off, the latest scientific advancements are showing what the spiritual leaders have been saying since the beginning of history, and the time is coming when everyone will acknowledge and embrace it! I can't wait!
    • This goin viral would indeed change our *sickcare* system to one of benevolence and actual healing.

      Our hospitals would become a quick stitchin room for cuts lol

      It would leave nurses time to actually do what they always wanted to for people

      to generate positive , lasting results.

      Instead of pumpin people full of crap, and rippin their dna's apart.

      And ...So it is! (=



    • *smiles* I remember that.

      well, that's alright, it makes it even more gratifying.

      Everyone is where they are supposed to be.

      The veil is breaking apart at the seams.

      Much Love,

                    Steve (=

  • YAY!!! *clap clap* and its about time scientists wake up =D
  • Nice Steve, thanks for posting! :)

    The World is changing Rapidly, as are we :)  Amazing things are in store for us, it's going to be beyond anything we could expect.... :)

    I welcome it, I say bring it on and quickly!... :)
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"How to raise your frequency and receive DNA upgrades to become who you were meant to be?

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