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The question of "Who am I" is very important. It's at the heart of life itself. Since the dawn of civilization, we have gone through this form or that form, life after life, experience after experience....trying to find our identity, trying to find who we are.


And we usually always look for it, out there somewhere, out in the world of form. I'm a man, I'm a woman, I'm part of this ethnic group, or part of this country, I'm part of this religion, part of this family, part of this group of folks. People need a sense of identity, a sense of belonging, a sense of being part of a group, because they haven't yet found their true identity.


Or how about we tend to identify also, with our jobs, with our possessions, our spouses, our family, our this is who we are. And as long as we keep doing this...we will never find out who we are, because ultimately the knowledge of who we are lies within.


I've always found it weird how people like to cluster together in groups, and put a part of their sense of self, their sense of identity, into the group. I've never done that, I've always been a lone wolf, I like to be independent and objective. I am nothing and everything. I am friends with everybody and nobody. Even in high school, I was a jock and was friends with all the jocks...I was a nerd and was friends with all the nerds, I was an athlete and was friends with all the athletes, I was a stoner and was friends with all the stoners, I was an outcast and was friends with all the outcasts.....but at the same time, I was none of these things, and was never part of any group. At the workplace too, people cluster together into cliques and I knew everybody but was not part of any one clique.


I've studied every major religion, and I've been to their houses of worship, and they always seem disappointed when they can't get me to identify with their religion lol I tell them I identify with all religions. I am a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu, I am whatever you need me to be. But at the same time, I'm not any of these things.


Even on this site too, people tend to cluster together into cliques. I remember Drekx Omega telling me several different times, you're making the wrong friends here, choosing the wrong allegiances....because I don't ally myself with him and his group of friends. You need to understand Drekx, I don't ally with anybody. I am Switzerland. I identify with everybody and nobody. I don't believe in taking sides, or choosing one group over the other. I don't need to look for a sense of community, or belonging, or some group...I look within myself for that.


I always had a strong sense of self. Obviously I've went through the issues of identifying with outside things...but the more I progress on the spiritual path, the more I identify with me....this soul that is experiencing this story called the life of John Jancar. I know I'm not actually John Jancar. I'm not a human either. I'm not a Sirian, or Andromedan, or Arcturian, I'm not a starseed or even a lightworker. I identify with all of these things, and none of them. I know ultimately, my soul was not forged on this planet, or in Sirius, or soul, ultimately, was forged within GOD. Beyond all manifested form.


So who are we? I've discovered....we are everything....and nothing. We come from God, therefore...we are God...but what is God? God is everything and nothing. God just is...and so we just are, so I just am...I AM. Simple as that. I'm not anything, but I am everything. I am a human, but I'm not. I am John Jancar, but I'm not. I am a Sirian, a Pleiadian, a Arcturian...I am them all...but I'm not any of them. I am an angel, an archangel...I am a demon and demigod...I am this computer, I am the room around me....I am this house....I am the sky and the stars, the rocks and the dirt.....I am this world, I am this solar system, I am this galaxy, my identity encompasses the whollleee of creation! But it also encompasses nothing! I am everything...but I am not. I just am.....I simply just am...


Now the question is....who are YOU? 


This is John Jancar, or me having this experience called John Jancar......wishing you much love, joy, and inspiration.

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You're welcome,

Shine that unconditional love Brother.

It's gonna get worst before it gets better!


Wow, this is a very deep and very wonderful post.  Who am I, I don't seem to have a clue most of the time!  I have some core characteristics that I can sit back and say, that is who I am.....but I change so much on a daily basis, and often surprise myself and end up saying to myself, wow where did that come from, and then judge myself (often way too critically due to my perfectionist nature) on the revelation or thought or action of mine that popped up that seemed to come from outside of me and seems so uncharacteristic of me. I beat myself up a lot, which is not good but I seem to do it anyway but am working on being as forgiving of myself as I am of everyone else.  I describe myself as a god particle, a miniscule portion of a devine whole who is the god of all that is and that is what I want to always be first and foremost. A god particle. I am God living through me as one of his creations, his child, his precious entity.  I am love in action or at least trying to be, but often my human side trips me up on that.  I also have great empathy for people and have a deep love for my fellow mankind, and often weep because my feelings are so intense and deep.  I am an empath, which is really difficult most of the time.  I guess I am just me experiencing life as Marique this time, (to use your wonderful words John,) and I feel blessed for the opportunity to do so.  

It is that, so magnificent...and as You call you call it (miniscule) portion.

That is  (Your heart).

We are all energy,

no need to try and judge all, That takes so much wasted energy,

but We are to (no longer be deceived)

Just be, and be well (=

It's different not impossible

I cannot either convey into words what I all experience here (=

It just is..(=

I make good of it

It's not that hard,


Love this post and the comments they are really beautiful. Over the years too I have been known in the family as the different one, too sensitive, following my heart too much and not my head etc.. I have learned to love who I am well lets say I'm getting there that in itself is also a process or has been for me. I have never been into cliques and will not behave a certain way just to be accepted or change my own views and beliefs for others. :)

Thank you Anthony. Peace to you :)

Thank are part of my heart too! And don't worry about the arguing, I think it's over....I'm doing my part at least to end it. I love you and I thank you for commenting!

Very thought provoking post.... well written!

I agree with the "I AM"...  there is a piece of god /source everywhere... in everything... the all is one and the one is all :)

I am Sitara, a star, who is living on this planet called Earth which i love very much! but sometimes i long for the stars... but then i'd miss earth and human kind, i love it all so dearly... so for now enjoying this whole experience as best i can... peace to you all :)

Well thank you StarTara, and thank you for actually having love for humanity. Too many times I see people, even in our "new age" community here...who kind of look down on humanity, and judge this world and how it is. And it's understandable sure, but what happened to the love that is so often talked about? Where is the love for humanity, and compassion for our plight? We have to start getting to the heart of things. But yea I thank you for commenting...God bless you :)

Hi John,

I am a newby here... i just joined this site today lol

This article you wrote is very true... :) i understood the concepts you write about... i was the same way in school... friends with everybody but friends with nobody.

Yes there is alot of people out there on this planet who judge humans, then they judge each other,

but at the end of the day... who are they judging?

they are actually judging THEMSELVES.

It says more about the person judging than the one being judged.

God / creator/ source is all about LOVE... so we should follow this example and be nothing less. Else what are we here for...?

We are all here to help one another and this planet.

Humans are absolutely adorable... i love observing...

Thank you John for this inspirational article :) God bless you my friend!

Really, well welcome aboard then, it's always great to see new people here! And I agree with everything you say. Me and you seem to be kindred spirits. Me too, I love people...and it's my great desire to help people have better lives, especially those who have suffered. And's always more of a reflection of the one doing the judging, than the one being judged.

Thank you very much, and thank you for the friendship, I hope to talk more with you!

"Humans are absolutely adorable... i love observing..."

I agree with you. :)

 they are adorable... we gotta look at them like they are still evolving... and they are still learning... so who are we to judge them when they make errors or look down upon them like they are our slaves... no they are part of us, and they are so so adoreable to observe. Sometimes they do the silliest things, but so have i in this human state... so i can be no judge, but a loving observer jesus said... he who hasnt sinned cast the first stone... i cannot cast any stones upon any human lol



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