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The question of "Who am I" is very important. It's at the heart of life itself. Since the dawn of civilization, we have gone through this form or that form, life after life, experience after experience....trying to find our identity, trying to find who we are.


And we usually always look for it, out there somewhere, out in the world of form. I'm a man, I'm a woman, I'm part of this ethnic group, or part of this country, I'm part of this religion, part of this family, part of this group of folks. People need a sense of identity, a sense of belonging, a sense of being part of a group, because they haven't yet found their true identity.


Or how about we tend to identify also, with our jobs, with our possessions, our spouses, our family, our this is who we are. And as long as we keep doing this...we will never find out who we are, because ultimately the knowledge of who we are lies within.


I've always found it weird how people like to cluster together in groups, and put a part of their sense of self, their sense of identity, into the group. I've never done that, I've always been a lone wolf, I like to be independent and objective. I am nothing and everything. I am friends with everybody and nobody. Even in high school, I was a jock and was friends with all the jocks...I was a nerd and was friends with all the nerds, I was an athlete and was friends with all the athletes, I was a stoner and was friends with all the stoners, I was an outcast and was friends with all the outcasts.....but at the same time, I was none of these things, and was never part of any group. At the workplace too, people cluster together into cliques and I knew everybody but was not part of any one clique.


I've studied every major religion, and I've been to their houses of worship, and they always seem disappointed when they can't get me to identify with their religion lol I tell them I identify with all religions. I am a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu, I am whatever you need me to be. But at the same time, I'm not any of these things.


Even on this site too, people tend to cluster together into cliques. I remember Drekx Omega telling me several different times, you're making the wrong friends here, choosing the wrong allegiances....because I don't ally myself with him and his group of friends. You need to understand Drekx, I don't ally with anybody. I am Switzerland. I identify with everybody and nobody. I don't believe in taking sides, or choosing one group over the other. I don't need to look for a sense of community, or belonging, or some group...I look within myself for that.


I always had a strong sense of self. Obviously I've went through the issues of identifying with outside things...but the more I progress on the spiritual path, the more I identify with me....this soul that is experiencing this story called the life of John Jancar. I know I'm not actually John Jancar. I'm not a human either. I'm not a Sirian, or Andromedan, or Arcturian, I'm not a starseed or even a lightworker. I identify with all of these things, and none of them. I know ultimately, my soul was not forged on this planet, or in Sirius, or soul, ultimately, was forged within GOD. Beyond all manifested form.


So who are we? I've discovered....we are everything....and nothing. We come from God, therefore...we are God...but what is God? God is everything and nothing. God just is...and so we just are, so I just am...I AM. Simple as that. I'm not anything, but I am everything. I am a human, but I'm not. I am John Jancar, but I'm not. I am a Sirian, a Pleiadian, a Arcturian...I am them all...but I'm not any of them. I am an angel, an archangel...I am a demon and demigod...I am this computer, I am the room around me....I am this house....I am the sky and the stars, the rocks and the dirt.....I am this world, I am this solar system, I am this galaxy, my identity encompasses the whollleee of creation! But it also encompasses nothing! I am everything...but I am not. I just am.....I simply just am...


Now the question is....who are YOU? 


This is John Jancar, or me having this experience called John Jancar......wishing you much love, joy, and inspiration.

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It is the great question, absolutely, Anthony. It's at the heart of life. It is the question that will lead us to our true awakening. Who am I? Our search for self is ultimately our search for God, which is ultimately what this whole thing we see around us called life is all about. It's amazing! And I agree totally that this is not simply an intellectual understanding, but a true heart realization that changes your being. I'm still working on that, but I'm getting there lol


And I have studied Hinduism in the past, and it's very good stuff, but I don't agree with everything. It's not that they are wrong, it's more like....they are missing things. And every religion has a positive and negative side, like the caste system is clearly a huge misconception. All religions have part of the truth...and the dogmas need to be cast aside, and the truths merged together. All religions also, don't touch upon truths like our extraterrestrial and multidimensional heritage.


All of these need to come together and be one. Religion and politics need to come together as one. Science and spirituality need to come together. Conservatism and liberalism need to come together, all these different polarities need to come together, because they are all real! They are all facets of reality. The truths need to merge, the dogmas need to be thrown we can take that next step in human development.


Anyways, thanks for commenting Anthony....I'm looking forward to hearing more from you, I love how you really into this, which to me this is what Ascension is all about, much more so than ETs and Golden Age.

Thanks Anita, and that's exactly what I'm coming to realize. That at the end of the day...when all is stripped away....I can only say....that I am. I just am. Everything else is just a illusion of identity. We are God..and God is all things...but at the same time...God is nothing. God is formless, without substance or motion...and from this, all things, all forms, all substances, all motion arises from Gods desire to experience its I AM. God is everything, and nothing. God just is. And so are we...because we are that everything, and that nothing...that just is. It's the great paradox of life.


Thanks for commenting Anita, God bless you!

Love your train of thought! One of those questions we ponder all the time, and always find new levels and layers. That which we are, that which "is" :)  Indeed the need to form identity, through groups or otherwise, is very natural but could be transcended more in a place like this ;) Bless!

Well yes sure it's natural, it's part of our quest for self, our quest for God. Ultimately though I think we will have to drop identifying with one group over another group, and identify with all groups...and no groups. I know people don't understand that, it seems like one huge contradiction, but that's the nature of a paradox. Ultimately our self, our I AM...encompasses all. I mean...God doesn't take sides lol God is everything, but God also is nothing. It's the big paradox of life.


Anyways thanks for commenting, God bless you!

every time I ask meself this question, I come up with this answer :...............I really don't know as long as my life is a learning process.

I know it's hard, but...eventually....we'll all get there....I think lol Thanks esseya :)

Yes, Great share. I am my mind body matrix composed of my cells and atoms which allow me to process and direct light photon energy in the form of sound, electrochemical expression in the form of thoughts and emotions, however this is just my vehicle for expression of my Soul, which is the mixture of the dream of my I am identity and the dream of the almighty, simply stated I am, I am No-thing, I am Everything....pure energy expressed in a temporal form, in a individualized pattern with personal experience and ultimate intention and insight. Heres to my experience meeting your experience. Thank you John. 

Thank you Jason, I concur with everything you said. From my experience called your experience called Jason...which really are experiences of the one, the all and the nothing, of God which we are.....thank you :) Now the trick is to completely and totally realize it lol

John J, I thank you for writing this blog, because yes you are separate from the friend I talk with on the phone John aka Jim Clarson on here. I'm not blaming you for this, so with all respect here though, hear me out. 

See the differences between you and John aka Jim Clarson, is this. My friend John doesn't follow anyone around on here at all. He doesn't, because he knows what kind of trouble that can lead, and what kind of tail can get caught in the door so to speak of.

I can relate to somethings you are saying on here, but at the same time for some reason, I wonder if you really mean it. The reason is this. To be a Lone Wolf. Here are the things I have seen with Lone Wolves, and I consider John and I both to be one as well. To be one of them, is not to follow anyone on here around. That means just putting out your own words and thoughts on the things you like to express yourself on, and I can see you do that well on here, but there are times it feels like you sway. Not being at all on this one either

I know I have many flaws in life, and I can gladly list all of them on here, but one thing I can say on here about myself is this. I would never ask Drekx Omega for a hand in friendship, or make a recording voice advocating the site, because that isn't what I'm about on here. For me it is all about knowing who we are inside and out. I have met some really interesting people on here, but for starters, I would never lead anyone a stray on here, and I'm not saying that you do, but to be a Lone Wolf, means following no one in life and not caring about what ppl think about you for saying it 

Going back as to why I would never make an offer in friendship with Drekx Omega. It's because i would feel slimy doing it. That is because, I don't believe everything he has put out here on this site, but I do respect his views on things, and just let it be that. I don't have to sit there and put out my hand for friendship on his behalf because he already knows where we stand in on things, and knows that by doing that, would make look kind of phony. Sorry John J, there are somethings you have to know about me though, and John as well, because I don't want to pick up on this energy again of the Drekx Omega round about way.

It confuses me when I pick up this energy up, because you don't really know yet what you want. You don't want to agree with them on everything, but yet you want to be accepted in there group which is fine, but let them know exactly where you are coming from

IF you hate me for bringing this up, I can understand as to why you would. I really don't want to pick this kind of energy up anymore though as an Empath. I really really don't. It is hard, because John has Aspergers, and when these thoughts and feelings come in, he has a hard time thinking that these emotions are of his own 

I like you John J as a person, and for what you stand for, but you need to make yourself a bit more clear as to what you as John Jancar want in life, and not p**** foot around things so much. If you disagree with them, then disagree with them, but don't expect them to be your friend when you disagree with them. That is the only advice I can give to you right now on this. You are a very smart person, and know your stuff, and have your s*** together in life.

I agree with most of what you say on here, but there are times right now when reading something like this that makes wonder where you are coming from really. It can really confuse a person when you disagree with them, and then want to be friends with them yet

I know that this is hard to accept at times, but that is the way the whole world works in reality. Just know that you are on opposite sides of fence with them, and argue if you must or when you have to stand up for yourself, but also know that this is just the way the cookie crumbles

You remind me a lot of myself at times when I had first joined this site, and I have learned a lot about this site as well. I have learned it is better not to be friends with them, and just to be happy with what I have in life around me. They don't have to agree with everything I say on here.

I have learned to just say it is what it is though with even Drekx Omega and Happy Kelly because they to are humans, and have come to learn things in life. I don't always agree with them on everything, there are times when I do, but that is just that. It's a passing thing really.

I'm not saying your not a Lone Wolf either, but just from being around a lot of them. I know what they are like. It's almost like they are so comfortable in there own skin they have a kind of I don't care what you think about me attidude :0)

They don't care if they are friends with them either. 

If there is anything you would like to throw at me go for it, because I'm use of it on here lol

Bless the Nite,


Okay April. Most of this is pretty off topic, but I will answer you for the sake of clarity.


First of all, no I don't hate you for bringing this up. It's very hard for me to actually hate somebody. You are just sharing your thoughts, and most of these thoughts regarding me are simply a misunderstanding, so I will clarify for you.


I offered my hand in friendship to HappyKelly and Drekx Omega...again....because I wanted to make peace with them. Because I am really tired of this fighting, I am tired of this bad blood, I don't like it. I don't get off on it. I rather not have it. I rather be friends with them and have peace. And since they never do, I took it upon myself, again, to take the initiative to make a truce, for the sake of peace. That doesn't mean I want to be part of their group, that doesn't mean I believe everything they say, that doesn't mean I need their acceptance. That's not it at all. I did it only for the sake of peace. No more, no less.


HappyKelly simply refused to accept my hand in friendship, and went off on some egoic tirade. And Drekx Omega, the other week, sort of half accepted my offer for friendship, yet still continues with this trailing and trying to belittle me. I mean I don't know what to make it of it, honestly. And I really don't want to project this image that I'm some victim, but....this is all just how it is.


I know I must be doing something wrong, because all of this keeps coming up, no matter what I do. I know I probably shouldn't have commented to HappyKelly pointing out her flaw, which she doesn't even recognize...and assuming things about her that turned out not to be true apparently...for which I apologized for. But when I apologized and tried to atone, she just blew it off and went totally ego...which is God what is going on here. There is no way a real person can be like that.


So there is the full story with that, just for clarification. Of course this is my side of the story, you should go ask them if you want to know their side. But to summarize....I actually, truly...put out my hand in atonement and friendship to them...I did recognize my mistakes and said so to them...I did that for the sake of PEACE. Plain and simple. Now the ball is in their court, if they can get over their issues then we can have a peace.



Well absolutely, none of us are there yet. We may have glimpses of it, or small realizations of it, like I had one this morning. About how I just am, and all these identities we identify with in form, are actually not us.


Like you are not Marianinia lol That's just a form your self, your true self, is taking to experience itself as I AM. And basically that is what all of life is, a form for God to experience itself. And God is the form...God is the creation...but at the same time, God isn't. I know it's hard to's a great paradox, but this is the case, I got a glimpse of it.


But, in this physical world of form...I see you as a very bright shining and wise lady, and I respect you very much :) Thank you for commenting, you always bring good things to a conversation.

who we truly can not be identified but only experienced. An Identification is an idea, a limitation. Close your eyes and simply feel and accept. In time you will know what you always have been what you always are and what you always will be



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