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I have been studying the Reptilians for a while now and read so much about the conflict and the negative aspects of the Reptilian race. I've come across a site at- that says that there is a peace treaty between the Galactic Federation and the Draconian Empire. Is that true? That's the only place that I read about such a treaty and I don't think I've heard any channellings of it. I'd think it would be all over the place. Not even the experts of the Draco Reptilians are saying anything about a Peace Treaty and are still warning about the Dracos.

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I would say that the evolution of all beings in the Universe and beyond starts with a common understanding and a "peace" to more fully heal the past and everything that's taken place....

I would think there is more Peace than we may think there is, in some ways, we are better off than we know!

Yes, there was a peace treaty in the 90's I believe it was.  All the negative ET's are confined in their behaviour, that's why you don't see so many stories of alien abductions anymore.  The Draco's and "Greys" have been incorporated onto the GFL, they are on the good guys' side now lol.  They tried to get the Dark Cabal to throw in the towel too but you know how it is when you are drunk on power...


thanks for the link, interesting read.

We will see soon.....................~!~

Well, it is true that there is a peace treaty between the Draco Reptilians and the GFL.  There is also now peace with the Annunaki.


They had 2 choices. Sign or die, what would you choose.  Just like the Annunaki.


That is the reason it is not spoken of.  They are watched, and as part of the treaty they have to suspend negative activity on earth.  There are like the Annunaki, 2 factions.  The one signed, but the other is still deciding.  Until then, not much is said.


I'll have a look at that link a little later.



Anush (Marshal Law)


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