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  • Yes, this Senator from Louisiana is correct and what he says is basic common sense...It's absolutely true that America was energy independent, a few short years ago, under Trump's tenure...And can be again, with a complete reversal of the "green new deal" insanity, that is causing ordinary people to freeze in winter....All of this is preventable, BUT, the WEF/UN elites driving international policies, seek to cause as much trouble as they can, for several reasons...Which I believe most of us here on ACC, are fully aware of...

    It's exactly the same in the UK and we were about to change course away from dependency on energy imports and into a full policy of using home-grown resources, such as oil and gas, which exist in massive amounts in the North sea, as well as our potential for fracking...

    But instead, we have this overthrow of Liz Truss and her replacement with a Goldman-Sachs ex-banker, named Rishi Sunak....A great chum of the WEF, along with his odious Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt....

    So what is happening in America, as repeated in Great Britain....
    And both could ditch this absurd obsession with "net-zero," which frankly is a red herring falsehood....Carbon is not the problem, human elite insanity is....
    Of course, any thinking person would love to use free and clean energy, but presently, we have no viable alternatives to oil, nuclear and gas...
    Wind and solar just cannot replace these sources....

    Of course, use fossil fuels in the mean time, as we must not let the people suffer high costs....That is inhumane and there are many elderly people who would simply die off, for want of lower energy prices...Which is evil and I suspect part of the population reduction plan, of the dark elites...

    Ultimately, humanity must be allowed the use of energies, such as aetheric, and the "national security" classifications, must be lifted, so ALL can benefit from these Tesla/Schauberger type energies...
    Drekx Omega ~ Sirian Scout Ships Science Behind How They Fly May 7 2015
  • He's right.
  • Now there is something here to ponder. I know many here believe that there are millions of living beings throughout the galaxy, and other galaxies. What will it happen if two galaxies collide, such as the said will happen between milky way and andromeda? I don't think any living thing will survive in at least the whole of the two galaxies!

    Now if there are such advanced ETs as GFL, this should be the main on going agenda: how will we (the inhabitants of milky way and Andromeda) escape this tragedy? Well, you might think it is still far into the future, but considering how challenging interstellar travel is, it is not too early to try to evict pple, let alone to think about it! The earlier we think about it, the better!

    Take a look at how galaxy collision might happen!😮
  • It is fractals. We have galaxies within galaxies within galaxies,.................................within galaxies within galaxies.....☺
  • If you want to search more, google search 'Hoag's Object'
  • Now this is astonishing! A galaxy like this is said to be extremely rare, and yet when it appeared, we have two similar galaxies on the same spot, one inside another? The probability of both these object accidentally appearing next to each other is practically zero! It can't be a coincidence!

    However, the explanations of the mainstream science are still of the type of being told that two Volkswagens collided in Germany to create a Mercedes!😆
  • Living robots are now among us looked after by and created for human scientists.
  • Having an out-of-the-body experience could be a wonderful thing but it would take some practice until I no longer need it then perhaps I go could go to many places and not just be limited to this 3d world also I chose to have either my spirit guide or someone can I trust. One has to follow their intuition to see if that is the right choice.
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