As every single day goes by and I continue to look at the state of the world around me, I feel divided at best...every day is a constant effort in myself to find the purer paradigms in myself that will see me (and hopefully all of us) exposed to the changes we have been waiting for.... This is a tough lesson that I am learning right now...It’s not going to be easy...We know this is all going to happen, it is just taking longer than it should have...


by Wes Annac



April 14, 2012



As every single day goes by and I continue to look at the state of the world around me, I feel divided at best. On the one hand, we are hearing of amazing, marvelous things that are to happen in the immediate future or ‘soon’ and many of us are discovering genuine telepathic contact with the celestials and Galactics working from their ascended end to bring these futures about.


On the other hand, when looking at events in my own Life and in the world at this point, besides a few crucial developments that have inched us that much nearer to all that we have been waiting and wishing for, I see a continuation of the old.


The old paradigm, the old behaviors and ways of Living amongst humanity that suggest that nothing is happening but the continual feeding of this paradigm established on Earth that honestly, I’m beginning to be ready to leave behind. I’ll admit to myself feeding some aspects of this paradigm, and therein lies my own personal work in helping to bring these changes about, by making the effort to enact change in myself.


To that end I admit that I have done very much, and every day is a constant effort in myself to find the purer paradigms in myself that will see me (and hopefully all of us) exposed to the changes we have been waiting for.


The division I am feeling at this point is multi-faceted. The changes, for many Lightworkers will lay an inherent consequence; that is, that when these changes really begin to pick up as we have been told by our divine sources, us Lightworkers are going to be busier than ever trying to cover and keep up with everything.


Until then, I personally am tired of just sitting around and waiting, while trying to lay as much energetic foundation as I can by channeling guidance, advice and updates, giving readings and anchoring Love to Gaia’s core in hopes that the purity of energies given and absorbed by doing such things will naturally as they are supposed to, affect the overall collective consciousness of this world and the events that manifest on this world in positive, Lighted ways.


Like other Lightworkers and truthseekers at this time (1), I look around at the state this world is in and especially in this area that I Live in and see so, so much that needs changed and cleansed. There is a very hazardous oil refinery around here that I dearly look forward to being a part of tearing down, once the many technologies that will see such things obsolete are disclosed and given to us. But that hasn’t happened yet. We have heard about such things endlessly and to an extent have heard of related humanitarian projects that we will be a part of in that ever-elusive ‘immediate period ahead’, but so far no widespread work has been done to heal such things.


I want to heal this world. I want to work with all of myself, to gladly give my energies fully to the healing and cleansing of this world. Earth changes are not going to do the work for us when the time comes, this will be our work to do and I’m ready to do it. I want to do it!


I’m tired of simply channeling regular updates from the Divine sources working to bring these changes about. I’m ready for the most upsetting and intense changes, and the resulting work that we will all be performing to heal this world. I know that once this happens I too will have trouble keeping up, but I’m ok with that!


So, where do we look for the most concrete updates of the freeing of our world? There are some who would say that the extraterrestrial, ascended and channeled sources are the best outlets for information on this subject because the Galactics have a higher vantage point than those of us on Earth, and there are some who look to the terrestrial truth-seekers, whistleblowers and such for such updates because one’s mental channels can always be interfered with to present a scenario that the ego of the channeler wants.  (2)


I personally have looked to every facet of the souls bringing these changes forth, be them terrestrial and third dimensional or extraterrestrial and ascended, or otherwise, for general updates about what is going on and every single day that goes by with so much news, so many revelations and insights and predictions, but no actual concrete occurrence, is disheartening.


I can hear what people will be saying now: look to the resignations. Look to the arrests. There are things happening. Things are beginning to pick up. There is never a reason to worry or feel frustrated, all is in perfect Divine order and will happen when it needs to.


Yes, I know all of this and I routinely integrate similar mantras into my thoughts when I begin to feel in doubt or disheartened, and it has happened a lot since my involvement in this movement starting only a couple of years ago. I can only imagine what those of you who have been hearing about these things for decades must feel like by this point. You all deserve a trophy for hanging in there!


What saddens me to a great extent, is that even many of our trusted terrestrial sources seem to be getting a bit mixed up. Just recently, we had a Fulford report that claimed that the ‘White Dragon’ Family who are in essence, the rich families actually working in the best interest of our world, were in fact just as involved with the Illuminati families as any of the other conspirators, simply because somebody came to him claiming to represent the Dragon Family who didn’t have anybody’s best interests at heart. (3)


Of course, a report was issued correcting his mistake (3) but still, the entire incident was a bit confusing and confounding, and serves to make me question how organized things really are in some areas of these changes being brought about. Of course, the bad guys are going to lie and steal until they are finally arrested in mass numbers, and with all that we have been hearing, especially lately, it seems that these arrests should already be happening in mass numbers as has been reported endlessly.


Yes, of course, the dark throw up hurdles and obstacles but with so many nations (and the US Military) aligned against them now, how? The questions go on and on and as long as the general public does not have a rightful knowledge of all that is going on which will continue as long as the ‘bad guys’ are not behind bars, this cycle will continue and questions, concerns and frustrations will continue to be garnered.


I hope that my own frustrations can be excused in this article, because any writer knows that the best way to express and transmute frustrations is to write about them. For me, it is a habitual clearing process in myself.


So, how can we get off of this vicious cycle of continually waiting, waiting and waiting? For me, when the frustrations hit their max-point, when I’m just too tired of waiting while the old world continues on, I try to reiterate to myself why I began my own work in this movement in the first place.


When I started offering my own energetic service to the ascension of Earth and the exposure of all things hidden away on Her surface, I did not start because of pending mass arrests that I was hearing about. I did not start because of the thought of the glorious future we have been promised, though I will admit that was an aspect of my service. I started my own work and belief in this movement because the basic aspects of Living in Love, Harmony and Peace throughout this whole world are aspects which resonated with me and which I wanted to work toward.


The basic, fundamental aspects of the spirituality established in so many awakened people at this time are what attracted me most to this movement. Since then and even before my own involvement, all of this has evolved into mass disclosures, mass arrests and the freeing of this world from the darkness that has been so established on Her surface. As a result, I will admit to having hung myself up on this possibility and hope of such things happening. Can you blame me?


At a certain point in the continual hope of seeing the manifestation of things which are supposed to be happening, detachment becomes a priority. This is a tough lesson that I am learning right now, as the possibility of being involved in so many projects to clean our world and the state She is in, as well as my own involvement in calming those around me when the initial disclosures begin and absorbing those disclosures, makes the Life that I am Living now much more difficult.


Also, hearing continually about how different and wonderful our Lives could have been and are supposed to be, and about how there are ‘quatrillionaires’ out there feeding off of an occult financial system while most of us are struggling just to get by, does get to me after a certain point as I’m sure it does all of you.


I would guess that now, in this looooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg(gggggggggggg) stretch before the amazing, wonderful changes begin, we are meant to simply turn inward, relax and prepare ourselves for these things while not getting too hung up on them and while keeping ourselves in balance at all times, as a necessity. If not, we could end up dramatically and sarcastically stretching the world ‘long’ out when referring to the ‘wait’ for these changes in an article!


It’s not going to be easy, and I too will find difficulty taking this advice, but I guess it just is what it is. I certainly cannot offer myself much more advice in that avenue as this does seem to simply be a waiting game. We know this is all going to happen, it is just taking longer than it should have, because of our own lower actions in this decade that feed the bad guys, not the good guys.


Until everything happens however, I am both drained and underworked. Quite a conundrum!




www.Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC





(2) See in message below, the “11.11.11 miracles manifesting” prediction from my own sources:

(3) The incident is outlined in this article:

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  • Every morning at 6, I walk my dog in the still of Soho, as I leave my front door I jerk my head up and scan the skies between the buildings, praying for a sign...seeing NOTHING I say pleeeeaaaassssssseee...DECLOAK for me, or at least long enough for me to run and get my disbelieving wife, to see for herself, and let's get on with it all already! Then I slump back into picking up the poop, watching for speeding cars and clanking garbage trucks that nearly run me over...some days I see a very faint grid of light, like a fishing net of sorts, between the layers, and then it dissolves into density again.
    I must say I am very excited to be living my own private science fiction mystery story now, with reading the "free" news, and then the New York Times and trying to see between the lines, the hidden truths, emerging in our mainstream prison news. Reading today how Romney wants to continue the war in Afganistan until 2014, and that the Bilderberger group is picking his running mate...HEAVEN HELP US NOW!!!!
  • Yep couldn't have said it better myself, this article reflects exactly my own feelings and ideas on the current situation.  I have faith in these promises of change but everyday I face doubt, only to overcome it.  I think this time period is a true test of faith, it is hard work.  We are stuck in a paradigm that we know is all a terrible nightmare, with no way out. Luckily this will soon be a fading memory of a tormenting journey, but still an interesting and important one.

  • There is no such thing as "waiting" Everything is happening now.

  • Wes...I want you to know that every time I see your name, a thrill, a jolt of love zips thru me, as I know in my heart that you are a very pure and respected channel, and that whatever you have to tell us is real and important. But it is really great to read that you are just being a normal human guy, like me, and the rest of us, who are bonding together and WAITING....patiently but in showing our frustrations we are just revealing our dense 3-D bases, even though 5-D flickers on and off and sometimes I feel so much insane love that my heart feels like bursting and I sense that I am lighting up like a bonfire...YOU though must have it even harder since you are getting all these messages all the time, working your butt off, and it's obvious that you gifted channelers must be even more anxious than the rest of us who simply wait every day to see your name pop a rush of adrenaline when I get an email from David Wilcock with a NEW MESSAGE OF EXTREME VITAL's a roller coaster ride for we who are waking up, but I think about how great it is that you have personally reached out, as a fellow frustrated human Lightworker to say whats on YOUR mind. Thanks my dear friend for writing how you are feeling.
    Robert Lee Morris, Soho, New York City, not the most awakened community in this world....
  • Hey Wes. Yes, I really hear your frustration brother. I have been awake to this for decades...since I was a young teen in the 70's. Some years I was on top of it, some years not. I will tell you what I know. All we have done, learned, screwed up and in my case, relearned over and over, is not lost. It will ALL be used. I am sure of this. When we meditate, and attempt to ease into a multidimensional state, we incorporate all that we are. (I am sure you know this) so it is important to accept all that we are. I know. easier said than done. But after a while you learn to listen with your heart. We watch the news, get on the alternative sites, read the channelings, etc., but all of it is filtered through our fairly damaged senses...and so the only tool we really have is to not listen to the minutia, but to listen to the feel, the pattern of what we are hearing and reading. It isn't much, and I cannot say the waiting gets easier, but it seems to be what we have to work with. There isn't a darn thing wrong with excitement and anticipation...go for it! Just leave the judgement of where you assume it will go out of it. Hang in there.. and there is a saying from the old days...."go with the flow, pilgrim". 


  • I am in the same opinion and just tired of waiting.The conditions becoming more and more tough.The word "soon" makes me sick.I still have hope and trying hard to survive.Maybe "soon" means really soooon.Lets believe...

  • I have felt the wave of love and confirm ita autenticity..

    09/03/2012 11.30pm GMT..

    You are consumed with love and once your there

    it will transform your very soul.. it is what you would call

    an irrisistable force there is no running, no hiding place

    Earth will be washed clean evil will be a vanquished state..

    Love and happyness to you my friend..

    You wont have to wait long i promise you..

    Ascend in Love and Light


  • I feel exactly the same... but some evidence about the GFL and Ashtar command  last saturday 31st of march over Barcelona made me feel hope!!!  Everybody around me think I'm nuts, but I know I'm not. I am a patient guy!

    Much love & light

  • Well the way I look at it is that we ARE going already. I think a lot of people are waiting for "the  big change" but that it may not necessarily happen in that way. There IS a big change happening right now, just maybe not in the way we expected it to be. The very fact that the world looks so bad to so many people IS evidence that the change is underway, because nothing in the world is very much different from 10 or 20 years ago, yet 10 or 20 years ago, it didn't look as bad. Why? Because there IS more light in the world right now - that's WHY we can see all the corruption and negativity for what it is. When light is shone, it reveals things that were hiding in the dark!

    How can anyone fix any of the world's problems if we don't know what they are? Every day, more and more people are waking up to just what is happening in the world and this is GOOD - this IS part of the change. As lightworkers, we need to see the darkness around us, be aware of it, but we need NOT to be controlled by it. We need to see the light in the world and make THAT more apparent to ourselves and those around us. As ANY old paradigm falls away, it holds on tighter and tighter JUST when it IS falling away - like a star that goes into supernova: just before it finally burns out, it makes one last huge gasp. At ANY time in history, it has been easy for anyone to focus on negativity OR light. This time is no different. It is OUR responsibility to be aware of what we choose to focus on.

    I, for one, do not want some huge, grand big changes like mass earthquakes etc. I have faith that humanity can make this transition more gradually and less violently. Imagine how wonderful we would feel if we changed our planet, changed our people ourselves instead of having some huge cosmic event FORCE us to.

    Remember, when being aware of how the world needs to change, do NOT forget the wonderful things about it that are around us each and every moment!

  • so very well said and yes I have felt exactly the same. I have stepped back and understood, it will be what we manifest it to be. Whether for better or worse. What matters is my own consciousness, that's what I am in control of now. And the standard in which all things are measured is LOVE. I too am manifesting our world of Peace, Love and Harmony. I must always remember we are in this together, we are all one, so wish it well and use love to guide it. Hope is an amazing tool, when it comes from a pure light of love.

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