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Dear Ones, We are the Arcturians. We ended our last communication with you in the “in-between.” How did you enjoy it? * You are, indeed, very brave pioneers forging your Path into a new reality. In fact, YOU are creating this Path while also living your daily life. This act of being in two realities/frequencies at the same time is giving your unconscious mind permission to fully allow the download, integration and operation of your new Multidimensional Operating System. * ( )

Since, your Multidimensional Operating System is turning on new codes of DNA in your biological computer/brain, you are likely experiencing many “symptoms of transformation” in your Third Eye. Some of these symptoms are dizziness, eye and nasal problems, lucid dreaming, difficulties with remembering, an inability to focus on mundane tasks and generalized confusion. Your brain is regaining its former capacitance, and you are now being re-programmed so that you can have usable access to a larger percentage of your innate, expanded perceptions and multidimensional skills. However, as you are opening new files, you may not have full access to the old ones.

Furthermore, your corpus callosum (neural network between the right and left hemispheres) is reversing its function. Before, it separated the masculine and feminine areas of the brain so that your reasoning and intuition remained in different camps. Now the corpus callosum is being reprogrammed so that it functions as a bridge, which connects the right/feminine and left/masculine hemispheres to such a degree that you are actually creating a new brain. Whereas the old brain functioned from the “Separation Principle” of either-or, your brain now functions from the “Unity Principle” of both-always.

In fact, not only are the hemispheres now unified in function, their joining amplifies the speed of your thinking and creativity, because the neurons can now transverse back and forth across the corpus callosum at the speed of thought. Masculine/feminine, thought/emotions, logical/creative, and sequential/holistic aspects of thought now function form the center point of your corpus callosum.

Therefore, masculine and feminine attributes becomes androgynous,
thoughts and emotions becomes consciousness,
logical/creative becomes communication
and sequential and holistic processing becomes perception.

Within the Unity Principle, you no longer have to expend the cognitive effort of comparing and contrasting the third dimensional polarities, as you perceive all reality from the Center Point of the “in-between.” It is from this Center Point of consciousness that you can most easily accept the torsion waves that are constantly being emitted from the Galactic Center.

These torsion waves enter your earth vessel through the center flow in your opened Third Eye/thinking and are understood through your High Heart/feeling. Within this center flow of torsion waves is a tunnel of protection, much like our Arcturian Corridor. This protective center flow is felt as unconditional love in your High Heart and perceived as multidimensional light to your Third Eye. As your Third Eye and High Heart unite in function, these messages of love and light combine to greatly amplify your innate creative force. It is the combination of multidimensional light, which is transmuted into thoughts and carefully directed by your intention and attention, in unison with unconditional love, which is transmuted into the understanding and compassion, that initiates your transmutation into Lightbody.

As you ground into Gaia’s Earth, the torsion waves that you have integrated into your body, the energy assists Her in Her planetary ascension. The Humans, who are the Keepers of the Land, have volunteered to ground this expanding, transmuting force into the earth, whereas the Cetaceans, Keepers of the Water, have volunteered to ground it in the water. Gaia then amplifies that energy and returns it to Her surface to expand its radiance. In this manner, the torsion waves grounded into one small patch of land, or one small area of water, gradually expand until all of Gaia’s planetary body is basking in multidimensional light and unconditional love.

The Flow from the higher dimensions is grounded into the physical plane by the power of your in-breath, and then shared with all of life with your out-breath. As the higher dimensional spirit/energy is integrated into the lower dimensional matter/form, the form begins to transmute into a higher frequency. There are areas of your personal consciousness, life and body that will need to be released, for they are too dense to transmute. In the same manner, areas of Gaia’s body are too dense to transmute and will have to be released.

This process of transmutation/ascension of matter back into its higher frequency of expression is the same for all holders of form, whether it is plant, animal, person or planet.
The bud that holds the flower dies so that the flower blooms.
The flower that holds the seed dies so that the seed can become fruit.
The fruit falls to the ground to release its inner seeds into the earth.
The seed dies so that a new tree can be born.
Death is just another word for transmutation.

Hence, the earth vessel that you have worn is to be replaced with a light vessel. The Tree (Tree of Life) represents your consciousness, which is forever repeating itself on different planets, times, places, parallel realities, solar systems, galaxies and dimensions. The Tree never dies, as it has created so many versions of its SELF that at least one version is in form somewhere or sometime in some format of manifestation. When a version of the Tree, such as a human, decides that it wants to observe its many manifestations within the perspective of the ONE, it returns to the overview (higher dimensions) so that it can view all of its creations from the Unity Consciousness of the ONE.

In preparation for this return, the human brain is preparing to leave duality and enter the realm of unity. To do so, the Mystical Marriage of masculine and feminine must be sealed in Light so that their child of love, Lightbody, can gradually expand beyond its cocoon of the physical earth vessel. As the gender-based version of the brain begins to merge, “whole brain thinking” comes online to expedite the activation of the DNA codes for both-always cognition. At that point, the DNA on/off system of ones and zeros begins to turn OFF the lower frequency of physical form and turns ON the higher frequency of light form, which is your Lightbody.

As the multidimensional torsion waves enter the Crown Chakra, which will only happen if the being has already opened that portal (Earth is a free will planet, and each being must choose ascension), the earth vessel accepts the incoming higher frequencies through the High Heart. (We say earth vessel, as there are other Beings besides humans who are ascending.) This torsion energy then needs to be grounded into the earth to avoid “short circuiting” of the neurological system (electricity). Once sufficiently accepted and grounded, this multidimensional light and unconditional love can be fully integrated into the earth vessel. The Keepers of the Land (humans) and Keepers of the Water (cetaceans) will then join forces to begin the transmutation and ascension of themselves and Gaia into the fifth dimension.

This planetary ascension process is only possible when in direct alignment with the Galactic Center, as only the galactic torsion waves are a powerful enough “fuel” to ascend an entire planet. This was tried via the “back door” when Atlantis and Lemuria were at the other end of the Corridor of Ascension 12,000 years ago. Unfortunately, the balance of light and dark on Earth was tipped too heavily toward the dark/fear. Therefore, the Flow of torsion waves could not be sufficiently accepted, grounded and integrated into the planet. Then, instead of Earth ascending, She was nearly cast off her axis.

Since you have consciously accepted, grounded and integrated the multidimensional light and unconditional love into your vessel, you have more easily remembered to stay in connection with the Spirit of the ONE, not just when you were embroiled in a challenge, but also when you were happy and peaceful. You have learned that Spirit is not something to run to when you are scared. Spirit is something that you ARE. You have remembered that you ARE Spirit grounded in matter, not matter seeking Spirit. With this Knowing, your journey of the “3D Game” is coming into its completion, and your full acceptance, integration and utilization of the galactic torsion waves has begun.

You have found the great comfort of living in light and would not choose otherwise. Most importantly, you have learned to love yourself unconditionally, even if you are not aware of that fact. It is this love that allows you to find joy in the midst of your daily life. It is time for you, the leaders of New Earth, to quietly mature into the frequency of the fifth dimension while still inhabiting your earth vessels.

This integration of realities is a great challenge and only possible if you have joy in your daily life. What is necessary in this portion of Gaia’s process of planetary ascension is that the ascending ones live in two worlds simultaneously. If you are not grounded in your third dimensional world by the power of love and joy, which are perpetuated by thanksgiving, your energy will fly from your earth vessel and off into the fifth dimension. In other words, you will have personal ascension.

In this case, you will not be using your great force of personal ascension to contribute to the ascension of the body of Gaia. If you are happy and content and loving life in your third dimensional life, you will be more able to remain in your earth vessel at the same time that you journey into the fifth dimension. Your frequent treks into the fifth dimension, while still maintaining an active earth vessel, will serve to “pull” third dimensional Earth through the fourth dimension and into the fifth. In this manner, our grounded ones can return home while they also bring their third dimensional home, Earth, with them.

In return, the force of Gaia’s planetary ascension will assist humanity with its personal ascension. The reality is, of course, that humanity IS Gaia, for in the fifth dimension, YOU are the planet and the PLANET is you. As you become ONE with your planetary womb, you will realize that this womb is a higher expression of your Multidimensional SELF. We know that we ask a lot of our Planetary Ascension Team, but your frequent visits to the fifth dimension will make your time of waiting for planetary ascension much easier.

We see the glory of your Awaking to your Multidimensional SELF as starbursts upon the body of Gaia. We also know that most of you were among those who answered Gaia’s distress call at the fall of Atlantis. We can also see your great dedication to “stay the course,” until you have completed your Promise to assist Gaia in Her return to a higher frequency of Her expression. We commend you on your great patience, persistence and commitment. We know that you wish to return Home, yet have chosen to stay until you are no longer needed. We Arcturians, as well as all of the Galactic Federation, especially those of us who once lived on Earth and are assisting Her from the higher dimensions, are proud to have you in our Galactic Family. We look forward to the grand celebration when you return to us.

Before we continue with our journey to Arcturus, which was started last month, we wish to remind you that when you ascend you don’t go to a place. Instead, you resonate to a wider band of frequencies. In fact, you go to a spectrum of frequencies such as the spectrum of the “Third Dimensional Reality,” which includes the first dimension, second dimension, third dimension and fourth dimensions. The fourth dimension is the “aura” of the physical world and serves as the threshold to the next octave of reality. The octave up from Third Dimensional Reality is “Fifth Dimensional Reality,” which includes dimensions five, six, seven and eight. Dimensions five, six and seven hold varying densities of increasingly mutable forms, whereas the eighth dimension holds no form and is pure consciousness. Much like the fourth dimension, the eighth dimension serves as the threshold into the next octave of reality, which is the octave of formless consciousness.

In a Third Dimensional Reality, “life” is perceived as matter, whereas in a Fifth Dimensional Reality, life is perceived as light. Members of an ascended planet hold a fifth dimensional form that they have decided to wear, and also enjoy constant access of the sixth dimensional Divine Blueprint. This access is possible because they have ascended beyond fear and any desire to have power-over others. They also have awareness of and interaction with the extended family of their seventh dimensional Oversoul. The Oversoul is the extended family of individual Souls of any given reality.

In your Third Dimensional Reality, you are aware of and can travel to different areas of your third dimensional planet, and you have awareness of your fourth dimension via dreams and meditations. The members of a Fifth Dimensional Reality are fully aware of and can easily travel to anywhere in their Galaxy and beyond. Members of a Fifth Dimensional Reality hold form and journey through their fifth, sixth and seventh dimensional world. They also have access to the eighth dimension through embracing their “Oversoul Family” as a higher expression of their Multidimensional SELF.

By expanding their fifth dimensional consciousness into the seventh dimensional Oversoul of their reality, they can instantly transport themselves to any location in our Galaxy, as well as any dimension from the third through the seventh. Then, just as you “turn off” the perceptions of your third dimensional world to enter your fourth dimensional dreams and meditations, you can turn off your Fifth Dimensional Reality, to enter the formless reality of the eight dimension.

We wish to remind you that the voice that is being translated into the words of this message is from the Group Mind/Heart of the eighth through tenth dimensions. Our reality is quite different from the reality of the fifth through seventh dimensions. Therefore, when we speak of our Fifth Dimensional Realities in Arcturus, we are speaking of our former reality. To avoid overloading your human brain circuitry, we wish to follow a sequential path of ascension from the third through the fourth and into the fifth dimension. In the fifth dimension and beyond, the Mind/Soul is free of sequence, for all reality occurs within the same ONE of the NOW.

This fifth dimensional reality is embedded inside your space/time reality, and it is called time/space. In this reality, time is no longer divided by space. Hence, there is no traveling. There is only calibration of consciousness. As you ascend beyond your third dimensional space/time, you “turn inside out.” In other words, the reality deep inside your Center Flow becomes the reality that surrounds your perceptions of SELF. At this point, time becomes NOW and space becomes HERE.

Therefore, all you need do to travel through time and space is to change your expectations of perceptions by calibrating your consciousness to a higher frequency of reality. Then, your reality will be that which you expect to perceive. Desire becomes extinct because everything you could want is instantly available. It is no longer “far away,” and you don’t have to “wait” to receive it. Hence, desire transmutes into expectation. One of the problems with newcomers to the fifth dimension is that they constantly shift realities as they get excited and “want” many different things within the same NOW. They eventually learn/remember to contain their excitement in order to hold their minds still and their hearts centered in the Flow.

We have gotten a bit off the track with our story, but we felt it best to impart some information so that you could more easily understand your experience of visiting a Fifth Dimensional Reality. In our last message, Opening Portals Part I, we set our expectations toward the reality of the Fifth Dimensional Reality of Zantarius in our Arcturian solar system. Please enjoy the following youtube to revisit your journey into the fifth dimension.

We Arcturians no longer lower our resonance below our Fifth Dimensional Reality, as we find it too uncomfortable. Therefore, we have great compassion for you who still wear a dense physical form in your Third Dimensional Reality. We also hold great compassion and unconditional love for all of our Arcturian Family who have volunteered to take an earth vessel on Gaia at this time to assist with Her ascension.

We ask you to take a moment to shake off the habit of your dense boundaries and expect to feel your glowing, emanating and mutable Lightbody. Look down to your feet, which you experience as overlapping and pointing down to serve as a “rudder” for your light vessel. Experience the flowing motion of your light-legs, as they move like the tail of a dolphin to navigate you through the fifth dimensional Flow. Look up your Lightbody to what was once your navel, second chakra, to find the point of your greatest flexibility. Take a moment to move your legs/tail from this area.

Move into what was once your solar plexus, third chakra, to experience your inner vortex of light. As you look into your heart chakra, you see that it has merged completely with your High Heart. Tune into your High Heart to feel the beautiful essence of every Being (some are not human) with whom you have taken this journey. Feel your great love radiating from your heart and follow the journey of this love as it moves upwards within your form, through your arms and out your hands. As you look at your hands, you see only huge bursts of light, emanating out into your environment.

Move your hands of light to what was once your throat chakra to activate and hear the tone of the signature frequency of your Lightbody. This signature frequency is your “name,” which is experienced as a dance of light and sound. As you focus on your Third Eye you can see this dance, as well as the wavering Lightbodies of those with whom you share this journey. Look now to see the multidimensional radiance of light and love that connects you to each other and the ONE via your Crown.

Take a moment to experience your SELF...
Feel how you float, flow and intermingle with each other...
Share your signature frequency of light and sound...
Accept and embrace this sharing from those around you...

Since the distance between light and light is zero, there is zero distance between you. In fact, the concept of “you” has become the concept of “us.” If there is no distance between, there is no separation, and there is no “you.” There is only “we.” Since you are now Lightbody, we will release the pronoun of “you,” and replace it with the constant “we” of the fifth dimension and beyond. Hence, “we” perceive the glow and sheen of the fifth dimension around “us.”

As we Flow through the group, we see the bright glow of myriad Lightbodies intermingling and overlapping. We feel their bright cores of individuality within our High Heart and see that core with our Third Eye. Taking a moment of our ever-present NOW, we merge with the Core of the many Lightbodies within our circle. Memories of myriad lives spent with friends and companions in alternate realities and inter-dimensional journeys fill us with unconditional love and expanded light. We deeply enjoy the unity and recognition of each unique SELF within the Unity of our ONE.

With the power of our expectation, we are instantly on the Fifth Dimensional Reality of Zantarius. ( We perceive our many Lightbodies as sparks of brightness in an ocean of light. Each bright core is individuated in its experiences and memories but is in constant contact with all the experiences and memories of the entire ocean.

As we move through the unconditional love and unity consciousness of Zantarius, we create images that comply with our expectations. These images are shared with the entire reality. Since we all have multidimensional cognition, emotions and perception, we can easily pull these images into the completeness of our ONE experience. Because we realize that our new ones may be having difficulty with this experience, we share our communal image to assist these new expressions of our SELF with the experience of being ONE.

We feel our new one’s struggle to embrace our resonance, and we send a wave of unconditional love through our group. Constantly the wave of unconditional love permeates our forms of light, expanding our resonance into the sixth dimension. Within the sixth dimension, we easily perceive the matrix for our reality much as our grounded earth vessels perceive the matrix of a hologram.

Instantly, we Flow through the stream of this matrix and into our seventh dimensional Oversoul. We support our new ones as we all commune with our greater Galactic Family of Light. We share our simultaneous experience of reunion, as we allow our new ones to perceive just their experience, for we feel their “overload” of stimuli. Because of this we now focus on YOU, meaning the individuation of YOU that you carried before visiting our world.

We support YOU as you commune with your Galactic Family of Light Beings from other planets, galaxies and dimensions. We encourage YOU to recognize and perhaps use your 3D language to write about the Galactic Members of your Oversoul with whom you are resonating...

We wish to remind YOU that an Oversoul. An Oversoul is the seventh dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF, as well as the Expanded Soul Family of your individuated Soul. This family encompasses many different species, planets, galaxies and dimensions. In other words, your Oversoul represents the greater YOU before you lowered your resonance from the Cosmic Consciousness of your Seventh Dimensional Oversoul into your sixth dimensional Galactic Consciousness, then your fifth dimensional Planetary Consciousness, then your fourth dimensional Collective Consciousness and, finally, into your third dimensional Individual Consciousness.

Beyond the Oversoul you no longer hold form, as you are pure consciousness. We see that we have taxed your earth-bound brains enough information, so we will conclude our journey. We will return to Zantarius again. As you download and integrate more of your Multidimensional Operating System into your biological computer/brain, you will be able to more easily release your habit of third dimensional thinking to more easily embrace a reality free of time, space and individuality. You can also return to Zantarius in your dreams and meditations.

Before we conclude our multidimensional journey we will take advantage of your expanded consciousness to take a short trip to fifth dimensional Earth. There are two versions we will visit. One version is the threshold of fifth dimensional Earth, in which humanity has just transmuted into the experience of unconditional love and complete unity. We will also visit mid-fifth dimensional Earth. To initiate our journey, we ask that you direct your intention to the same state of expectation that brought you to Zantarius. Then, when you expect to find yourself on the threshold of fifth dimensional Earth—you ARE!

At first, you may seem a bit disoriented by the instant transportation to another place. Therefore, take a moment to acclimate to your new surroundings. Blink your Third Eye a few times to clear your higher vision and open your High Heart to embrace this experience. Since this reality resonates to the frequency of the threshold of the fifth dimension, it differs from Zantarius. For example, everyone is holding forms similar to their earth vessel, but these forms glisten with light and waver with each thought and emotion.

Some people appear to be confused, as though they don’t know where they are or how they got here. On the other hand, some people appear to be very comfortable in this reality, as they have visited it many times in their dreams and imagination. The threshold of New Earth still maintains many of the illusions of the third/fourth dimension to assist the new arrivals in gradually accepting their new environment. Therefore, the members of this world are still dependent on technology, although it is vastly beyond that of the physical plane. For example, there are still cars, but they are anti-gravity cars operating with free energy. There are no wheels or need for polluting fuel.

At the very threshold there is still public transportation, but instead of a bus, train or airplane there are inter-planetary Portals. Therefore, a trip to the other side of the planet is just as quick as a trip to another part of your neighborhood. Replication devices, much like the replicators on Star Trek, create food. When you have completed your meal, you place leftovers, plates and table settings into the replicator to be dis-assembled into raw material for another creation. In fact, this reality has much of the same technology as Star Trek. There are Star Ships, transporters, long distance scanners, and communication devices that you wear on your clothing or implant into your body. Your body still appears much as it did when you where on the physical plane, but you all appear thin, healthy and ageless.

To travel into the mid-fifth dimension, you merely raise your resonance. Therefore, take a moment to inhale peace and exhale joy. With each inhale you center your awareness on the peace of your High Heart, and with each exhale you feel joy circulating through your form...

To assist you to ground this “alternate reality” into your everyday life, we guide you on this journey by intermingling this mid-fifth dimensional reality into the daily activities of your grounded expression of SELF.

As you stand in the line at the grocery store, imagine the fifth dimensional correlate in which you are sitting at a table with your family. As you give thanksgiving over your empty plate, you open your eyes to see the plate filled with food that appears to be glowing with light.
When you clear your third dimensional table to do you dishes, see the correlate mid-fifth dimensional life in which you give thanksgiving for a lovely meal and open your eyes to see the plates cleared and the table clean.
When you get in your car to go to work, take a moment to perceive the reality in which expect to be at the place in which you are offering your social service and open your eyes to see yourself there. Your friends with whom you offer this service merge with you in unconditional love when you materialize by their side.
When you sit down to pay your bills, imagine the freedom of knowing that there is no cost, for no one is paid with money. Instead, everyone is “paid” with joy and unconditional love. All services are given as a contribution to social health and welfare, and all products are materialized with your expectation.
As you walk through your neighborhood, see how each home glistens and glows with multidimensional light and unconditional love. See the verdant greenery and unusual plants and flowers that surround each home.
Feel how you KNOW every ONE in your neighborhood and can instantly communicate with them telepathically. However, you take a moment to empathically feel if they are choosing the illusion of privacy to pursue their illusion of personal endeavors. Everyone knows they are all ONE, yet many still have the habit of individuality and are free to engage in that experience whenever they choose.
You enjoy the old sensation of walking, but decide that it would be nice to fly. With that thought, your form of light lifts into the air and you soar above your neighborhood to see the beautiful nature surrounding the area.
You decide it would be wonderful to have the experience of being a tree, and instantly find yourself on the ground feeling your roots deep in the earth and the breeze moving through your leaves. You follow the breeze into the atmosphere and find that you are now formless. You enjoy the freedom from all form and soar through the sky like the wind.
As you look down, you see not just your neighborhood, but also the vast areas of land surrounding it. You ascend higher and higher until you can perceive the entire planet. New Earth is a sparkling jewel filled with peace and love.
As you slowly descend back into your body, you realize that it is not YOU. Your body is merely an envelope to contain your great Essence in a form. You wish to share your experience of planetary unity with the new arrivals, so you “go to work” on the threshold of New Earth.

Those of you who have been able to expand their consciousness enough to adapt to the mid-fifth dimension, often volunteer to work with those who are new to the fifth dimensional threshold. Many newcomers to multidimensional consciousness are very confused, even frightened. It is the frightened ones that need immediate attention, for if they are not immediately assisted their fear will lower their resonance back to the fourth dimension. Therefore, all newcomers enter through a smaller portal, which instantly monitors their level of fear. If there is any fear at all, a silent alarm is sounded for the “helpers” to instantly assist these new arrivals.

On the other hand, those of you who have familiarized yourselves with the mid-fifth dimension, immediately arrive at the destination, or destinations, that you have already chosen and prepared for in your meditations and inter-dimensional journeys. Some of you may go directly to mid-fifth dimensional Earth, whereas others may wish to go to your Homeworlds, such as fifth dimensional Zantarius. Still others may return to the Star Ship on which you have been serving in their higher dimensional expression. Others may wish to visit the Multidimensional Crystal Temples.

You may also choose to hold a form in the threshold reality, while you simultaneously hold a form in the mid-fifth dimension. In fact, in a Fifth Dimensional Reality you all maintain myriad versions of your SELF within the ONE of the NOW. Most important for you to realize is that YOU get to choose. You have created your ascension, and you will decide how it proceeds.

In closing, we would like to say that there are many parallel realities of Earth that resonate to different frequencies. The reality that you will perceive is the reality that matches the resonance of your consciousness. If your consciousness holds fear, it will be a lower frequency reality. Most importantly, if your consciousness resonates to unconditional love, you will have the choice of myriad higher dimensional worlds to experience.

Your shift of consciousness depends completely on whether you choose to hold onto fear or to maintain love. As we have frequently said, fear will lower your state of consciousness, whereas love will raise it. In order for you to choose a reality that resonates to the fifth dimension, you will need to choose to maintain a resonance of unconditional love. We understand how difficult that choice can be in your present life. On the other hand, the life in which you are receiving this message is one of great benefit to your Soul, for it is the reality of Planetary Ascension.

Of course, as this ascension processowHow continues, there will be many choices you will have to make regarding your mental and emotional reactions to all that is happening. In this “final act” of planetary ascension, the dark/fear may appear to be “winning,” but that possible reality only exists if you remain on the timeline/reality in which fear dictates your decisions. If you choose to ONLY make decisions based on love, you will ride the ascension wave above all fear-based realities. We understand how challenging these times are. Many of the aspects of your life that you once took for granted are now changing or leaving, likely forever.

Because of this urgency, we Arcturians are about to begin a very important transmission to assist you in moving into fifth dimensional Earth. When we say, “we are about to begin,” we mean that when the grounded one is ready to receive this message, the transmission will begin for that person. We Arcturians are not bound by space/time, as we resonate to the NOW of the ONE. Hence, our transmission is much like a radio station that is always transmitting, but you only receive it when you turn on your radio and calibrate it to our station/frequency. Therefore, whenever you can return to a high enough state of consciousness in which you can receive our station, even if it is only for a brief moment (remember we do not exist in time), or even while you are dreaming, you will receive our transmission of transformational energy.

The transforming energy that we are sending is going out on a constant beam for all those who can raise their resonance enough to “catch a ride.” This ride is much like your surfing. First you must go the ocean (take the time to be receptive), swim out into the water with your surfboard (meditate), pay close attention to the flow of the water (energy patterns), and then stand on your surfboard (find your balance), so that you can catch a ride. Your ride (Flowing within our energy) will last as long as you can maintain your balance. The balance that we speak of is the balance of staying within the center-point of your consciousness. This center-point is found in the core of your High Heart, which is where you can most easily accept our Flow of unconditional love.

When you receive our transmission, we ask that you stay aligned with our consciousness so that you can serve as an amplifier for the unconditional love that flows freely and constantly from the higher dimensional realities. We know that many of our grounded ones can become frightened by unconditional love, for it is so unknown to them, and humanity’s greatest fear is fear of the unknown. Nonetheless, we wish to give this service now, for when Earth is in it’s direct alignment with the Galactic Center in 2012, the force of this unconditional love will be greatly amplified! This intense flow of unconditional love could be frightening to those who have never experienced it.

An example of this fear of the unknown is swimming in the ocean waves. If you are accustomed to swimming in the ocean, it is a beautiful and glorious experience. The flow of the waves offers you more enjoyment for you have come to understand how it moves. On the other hand, if you have never seen the ocean, as millions have not, the thought of entering it could be upsetting.

All you need do to accept our gift is to call to us directly. You will best prepare your consciousness by Surrendering to the Knowing that we have a gift to share with you. Do not worry if we can see you, for even though you usually cannot perceive us, we see you clearly. Then, allow yourself to get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Breathe IN Peace and breathe OUT Calm. Do not “desire” our gift or put out any effort, just surrender and accept. By accepting our gift of unconditional love, not only will you gain a great healing, but your creativity will also be greatly amplified.

Unconditional Love is not only the healing force of the Universe. It is also the creative force of the Universe. Right NOW you are ALL creating (pregnant with) your multidimensional Lightbody. Since your Lightbody resonates beyond space and time, it is not the passage of time, but the amount of unconditional love you maintain in your consciousness that initiates the “birth” of your Lightbody. Just as a pregnant woman feeds the developing fetus with the food she takes into her body, YOU, males and females, are feeding your Lightbody fetus with the unconditional love you hold in your consciousness.

There is a spectrum of time that initiates the birth of the human fetus. In the same manner, there is a spectrum of unconditional love that signals the Lightbody to begin its emanation beyond the boundaries of its womb of your physical form. Once the emanation of your Lightbody overlaps the boundaries of your physical earth vessel, it gradually becomes your primary vessel. In the meantime, you have two bodies, your physical body and your Lightbody. Your human body perceives and experiences the Third Dimensional Reality, whereas your Lightbody perceives and intimately experiences the Fifth Dimensional Reality.

Another important benefit of the acceptance of our unconditional love is love is the antidote to fear, and unconditional love is the antidote to ALL fear. If you wish to have an image to more easily attune with our gift, visualize our consciousness as a Portal surrounding the Galactic Center. This Portal serves as a way station where you, our grounded ones, can receive the multidimensional light and unconditional love emanating from the Galactic Center.

Within this Portal, we will assist you to modulate and calibrate your energy to the resonance in which you can most easily open your High Heart to accept our gift of unconditional love. We ask that you ground this unconditional love into Gaia, so that She can amplify it with Her Earth body. In return, Gaia will send this amplified love to you so that you can project it out into your daily life. In this manner, you and Gaia serve as a team to open the High Hearts and expand the Lightbody of Her many beloved humans.

In Fact, we see your opening High Hearts and expanded Lightbodies.
In response, we send you an infinite Flow of unconditional love.
The Arcturians

As I bask inside the love
I surrender to the NOW
I don’t know what will happen
But my spirit tells me HOW
As I float among my memories
Of who I’ve been and why
I know I can release them
With a blessing and a sigh
All I’ve been and had and known
Are circling round my mind
I see now what I have looked for
What I’ve tried so hard to find
Surprising as it may be
I need to look no more
I’ve found my SELF at long last
I am deep within my core
This core, it now is glowing
And shines out into my life
I know if I can just relax
It will ease ALL of my strive
Working hard and suffering long
No longer wins the day
I’ve found this place inside me
Now, if I can only stay
Can I remember how I’m feeling
When I’m here so deep inside?
Can I be this ME in daily life?
Can I release my need to hide?
So long I’ve kept my secret
From those I feared would judge me
But, no longer can I trap my SELF
It is time to let ME be free
My secrets now are fading
With the memories of the past
As I become my SELF again
I am coming Home, at last!
So long I have awaited
For this moment of completeness
I hear, I see, I feel it
I can even taste its sweetness
If I can just remember
These sensations through my day
Not only will I know the HOW
I will also see the WAY

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"A musical interlude for all weary chelas, which reminds us all, of how the world continues it's great awakening, unto ascension.....;-)"
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