Matthew through Eve

7th april 2011


Yesterday I was upset about the latest stuff Suzy Ward put out with „Matthew". They even used the name of Hatonn for disinformation. Now, this morning, while I was driving it came back to my mind and I thought: Why does this Matthew not just look for a new channel, as Suzy obviously is not even aware that this „Matthew" from now is not kongruent any more to the original one.

Ok, obviously I had put out an invitation, as somebody came around knocking at my door, introducing himself as Matthew. My first reaction was: OMG OMG.... WHY ME! I felt a bit like Kibo ranting. Honestly, I tried all arguments to convince him I was not the right adress... just to finally agree to take this message. Matthew was very polite and he did not put pressure on me to take the message, but he told me Hatonn had recommended him to knock on my door (NOW THANK YOU, CM!) and he was not looking for a longterm transmitter, but for a person to take a „one time" message by him to clarify things.

When Matthew came through with his request for a transmission I was everything else than amused about. And I point out, I do NOT have any advantage by taking it. I'm not keen on messing around with anything, the prime results might be more public bashing upon my person, more blamings that I was greedy on power and bashing others, on judging and discrediting --- taking this message will not make my life easier,.... OF COURSE, it will not make my life easier .... but at least I'm not here to have an easy life, but to serve, and if there's truth to tell...I'm prepared to stand in for it. I have known about that BEFORE I took over this job, and I'm prepared to face the upset fanclub of Suzy. So be it.

sigh (as Kibo would say)

I guess I ranted quite a lot... in a manner of "WHY ME - I have a full time table can't you take anybody else? OMG OMG.... etc.

I have had about 24 hours of preparation time to take this message, and I have observed myself seeking for „still have to do's" in my garden and house, for searching a reason to delay. But Matthew is here and I promised him to take this message, so let's go ahead.



Good morning, dear folks, this is Matthew. I'm the one who originally worked with Suzy Ward, after I had passed away from my incarnation as her son. We had made an agreement on soul level to work for spreading the seed of light, and it went well for quite some time, while it also helped my mom to gain a new perspective of what is „beyond the veil".

I adressed Eve yesterday morning, while she was pondering about the latest message which had been put out by Suzy and I confirm, Eve was not amused about... me neither. Well, I really don't intend to ask her for a long time cooperation, this is not necessary any more, and I have - resulting from my commitment to serve - a full plate of other todo's anyway. I'm aware of the burden I put on her by doing this, and I would not have asked if I did not feel the necessity to clarify something of importance.

Before I start to talk about the core I want to ask all members of the „Matthew readers community" - which has grown considerably - and of course all other readers, too, to go into their heart and remain anchored in their divine aspects. Not all that glitters is gold, and not everything presented as truth is really a matter of fact.

I, whom you know as Matthew, speaking from my divine I AM presence, herewith have to publicly state - out of my heart which is filled with wearyness about - that the mission I started with Suzy Ward has been overtaken and corrupted quite some time ago. It's not important when this has exactly taken place, these matters are stealing in softly through the backdoors of the mind, mostly starting when the readership of a mission has reached a certain size. My former mom has been hinted on that, but she rejected the thought that something might be wrong. She even thought that our contact had become more intense, and so the mission derailed. She is certainly believing that she is spreading the truth, there is no bad intention in it. And I'm sorry to say that she is not the only one, many missions have been corrupted by the professionality of the thugs in all ways and possibilities of doing that. Most of you have only little ideas about the technologies which are being used to infiltrate the carriers of light with desinformation - and as you know so little, there is not enough discernment and protection and being careful. When a mission has been successful for a while, it's becoming very interesting for the thugs, mostly of CIA. It becomes worth of being infiltrated, as so many readers have built up a resonance with the celestial being and the transmitter, so there is a guarantee to reach and mislead many. I told you the thugs have absolutely developed professionality in doing this, they are practising a mix of real truth and false information - so that the false information can be validated by the content of real truth in the same piece.

From our side these happenings can be clearly observed, it's similar to a telephone connection which becomes more and more disturbed. The channel does increasingly understand less of what we give through, the message becomes overlayerd by the artificial impulses given by the technology of the thugs.

I tell you out of my today's perspective that there are not many missions left which have not been corrupted so far. AbundantHope is a mission which is under permanent control of the Celestials to avoid corruption, but of course this does not mean that there have not yet happened efforts to try. Christ Michael has personally recommended to go via a channel of AbundantHope, even if it can be foreseen that there will be big rejection of this message.

Walking the path of spiritual evolution does mean that you have to develop the courage to look at uncomfortable and tragic things, in order to learn. Many dedicated and good people of the light have invested incredible amounts of time and energy to translate and spread messages which they perceive as truth. Oh, dear ones, had you just developed half the professionality which the thugs have, for discerning the wheat from the chaff! All this time and energy is lost for the light, if you invest your energy to translate or spread the false flag information of the thugs.

With a saddened heart I have long been observing what has been done with Suzys mission, and it became more harmful to me, when the thugs brought the name of Hatonn into the game - which was of course directed against Christ Michaels second coming organization of AbundantHope. For me this discrediting of Christ Michael is even worse than seeing my own name being used for false information - so the urgency grew for me, to make a public statement.

Now, in Suzy's latest message there are two main points I have to correct.

1st is that it is in neither way true that HAARP has been used intentionally by the NWO folks to cause heavy earthquakes wherever they like. They would very much like you to believe that, because it supports the idea of world controlling power they would still like to have. Please be aware, dear ones, that their bud is burning already, and they are ready to use even the most ridicule things to spread confusion and to hold back the truth. There is even being spread, this Tsunami in Japan had not really taken place. (Well, travel there and check by yourselves!) They have been hitchhikers on the big earth changes events for a long time already, it was like that with the Haiti quake, too. The HAARP theory is being supported by spreading a lot of „documents" in the net, which are set up to „proove" that the quakes were no accident ... but remember, in the times of photoshopping being able to be professionaly done by nearly everybody - where do you take the certainty from to really believe these were true? In these days it's possible to fake everything, tables, photos, videos,... even the NASA does it on daily basis, they don't want you to see all the big ships around the sun, - these are the energy conductors of the universe which are „working with the sun" on the order of Christ Michael. In the recent time, it has nearly become „impossible" for the NASA to fake all these documents - so they have changed to stating their tools were „interrupted", not working - for several reasons.

So, here we go... the NASA is photoshopping the sun pictures, USGS is dimming down the size of the quakes... and then all this Haarp evidence should be free of fake? THE THUGS WANT YOU TO BELIEVE IT WAS HAARP, THEY WANT TO IMPRESS YOU WITH THE STATEMENT, THEY WERE ABLE TO CREATE ANY SHOCK AND AWE SCENARIO. - WHEREVER THEY LIKE.

Of course it's true that the thugs intended to send this planet „cross the Jordan river" in case they would not be successful with taking all of you over as slaves. Of course there was an intention in building so many nuclear plants on volcanic underground, in the pacific ring of fire. The thugs know about the coming things, of the magnetic pole reversal, they have built their nests underground to withdraw and let the ones like you die on the surface. They thought it would be nice to leave you to your destiny with the message „we have done that by Haarp - enjoy your experience".

Well, have a look on all the big quakes listed on your seismic schedules. If the big ones like Japan or Haiti were caused by Haarp, who caused the rest?

Now, folks, the earth is shape shifting and there's a connection to the sun activity, this has been proved by some of your scientists (which are of course being ridiculed publicly).. you can watch the CME's of the sun, you can watch your magnetosphere, and then you can watch the earth. THESE ARE THINGS YOU CAN DO BY YOURSELF, YOU DO NOT DEPEND ON CHANNELINGS CLAIMING IT HAS BEEN HAARP OR NIBIRU OR MICKEY MOUSE.


I'm very sorry that Suzy is now being used for spreading this theory, and I herewith state that this is not true.


2nd Libya. The thugs have put out by Suzy that the world was no more in need of dictators and that the revolution going on in Libya was a good thing. What is a dictator in your eyes? Yes, most of you are thinking about the information which is officially spread on WWII and this German dictator. And I tell you that among the NWO thugs there are ones which are much worse than anyone who has ever publicly been named a dictator. The thing going on in Libya is homemade by the thugs, „to bomb (a flourishing) land back to stoneage" (haven't we heard that also when they attacked the Iraq?) They want you to believe that Gaddafi is the Big Bad Dictator guy, to give you a good feeling of being right and defending freedom when all these states of the European Community and US are sending their jets there to drench the soil of Libya with the blood of the innocent! This is another false flag attack in the thugs-agenda of Sex, Crime and Warfare. This is an expression of their satanic matrix, and they are selling this to you in the mask of protecting the rights of humanity in this country.

This fits perfectly into your little world where you believe that up is up and down is down. The thugs are always trying to „get you" by your own tools. A part of them is dressing up in sheep coats, pointing on the other part of them appearing as wolves, - and after the show is over, all of them have a little satanic ritual to celebrate.

Well, dear ones, the earth changes and the presence of Christ Michael and his ground crew are already starting to make the curtain fall. Then, there is this event of the WAVE approaching, nobody will be spared.

Better you start to think all over a little more, training your discernment. This is now a moment where the most things have been said and done - now that I have said what I had to say you can never more claim you had not been hinted on that. There are the ones among you readers who anxiously want to be the good ones, but just talking about light and love does not bring them actually down from the fence. Also these still-on-the-fence-sitters will have to make up their mind - one fine day there will be no more fence to sit on.

What Suzy spreads under my name „Matthew" is not congruent with my person, with the original Matthew. I'm very grateful for this opportunity to express my concern - I think we owe straightness to Christ Michael, and it can be very destructive to remain in silence „just to be what many of you perceive as a „good lightworker" though knowing better, or to tolerate manipulated seed without giving hints.

I'm thankful with all my heart that there are still people of light standing in for what is a matter of fact, and what looks so totally different in the eyes of many than they were conditioned to believe. In Candace, you have an extraordinary leadership person - very uncompromising when it's her turn to spread the word - and I'm in awe, looking at what she does in her service.

I, too, state that I'm in service of Christ Michael, and I send heartfelt greetings to Suzy, praying her to think over what I have transmitted through Eve, I still honour your dedication, mom, you will have all available support once you awarely decide to get rid of the manipulators, you never walk alone! I'm still watching over you from beyond, as I have always done since I have left. I'm flooding you with the light of the celestial spheres, hoping for a happy end still.

And, thank you again, Eve, for letting me speak, for taking the risk being blamed and indicted.

I hug you all very dearly, I Am that I Am, Matthew.



Eve: Thank you Matthew, I apologize for being so resistant on the suggested cooperation, it was really a pleasure to take your message.

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  • John Jancar , how do you explain this:


  • We have to wait and see what Siuzi Ward have to say!
  • also talks about how there will be a mass evacuation, how ETs will come "rescue" light workers with a "lift off" while leaving the rest here to suffer and die as the "poles reverse" and the Earth goes through major cataclysms. No, sorry...that isn't how it will go down. I just know it. I caution people to not take this message seriously, sounds like disinformation meant to cause confusion.
  • I have to say, there just is something about this that does not resonate well with me. I'm not sure why, exactly, but it just doesn't. And that site, is not a site I take seriously, I've looked through it, and they have information there about Obama being of the New World Order, even being a clone with several Obamas running around, about how the uprisings in the Mid East are NWO generated, and all kinds of other things that just go against what I feel inside. So, sorry...the messages from Suzy Ward sit much better with me than this message.
  • Even though I am a little skeptical about the "truth" given, I can agree with him for the most part. The stuff he tells us about the satanic matrix is evidently true and David Icke says the same thing. David Icke is a revolutionary being that knows a great deal of the "truth" of this world. The control system, as David Icke calls it, has set us humans in a limited matrix where it was able to control us easily. The control system has allowed satanic manifestations to occur for its own advantage to enslave us all. The system does infact dress up as the sheep, but under the skin, it is most obviously a wolf. Fortunately, it's crumbling down now as humanity frees itself with the new flow of energy.


    "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"

    - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • This same issue Blog has come up twice on the same day posted by two different members?

    It is always good to read what Matthews has to say.



  • ......... hmmmmmmmmmmm..... ok.....



  • Yeah hmmm! Also Gaia Speak-Pepper Lewis say that this quake over Japan wasn`t caused by HAARP. Gaia herself should know this best, may i suggest ! lol.. NWO like to "talk big" about what they have done with HAARP. I suggest they have created some quakes and unusual weather during the last 2-3 years..


    Iliuka have said that the flood in Pakistan was created by HAARP, All construction together..


  • Hmm this is good and gives the same perspective I have, that Hatonn is B.S. and HAARP is not used for every little bump the earth has lol.  However I am always sceptical about "satanism" and such... my teaching is that in the land beyond duality there is no such thing as black and white and good vs evil... if we lost the dark we wouldn't have the light.  It's a larger perspective than the one offered here. 

    However I must say that most of the info seems pretty positive... I am very tired of negative fear mongering postings from supposedly Lighted beings who preach anger and hatred, this is much better, I think.  Cautious with out being fearful :)

This reply was deleted.

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