8108766653?profile=originalThe following is answer I channeled from Peter in response to questions asked by a reader in the comment section of "It's Go Time." I felt his reply could apply to many of us eager to find the same kind of answers, so I have decided to publish it as a blog. Here is Peter's response:

You all have been receiving upgrades in a slow, gentle manner while you sleep. The key to activating them is to activate the light body by moving up out of the lower fear vibrations. You’ll know you’re still in them when you catch yourself judging. Not discerning, but judging. Especially others. You will know when you’re operating from a higher vibration when you can look at EVERYone with love and feel love for everyone and everything. Yes, you will still be able to wisely discern between higher and lower vibrations. Anything that feels as if it is pulling you downward into the lower vibrations again can be rectified by sending love and light to it. Once you are able to stay in the higher vibrations for longer periods of time, you will notice your upgrades assisting you. You should no longer be operating from the head/mind. You must operate from the chest/heart. You must no longer think. You must FEEL. Doing so will fire up those upgrades and enable you to use more of your personal power. Everyone ascends at different rates because many still have lots of lower energies they must clear from their auras and chakras. Once you’re spending more time sending light and love than you are checking for “good news” on the Internet, you will being your ascension. At this point, many of you are still doubting your own abilities as light workers. Dear ones, you ARE the “good news.” You are the ones who accepted this assignment. You are not there on Earth for yourselves. You are there for the planet and everyone on it. You are there to bring the light, share the light and spread the light. Remember who you are and why you are there! It is not about just you. It is about ALL of us. Limit yourselves to one hour of check-in time. The rest of your free time should be spent raising your own vibrations and sharing and spreading the light. If that means you channel or do readings to help heal others, then that is what you do (in addition to your personal meditation and self work). If it means you teach others Yoga or heal people with Reiki energy or any of these things, then that is what you spend more of your time doing. Earth needs healing. Her people need healing. You are there to channel these healing energies. If it means you do it through song and dance or caregiving, then that is how you do it. To revise Gandhi, “Be the LIGHT you wish to see in the world.”

Now, as far as the “ploy by the cabal” goes, could you please expand on that, my brother? We wish to know exactly what you mean by this so we can help clear up any confusion or fear.

If you are speaking of folks like Kerry Cassidy and George Kasavalis who are saying that the GFL is planning to “harvest souls,” we assure you that no soul can be “harvested” (whatever that means) unless it CHOOSES such action. No one will ever be forced by the GFL or Ashtar Command to do anything he or she does not agree to. We are still not sure what “harvesting” means, and we do NOT believe in slavery. That is the very thing we are trying to help free you from, is it not? (If you’re still wondering, yes, it IS what we are going to free you from!)

Jen asked me today about the latest channels who are saying that ships will evacuate people from the planet. I told her, “Yes, in some cases, this may be true. For islanders in the middle of the ocean who have no hope of surviving if a tsunami hits, we will be there to assist. But no one will be forced to join us. If a being chooses to stay on an island in danger, then that is the choice of the soul. Every soul chooses when it wants to exit the body and become a light being again. We honor all of those decisions by each soul/light being. There is no need for sadness in this case. Ultimately, your light being chooses its own experiences and destiny. No light being or soul dies. They simply ‘choose a new model,’ so to speak. The body is a vehicle for the soul to experience life. Much like an automobile. When you’re done with the sports coupe, you may want to try out a sedan or truck. The freedom of choice is yours. And we honor ALL choices. Have no fear. Fear is just ridiculous at this point!”

The way we feel about Kerry and George is that they are not fully or truly remembering who they are or what they agreed to prior to incarnating. Once they ascend, they will remember, and the fear they currently cling to will all be “water under the bridge” as you say.

Now, to recap, no one will be forced to board ships. No souls will be “harvested.” This is not possible. Are there still “bad guys” out there? Yes. But they play in their own space, just as Earth beings have, and they learn their lessons just as you do. Can they come get you? Absolutely not. Are we going to make you promises of a wonderful new world? Yes. But it takes your participation to create it. If you choose not to, then you can stay in the lower vibrations. That is your choice. Look, Earth is not going anywhere. Ascension is energetic vibration. Beings do not need to leave your planet to ascend. Most of you can stay put. Those of you living near temperamental faults, volcanoes and low land near the sea coasts MAY need to evacuate at some point. You can go with us or you can go with your military rescue. Neither are going to harm you. Most of the people who were planning to harm you are now incapacitated. Those who are not yet incapacitated don’t have the power to harm you.

Let’s move away from this fear-based stuff now, shall we? It is time for you, as light workers, light warriors, wayshowers…by whatever name you resonate…to begin the LIGHT WORK. Please, let us commence, so we can begin this ascension process and avoid things like the need for evacuation. It is, after all, up to each and every one of you.

Obama IS of the light, and you will soon understand this to be true once the big secrets are revealed. Do know that NDAA was signed to basically arrest and detain those responsible for 9/11. The latest bill signed that gives Obama absolute power is for you protection against things like losing your property (if the government owns it and Obama has the power to administer a financial “reset,” then no lender can fight this, and your property will remain yours). He knows what he is doing. Try to see the brighter side of things once in a while. As I said before, you ARE, after all, LIGHT workers. Are you not?

Let’s go to work. All our love to you, always, with absolutely no ill intentions. Your brother, Peter.

PS: In answer to ... which areas to focus, Peter says: Do not what you feel you are best at, but that which brings you the most JOY. ;)

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  • I was almost enjoying this until 'O-bummer' came into it right at the end. I object to using this site as a political propaganda tool. YOU are not my brother Peter. I dont know who you are, but my guess is you are a fake and an infiltrator. Many will not like me for this but its my feeling and opinion and we are all entitled to that!

    I hope there are not too many gullible people that get sucked in by his deceitful words. ps. to you peter, i tell you that we are all of the light, but some just choose to visit the dark side. i know you know what i am talking about. betraying us is betraying yourself. meditate on that one! love 'n' light to the faithful ones. x

  • Thank you Peter.

  • Hi Gailene. I am bringing Peter through to answer some of your questions for you (these have been some of my questions, too). 

    Hello, Gailene. Peter here. The main reason you see so many conflicts between what channels say and what appears to be going on in your 3D reality is that there is darkness and deception still going on behind the scenes. Some channelers are jumping the gun and saying that (yes, for months now) the cabalists have all been rounded up and arrested. Not entirely true. Obviously. However, you're never being told the complete truth by ANY form of media. Not even the ones you believe to be reliable. Reason being, no one knows the entire truth at every given moment. Not everything is black and white. In fact, there is a lot of grey area, dear one. And things are constantly changing. This is the reason for the need for spirituality. Only light can bring truth. Only higher vibrations can bring light. We cannot bring you into these higher vibrations. You need to achieve them on your own. Which may be why some channels deliver good news that isn't entirely 100 percent factual yet. They do so to get your vibrations up. And, when you believe something to be true, that gives it power to manifest. This is why I refrain from making any kind of predictions. I, Peter, can never tell you WHEN something is going to happen. The WHEN is dependent upon the belief that something is true and the vibrations matching that belief. Just the other day, someone said "I want to believe, but..." and then listed off all the reasons why something just could not seem to be true, so therefore could not believe. This is what 3D minds still cannot comprehend. The BELIEF actually comes before the event. The BELIEF (your collective mind power) is what manifests the "truth" or the thing you want to happen. You still have too much duality going on at the moment to manifest what you, as a collective, truly want. It is the fearful folks who are holding you back. This is why we say "UNPLUG!!!" You will NEVER find the "truth" on your websites or televisions or in your newspapers. When you unplug and stop looking to debunk your very own wishes out of manifestation, THEN you will have the power to will it all into action. Stop following the media. Stop reading the channels! Go within your own hearts and manifest your own truth. Obama's of the light...no he's not...yes he is...no he's not...yes he is...STOP the MADNESS!!!! This is as ridiculous as pulling petals off of flowers saying "he loves me...he loves me not...he loves me...he loves me not." Umm...what do you WANT? Try this: he loves me...he loves me...he loves me...he loooooves me. Consistency is key here! You are fighting yourselves on just about everything. If you know something, then KNOW IT. Don't check the polls. Just OWN it. That is how you manifest. Now...what do you truly want? Make a decision, stick to it, unplug and will it into action by believing it. Stop allowing fear to drag you back down into the lower vibrations. Now, are you going to ascend or aren't you? THAT is entirely up to YOU, my dear ones. I don't know how to make this any more clear. It is all about energy, and that is what you all control. We can send you all kinds of light and love beams, but, ultimately, what you do with them is solely up to you. I truly hope this has helped answer some of your questions, doubts and fears. All my love and light to you. All the power you need is within each and every one of you. You are free to begin exercising it now! 3...2...1...GO!!!

    ~ Peter ~

  • I knew it!!! I just knew it somehow that Obama is not what many people say....he IS consious and he IS a  light being.....

    As for doing healing and things like them....well people here in Spain are simply so far behind everthing......its literally unbelievable....honestly....Nevermind.....i will leave soon....:-)

  • "Can they come get you? Absolutely not."

    I hope you are right Peter, since otherwise I can't complete my light work.

    There have been situations in the past that were near to ending badly for me.

    However I've survived surprisingly well - and I'd prefer to stay in this body for a little bit longer. :)

    Anyway I'm going to start soon with the next piece of the puzzle. Please help me to being able to finish it!

    I love you all!

  • Thank you Peter. Further guidance and love, eternity.

    Lovingly Serenity 

  • I agree with Gailene that we would be a fool to believe everything posted on these site. I for one except all of this post EXCEPT about Obama. HIs record has only showed the opposite. He Lied to become a ,lawyer, Senator and acting president , he has two names he was not born in the USA and his Father is from Kenya and his birth certificate is being published there for the world to see.As is the fake one he put up on the net. I put it up on this site but Ben took it down. Anyway his record shows has has started Wars, imposed health care and enacted laws to take away all rights and property of the people, including food and water. You say the Fema camps are for the Dark Cabal and he's going to give back to the people all he has taken, what about all the lives he was responsible for taking. I will see it when I see it.Adonai

  • This is so helpful. Thank you very much for this message.You have clarified much, and simplified much more. Aroha always for all.

  • I agree John :)

  • I wish Peter would channel more often, he's great!

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