Humanity on this world is under a great curse. In fact a number of different curses placed on them due to the severe abuse of power in the past. One such curse is the monetary system, which has become a deviously corrupt, diabolically ingenious scheme of debt, that controls the labour of the masses, in order to create massive wealth for a select few. The inevitability of the power of money straddles the mind of almost every living human being on the planet. The games of economists, bankers and financial institutions at their heart boil down to one thing. The Greed of human beings and their willingness to profit at the expense of their brother. The innocent idea of money as a means of facilitating the exchange of goods, is long since gone, replaced by an ingenious scheme of insatiable greed fueled by perpetual consumerism, fed by infinite debt, paid eternally by the exploitation of the labour of billions.

Now this might work out fine for you if you happen to be lucky enough to be born in a decent country, to a decent family and have a decent education. But woe is you if you happen to be born poor and lack higher education. Don't even think about being born in a second or third world country.

The monetary system does nothing to create a happy, satisfied, healthy and wise humanity. In fact quite the opposite. It creates massive inequality, where a few benefit at the expense of the vast majority. Yet the monetary system has an important role to play. It is a mirror reflecting back the disharmony and negativity within each individual.

This civilization has created a ironclad system where it is almost impossible to survive without money. The more money you have the more power you have to control the labour of others, (Get them to do things for you and make things for you) and accumulate property. As such the accumulation of money is the driving force of almost every human being on the planet.

All of this ignores at it's central issue, the right to happiness that every human being has. Anyone who thinks money is a way to happiness is sorely mistaken. Money may solve some problems and lead to self gratification that may be enjoyable for a while. But happiness is something else. Having said that, to a starving child, having enough money to buy 3 square meals a day must be bliss, right?

True wealth is not currency, diamonds or gold. True wealth is a peace with the universe as deep as the oceans and as vast as the stars. True wealth is an eternal wellspring of happiness overflowing within you ever new in an infinite variety of feelings. True wealth is a love that embraces all of time and space, that opens the door within time to the bliss of total cosmic freedom. True wealth is mental, emotional and physical harmony and health, that no amount of money can buy. True wealth is the treasures of knowledge and wisdom of our galaxy and universe which this human civilization at this time hasn't the faintest idea.

There is more than enough abundance for everyone on this planet to live comfortably. The problem is that the powers that control the resources of the world, do so with the absolute and ruthless objective of the domination of human labour to sustain the superiority of a select few over the masses. This is a crazy development which is utterly out of balance with the planet and laws of the universe. As such humanity suffers greatly. Your bankers, economists and stock brokers are the black magicians who have humanity under a spell of slavery, determined that none shall ever know what it means to be truly free.

The monetary system is as I said, a mirror of the human heart. It is the sad truth that a vast majority of people suffer from greed, superiority, and are willing to profit at the expense of another. Everyone wants to be the master, no one want to be the servant. This is one of the reasons why many spiritual paths often stress service and humility to deal with the human ego. Yet no one has to be an other's servant, we are all equal. All we have to do is recognize that we are all the same, we are all one family. The whole of humanity. To Love each other, not to exploit one another. This monetary system is like a Great Lord of Demons challenging the very heart of humanity, chained by it's own lack of love and compassion. It is only through Love for each other that this great demon can be destroyed.

This is a tall order, for the majority of humans, who have been divided and conquered by government, corporations and financial institutions, who have convinced them that their very lives depend on perpetuating the soulless greed of this system. Yet this is the illusion of master black magicians. A trick of smoke and mirrors to distract us from the essential truth. We are not separate. We are one. You are me and I am you. What is mine is yours. We are one, we are Love. Together we can wake up, stand up and throw away this diabolical scheme that has enslaved humanity. So we become free to live as children of joy and happiness in harmony with the planet and each other.

To those who complain that this is communism or Utopian nonsense. I say that what I speak of is as far beyond those things as the stars are beyond the Earth. That unless humanity creates justice and equality for all, the human race will perish in utter extinction. Unless humanity finds it in their heart to live in harmony with the planet, the very memory of them will be wiped off the face of the Earth forever.

Everyone on Earth deserves to be blessed. It is the desire of those who have great compassion and love for the human race, that a civilization arise on Earth that is in harmony with the planet and greater universe. As such the gifts and treasures of the spiritual as well as the material universe will be lavished on such a civilization. A place where the happiness of humankind is expressed in all it's fullness, as opposed to the incessant suffering of our current civilization. A place where Love is celebrated above all else. Where the blessing of heaven is in each touch. Where the song of the cosmos is in each heart. Where the dreams and wonders of this beautiful planet, Gaia, shine like tears in our eyes.

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  • Money money money! MONEY! hehehe... well its not my driving force... consumerism consciousness is so lame... Gaia Love Source - abundance consciousness rules. LOVE transcends All. Money is just dust in the wind to me.
  • Very True. We were lucky to get quality education subsidized by government. We are indebted to those poor who needed these limited resources badly and are living in poverty for generations. The current situation is not sustainable. What we need is solution , a way out from this vortex of greed.
  • Hi flashstorm, thank you very much for those words of truth and wisdom. You said that with such an energy of empowerment that i'll be emailing this to some people.
  • Very true, this truth is nothing anyone can ignore. We ALL think of this day to day, whether we know it or not, especially now..

      Great post, thank you.


      Love and Light your way.






    Even the joker knows wuts goin down!   hahaha

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