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  • OH how beautiful it is when forgiveness and apologies flow from the heart.. :D.. good job
  • And of course one does not just take people's words as truth, or at least you should not :) But that is of course not what it is about
  • 60+ years* even
  • Yes, Belzebuub is said to have been "in the light" two times and then consciously fallen. He got misled, as probably many is being and have been, so he awakened in darkness... I have heard that Samael Aun Weor wrote in a book about 60+ (or so) ago in a book that he was in the infra dimensions and saw Belzebuub. And that he had the tiniest part of him that cared for his friends. So Samael slowly started to get close to him and helped him... And so, Belzebuub once again started to awake "in light" so to say... So I have heard :) I have not read the book myself, but I think all of Samael Aun Weor's books are on the internet, or at least the ones that are said to be the most important ones. =)
  • Regarding your comment on my blog:

    Yes, I thought it could be a thing worth sharing. So that those searching for spiritual truth and knowledge could look into the works of Belzebuub. And perhaps Samael Aun Weor and Rabolu, even if it perhaps would be good to start off with Belzebuub's teachings, they are more "straight on" and telling what people need to do practically.




    Thanks for that, that is too funny (:


    LOVE (:

  • Hi Randude, my post with the ? got deleted.


    Please send me the pic that you posted there. I'd like to see it (:

  • thanks for th invite :) god bless you and may you be with love and light
  • Thanks dude:o)
  • Hello Ran,it's good to see you here.Stay blessed my friend.


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Will we run through the fields,through rainbows of rainbow flowers?The trees are so green,they show us Terra's great powers.How can we go on blind and asleep?I think of you throughout the hours.Show me the face you're hiding,under the moon we'll go…
Jan 17, 2012
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Pt.1Balancing on a tight rope,the world miles below me.Between the feet and ground,there's way too much space. I reach the side of a mountain,the rope shrinks to disappear.With my feet on land,I begin to walk the mountain. With no destination in…
Nov 22, 2011
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"If anyone is interested, I started a telegram group to organize live meditations and help discover soul memories. We also talk about news of the day in the paranormal, starseed, lightworker, ufo and conscious ascension subjects.…"
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Suffice it to say, that so long as there exists a gateway to Anexos from here, be it through their veil that holds us prisoner or some other means, I will do whatever it takes to end its influence. And that does and always will include fighting if I…
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This is what is referred to as the Anexos deep state mission. By transforming things from the negaverse into the posiverse, they were able to create their ultimate power structure. Shadow dimensions offered them the best way to create the framework…
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Anexos inhabitants do not understand emotion or spirit at all. They only hate home because it's isolated and they know everyone else in creation hates them because they'd try to isolate them. They don't realize that they only hate others because of…
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Some new soul memories have come to light regarding the existence of Earth (as a shadow dimension, one of many) within our universe.I take you through a journey regarding the nature and heart of the Orion war. What it means to the ascension process…
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I've been deeply unsettled by the way things are so isolated in this world, and am inviting you to participate in a plan that can, and has proven to work, in restoring our values of life to rights.I'm planning a couple of in focus events this…
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