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This article is one I've been asked to author, by and with the Samanet Sirians, in order to clarify various reasons, under cosmic law, for an ET direct intervention into Earth humanity's affairs, in all areas, including culture

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From GFL to New Japan

To New Goverment Japan
Blessing from GFL and Gallactic Family Earth

We are your brothers and sisters in Space
We have been with you for eons of times
Preparing for this wonderous moment

This is the New Start of Japan for Golden Age
You will experience temp

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There is a fundamental problem with this site, and most likely with other sites too, and the problem is simply the channelers. I do believe in channeling, I can somewhat channel and so can my sister. But the channelings here are not right. 

To put it

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8108809497?profile=originalPhotograph of Lightbody captured on digital camera just South of the Chicago Adler Planetarium last week

     When I was exploring the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) Homepage, I came across the images of what they called lightbodies of which they

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Roaring Lovely replied to Pet Rock's discussion ISISL IS BACK-Trump Stopped Them-Biden Regime Will Do Nothing
"Also, you are accusing Biden regime for 'not doing anything' and also for 'sending troops to Syria' all at once!"
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Ara replied to Sirian Starlight's discussion Humans, Lets Talk Love
"Without the purpose, love is not for everyone, especially when they can't relate to it atleast not in words, but action. Some become so irritated they close up and become a 'chinese wall', braking that is 'futile' ... ;)) maybe kindness is a better…"
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Roaring Lovely replied to Pet Rock's discussion ISISL IS BACK-Trump Stopped Them-Biden Regime Will Do Nothing
"ISIS had not gone anywhere. I think if you read or you will understand this; why ISIS seem back following Biden win and also why Iranian nuclear scientist was murdered following Biden win.

It comes from the way democrats differ…"
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