Selamat balik dratzo,


This article is one I've been asked to author, by and with the Samanet Sirians, in order to clarify various reasons, under cosmic law, for an ET direct intervention into Earth humanity's affairs, in all areas, including culture, politics, terraforming, science and economics, etc....As this state of play has deliberately been a long time in coming and the Galactic Federation of Light have been deliberately distanced from surface Earth cultural affairs, for centuries, until the heightened security alert of a possible 1980 nuclear war required direct GFL intervention and later, having passed that test, leading to east-west detente, a time came for a first contact initiative programme, in 1992...This ET intervention programme was permitted, under cosmic law, as changes to human DNA/RNA strands had been rapidly progressed in the 1980s and the third strand of DNA, in many, was beginning to activate and communicate with the other two strands...That biological fact alone, with the resultant increase in consciousness, warranted a divine timing for a first contact initiative by the GFL, which was also a time, when the cosmic star nation of prime responsibility for surface Earth's human development, was passing the official baton of responsibility for Sol, from the Plejares star nation, to the Sirian star nation...


Among the Samanet Sirians, you will find a massive will and passion to aid human spiritual advancement of surface earth, leading to a fully-fledged star nation and honoured member of the GFL...In contrast, a degree of scepticism had once been present among the Pleiadians that humanity would, or could, make that necessary leap in spiritual consciousness and when a former *Jschwjsch; named Ptaah (a Plejare,) passed his planetary baton of responsibility on to a new Jschwjsch, known as Vashtar, the stage was set for some rapid development fireworks, in human history....And as you have seen over these past two decades, many things have changed in the world, as we move ever closer to a successful first contact....Exactly two decades ago the Anunnaki ceased their former role as ancient "gods" and cruel surface Earth caretakers and instructed their human cabal minions to turn to the Light....All did, save one remaining and most stubborn cabal, we call the last "dark cabal," which is, in fact, Anglo-American in it's geographical basis of power, a London-Washington axis, albeit global in scope and based upon those Illuminoid families of the west, chiefly the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, with several other families serving that cause of dark resistance to the Lighted plan...


*A Lyran title adopted across humanoid GFL star nations, which means; "King of Wisdom" and is pronounced "ish-wish." Females are known as "Jschrjsch," albeit, they still remain "kings," much as queens of ancient Egypt adopted the kingly mantle and official position of pharaoh.

Note that the Lyrans are prime humanoid ET members of the GFL and are genetically related to Earth people, as well as the Sirians and Pleiadians...Indeed, the first cosmic humanoids that arrived on Earth were actually Lyrans. Noting, that the Lyrans explored, settled and colonised Venus and Mars, before the Earth.


So these four historical events, though mostly hidden from the general public, have been momentous in cosmos and have provided spirit with a very real opportunity to change the course of earth human history, from one of darkness and slavery, to one of full-consciousness and freedom. Let me summarise the four pivotol events for you, again:


1) Humanity had safely passed the final historical test, leading to planetary advancement, following a peak in the potentialities for full-scale nuclear war, being halted.... So that in the 1980s, humanity had learned lessons and seriously become aware of the need to prevent a full-scale nuclear war and instead work towards peaceful co-operation between nations and an end to dangerous cold war nuclear brinkmanship, which threatened the survival of the biosphere.


2) Changes to human RNA/DNA, causing an active third strand development and setting the scene for mass ascension. Earth scientists were so alarmed, they held secret and urgent international conferences, leading to more comprehensive investigations into said genetic changes, throughout the 1980s...Mutation was viewed as potentially devastating to the population. That "junk" DNA was alive and active, caused alarm among geneticists, forcing them to research more fully, what they had prior assumed, in error.


3) A mandated change of GFL star nation responsibility for earth's spiritual advancement, in the1990s, from one star nation, at the time, habitually sedentary, to another, much more proactive.


4) A change of policy by former dark offworld overlords, seeking a new dispensation for earth and drastically reversing what they had once vehemently adhered to, since the fall of surface humanity into limited consciousness. This policy change was brought about by the agreed 1994 peace treaty of Anchara and an end to millennia of cosmic wars, between the Galactic Federation of Light and the dark Anchara Alliance....


Now, we have observed several members on ACC suggesting that ET intervention is against the "prime directive of the Federation" and that Humans on Earth must sort out their own affairs, without any form of assistance from cosmos...We must beg to differ, as certainly, one does not lay a policy on the basis of a fictional television serial known as "Star Trek." Some may confuse the two, but we do not. There are certain mitigating circumstances that permit direct ET intervention here on earth.


The REAL Galactic Federation has a very special interest in Earth people and a vast compassion....Moreover, so to does Lord Surea, the Galactic Logos, and his superior, Prime Creator.....So the idea that this limited conciousness experiment is one to be suffered idefinitely and with no hope of "legal" aid, nor due process of law, is misplaced....There is a law and it is spritual and has been wisely selected with long-suffering humanity in mind....A compassion that humanity deserves, in spite of apparent dark resistance....The collective whole seeks a forward movement and that is what the Sirian star nation has long supported and more so than any other GFL star nation...That the human race deserves a better and fairer outcome, than to be enslaved and kept prisoner, within this matrix hologramme, called physical "reality," forever...

Thus at extremely high spiritual levels in cosmos, and on surface humanity's behalf, it has been declared that the LAW OF DIVINE GRACE be adhered to, with regards to this world...


Now this is significant and has not always been the policy, but due to mitigating circumstances, is deemed most appropriate and necessary....And you may ask us, what is it that makes such an invocation, necessary...?? And we would suggest that humanity cries out for justice, peace and freedom......And wielding the Sirian planetary baton of responsibility for earth, have permitted the prospect of a mass ascension, for all earth humans on surface earth....Indeed a planetary ascension, which the Planetary Logos himself/herself has sought. You all know the name, it is Sanat Kumara, who sits upon the throne, surrounded by the six kumaras, or buddhas, one of which, is focussed upon humanity and hierarchy...

So, the invocation is made by several earthly and heavenly tiers, which authorises the application of divine grace, for a struggling and pained humanity..


Now what are the mitigating circumstances we spoke of, earlier...?? They are simply put in the context of an extremely successful dark campaign, which has achieved a most bizarre situation, in which a potential star nation is prevented from achieving full membership of the GFL, on the grounds that it's use of technology, remains primitive.... albeit, designed to be so by the very dark cabal, that has long sought to maintain it's stranglehold over the human race....Those former minions of the Anunnaki, themselves. And we speak of the alternative technologies, that have been discovered and then rapidly suppressed, on several occasions of scientific rediscovery, over the decades....That alternative pole to combustion, entropy and death....The life force some call prana, or vril.....Aetheric energy technology, the very same that powers vimana craft and once did on earth, in ancient times, and again during the Nazi era, but suppressed from public benefit, by the western elites, for decades, as considered a threat to the concept of financial debt maintainance....For, energy extracted directly from the aether, without the need for a grid, cannot be charged...Profit cannot be made by the corporate ptb, thus the control system of the cabal prevented the public from gleaning the benefits of clean energy....The current pollution we see on earth, is the result.


Another great crime that was committed against humanity, was the suppression of all knowledge of the ET reality.....And like ET technology, all potential benefit that could be gleaned by humans, from access to cosmic cultural exchanges, was denied. The elites sought to retain all for themselves and keep the majority in the dark...A very great attack on human development, stunting the spiritual growth of generations, over decades....


So truly, the cabal had achieved and still does, among many, if not all, an artificial backwardness, over the peoples of surface earth....Uneducated, unaware, unprepared and enslaved in subtle, and sometimess less subtle ways....Denied the chance to ascend in naturally required guardian numbers, which normally would have occurred, if the removal of such dark distractions had been successfully achieved, earlier. Freewill has been allowed and the plan recognises the grand suppression of it by the dark and would now stand to change the game to one of divine grace, as would the master chess player, himself.


Now, to rectify this darkly and artificially contrived, machaevellian situation, the just reversal must be a rapid catch-up for the human race, a rapid evolutionary journey, back to a state that would be just and fair, under spiritual law.....A return to opportunity for genuine growth and eventual mass ascension....


So divine grace demands a mass ascension and that requires the use of off-world technologies, as for millennia, the dark offworlders maintained the situation that stunted human growth potential and were only challenged successfully by the four factors that we have listed above...


And so, we have placed a project before you, for consideration, named first contact, that culminates in a mass ascension of human beings, in accord with the grace of heaven, which has permitted the use of ET technolgies to reverse the spiritual injustices, that for far too long, have been present under the dark's iron grip...


There are several ET technologies that will transform this world for the better and when released to the public, will be most welcome....Chief among these are long-suppressed Atlantean technologies, as well as those developed in the 20th century by the Illuminoids themselves, including the researches of Tesla, Shauberger, Searle, et al....


Following the released of de-restricted categories of exotic technologies, access to those of the GFL itself, will be permitted, after official first contact and these are of an even higher order...


So some explanations have been provided as to why it is that cosmos and the local spiritual hierachy, have permitted the application of divine grace, upon the human race of earth...You will see that far from being "undeserving sinners," as the dark have long taught you, you are loved and cherished by a just and noble cosmic order, which seeks human advancement, beyond the constraints of limited consciousness and into your true responsibilities of planetary guardianship, that equality with your cosmic kin, affords...


To attain a just status, we (the GFL) have been permitted to share with humanity a device long held in greatest esteem among those of a true spiritual appreciation and hinted upon in the annals of earth history, as a way in which "pharaohs may be transformed into gods," or as we prefer to see it (as Sirians make no claims to be gods,) a technological method by which an artifically repressed limited consciousness peoples and beloved fellows, may attain a just status, unfairly kept from them, namely the real status of full-consiousness, by which we are fully expressed in potential, as spiritual beings in physicality...And the means to it, under the law of divine grace, is the use of combined Agarthan and Sirian organic technology, we call mono-calilbrated Light Chambers....aka, a "tailor made" chrystal chrysalis cocoon, by which each individual human "catterpillar," transforms into the most beaufiful of super-human "butterflies"...A just conclusion to what has been a dark state of natural play and one that needs to be urgently rectified by the GFL, as per the divine mandate of Lord Surea. So we act under divine orders and not on the basis of some criminally irresponsible scheme, noting that many past readers seem to equate Light Chambers with "gas chambers." But please remember, that in the time of the notorious gas chamber, humanity was subject to the destroyer ray and the Shamballa impact....An impact that ended in 1945, in spite of the arrival of atomic energy and the atom bomb, at it's conclusion....and the hydrogen weapons that followed, but were not used in anger, in spite of the efforts to do so, by a minority, among the elites.

Mankind does need the help of those who are more advanced, in spiritual terms...Yet, in the hope of a rapid catch-up. We are family...... we are all one with cosmos and part of Surea's body galactic.


Alone, and without the aid of those Ascended Masters upon the path of Earth service, along with their space kin, humanity would face a bleak prospect, indeed....Each Ascended Master to date, has overcome such a limited state and returned to full-consciousness, but the great mass of humanity, has been contained....Much as fish in a dark net, when some single sprats may leap successfully to freedom, the fact of the matter is, this state is not something heaven can allow for ever...A mass ascension is demanded now and the plan is for it to be accomplished in stages, following a change of governance, planetary cleanup, new fiscal order, new technologies and a first contact, with mass education programme...


Be ready to see the signs, as they are not far off, now.....Keep alert, attuned with the higher self and keep positive....Do not allow the dark to drag you into negativity....Do not accept the dross and discard the true wisdom....The Light awaits you all, at the end of a long tunnel, a long journey and soujourn....Open your hearts to cosmos, for that is where destiny beckons....


With much love and respect, we bid you a bon voyage...





Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for "be blessed in the love and joy of spirit...!")


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)

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  • sirius considers great britain to be'tarshish' going way back to tyre, sidon and king nebuchadnezzar and prophet we have a divine mission and mandate for these end times.............

  • this is making waves on youtube.......l cannot be here on acc much, now, as working for the 'lions of tarshish,' a secret sacred society, making my terrestial nation one with heavenly planning.......

  • thanks to family of light on youtube, for posting this.......timing is divine right vid is getting much interest.


  • much is happening now to the control grid unheard of a decade chin up, friend jose......they are pulling all stops in desparation.....


  • honestly I DO NOT SEE ANY CHANGE ................. hello friend DREKX  OMEGA --

  • family of light, feel free to place this on youtube...........

  • Also, regarding the sacred nine...Note that in sacred geomancy, all precession numbers geomance to nine..

    So for earth, we have one degree of precession arc, expressed as one degree, or 72 years, or 7+2=9

    an age of precession is 30 degrees of arc, or (72 X 30) 2160 years, 2+1+6=9

    a Platonic age is 12 ages in total, which is 2160 X 12, or 25,920 years, 2+5+9+2=18, 1+8=9

    a precession half cycle is 6 ages, which is 2160 X 6 or 12,960 years (Leo to Aquarius) 1+2+9+6=18, 1+8=9

    a precession quarter cycle is 3 ages, which is 2160 X 3 or 6,480 years (Taurus to Pisces) 6+4+8=18, 1+8=9

    Noting that human civilisation is officially considered, incorrectly, as commencing in the age of Taurus the bull..This period followed the great deluge, in which earth was restored to civilisation, in such places as Sumer and Egypt. Circa 4000 BC...Thus an important precession marker on the long count calendar.




  • Yes, that nine...It is so perfect Lisa and Charlotte....Square root of nine is three.....Our triad symbolism...Perfect...Nine has always been a lucky number, throughout my lives...


  • Drekx see the number she has.... Charlotte interested in your meaning of your I have been having a certain dream that drekx is very much aware of....much love my sister and loving hubnuy.

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