From GFL to New Japan

To New Goverment Japan
Blessing from GFL and Gallactic Family Earth

We are your brothers and sisters in Space
We have been with you for eons of times
Preparing for this wonderous moment

This is the New Start of Japan for Golden Age
You will experience temporary chaos for sometime
But it is only the Initiation ceremony to leap to New Japan

This paradigm Shift includes Politiccal Economical system, Medical Care,Education, and all aspects of your Civilization.

You will also experience quantum Spiritual  leap
To transform into Gallatic Human

We are to land on Earth to assist this Assencion
So we wish you to contact Ameican Government
To make Offiscilal Disclosure all over the World

All Llight workers World have been woeking for this Momentous Time
They will help Disclosure accepted smoothly

Also we wish you to prepare for  Official Contact with us
GFLJ will help you to begin this reunion of Space Family

Gallactic Federation of Light Japan
Shigeru Furuya

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  • Very Good I Am Happy For My Brother And Sisters In Japan

  • pretty white blond haired people from outer space with all the answers to the willing followers, deny all negativity present in reality's existence and rely on superior aliens from outer space to make everything all better. sorry, i say no to this, to me they're alien invaders seeking a wilfully controlled population too lazy to do things themselves through natural and inovative means. unless et beings show up and merely offer sound advice and make public some of the deceptions/supressed technology/truth and give insight on how we can rule ourselves as soverein beings learning from past mistakes, then no, i dont wish for alien contact, this all relates to the introduction of the nwo, and the negative et's eventual open standing as rulers. out of the chaos of a defeated illuminotti and people only half way woken up and still conditioned for a need to be led by a goverment, the ufos will descend and pick up where the international bankers, business elites, and iluminotti members left off. its all one group. ever find it strange all the depictions of the pretty helpful aliens are white blond types? lemee ask another question, what human physical apearance did hitler think was superior? ponder that one. i am in no favor of et intervention, and i suggest people think about everything before just jumping into something cuz it sounds nice, its like eating a berry in the woods cuz it looks tasty, do research and get an understanding of it, the berry may be poisonous, that reality people.

  • Japan has now a new government? If yes, wheree I can find more information about it?

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