Lightworkers are Not Candy Dispensers - The New Age Trap

You are all learning that processed sugar is an addictive substance and that it is damaging - even poisonous in its effects on the human body. It feeds any number of viral diseases, cancer and inflammation, and it creates an imbalance in the glucose balance, commonly leading to diabetes and other deadly diseases.

If you had known when your children were born that the substances in processed foods, including baby formula, contained deadly poison, would you have fed it to them, creating life-long addictions and health problems? Would you have eaten these products yourself?

Now, let us carry the analogy to the New Age sayings, philosophy and teachings that have held sway over the spiritual community since the 1960's. The conditions before the rise of the Flower Child were dark. The secret government was taking hold behind the scenes, plotting assassinations and economic disasters in the move to take over all political and social systems. It was becoming obvious in the U.S. that the Vietnam war was a corrupt, unjustified fiasco, and the population as a whole was feeling the damage as their wounded warriors and flag-draped caskets came home by the thousands.

Like other dark periods in history, a new religion took hold in the spiritual community. It took root, for the first time in mass consciousness, that God loves his children, that we are souls who incarnate on Earth, and that Light and Love are the fundamental energies of Life. This was a tremendous step toward laying the path to Ascension, by helping many to rise out of the nihilistic "God is Dead, and We're Alone in the Universe" philosophy.

And so, the simple and optimistic belief system of the "New Age" became a popular rallying cry. It went something like this: "Everyone is beautiful. God loves you just as you are. There is good in everyone; you just need to accept them and allow their light to shine. Forgive others for all damage done to you and you will be blessed with not having to feel the corrosive and debilitating emotion, anger. So-and-So really loves you, s/he just doesn't know how to show it. Love others and it will come back to you tenfold. We are all God's children, all deserving of Love."

It was a great relief from the threatening, guilt-producing rigid rule-bound teachings of traditional religions, and it went a long way toward opening hearts and minds to encourage attitudes of tolerance, peace between people and nations, and resistance to material enslavement to the status quo. Hippies knew how to make love, not war.

There was a problem with the way the philosophy was applied, however. Drugs entered the scene as an integral part of the rebellion against traditional values, which were associated with hard work, suits, 9 to 5, and sobriety. It was an unfortunate turn toward taking pride in being "irresponsible" by former standards. The genuine rebellion against control by dark forces was co-oped and derailed by the dark side itself.

The drug culture took a toll on mental and physical health, and continues to threaten the well-being and safety of many young people. Marijuana was promoted as the safe and fun "recreational drug," and was made available through the CIA and other dark underground arms of secret control, along with cocaine, heroin and other deadly substances. The drug trade has continued to fund the cabal's black ops operations across the globe, and those whose lifestyle included drug use were lulled into blindness about their own complicity in turning over their lives and their minds to support the cabal.

Only recently, the New Age has regained its traction and begun again, this time with a genuine emphasis on environmental and health issues. The resurgence of the idea that all people are good and beautiful carries with it a serious flaw, however. It does not teach us how to defend ourselves against the dark ones - the fairly large percentage of psychopaths and damaged abusers who have been so successful at taking advantage of modern-day flower children. Lightworkers are famous for being the victims of all kinds of family and relationship abuse, and struggle to apply the forgiveness principle, while injuries remain unhealed and confusion reigns.

What is wrong with this picture? We have been taught that being loving and kind is the opposite of protecting yourself, because to decide someone is destructive to you or downright dark would be judgmental and bad. We are then left with no way to extract ourselves from painful relationships, and no acceptable way of understanding why people do bad things or hurt others. The fallback explanation becomes colored with sugar-coated ideas about how the abusive person can't help it, or doesn't mean it, or is not aware of what they are doing (because it is unconscious, and therefore not under their control).

What a dead-end trap! You are damned if you see clearly, and damned if you don't. Either way, you are encouraged to drop your natural inclination to be repelled by ordinary bad behavior in others, and see it rather as a small deviation from their better, inner loving self (which may show itself rarely or never at all). Because everyone is beautiful, inside.

Intuitively, it does seem true that everyone has a beautiful center somewhere underneath even the most toxic anger, arrogance, and coldness. We know in our hearts that God loves us, regardless. Are we not trying to live that way too? Don't we not need to learn unconditional love and forgiveness in order to ascend?

Well, yes, but that is not the whole story, is it? Must we blind ourselves completely in order to deny what is right in full view of everyone - that there are many around us who are anything but loving and kind. What are we to do if they are in our lives, and they cause us terrible pain? How do we forgive and go on as if nothing happened?

There is much confusion in the Lightworker community about what freedom really means, what rights the individual still has, and what unconditional Love really looks like in practice.

There really is a way out of this dilemma. That is to recognize it is not possible for a fully-functioning person to simply forgive and forget and welcome the abuser back into their life. It is not only emotionally impossible, it is exceedingly impractical and foolhardy. Abusers make lousy partners, in any capacity.

A few simple realizations allow you to remain intelligent, perceptive, and loving of your Self, while protecting your precious Self from harm, and the disorienting imbalance that results when you put yourself at the mercy of unfriendly others.

1. Souls are beautiful, but childhood training and cultural abuses often leave actual persons, in their human bodies and brains, with unexamined residues of anger, feelings of superiority, resentment and paranoia. These are decidedly un-beautiful and sometimes dangerous qualities.

2. You are not responsible for loving everyone in the world into being a nice person, especially not those who see your sweetness as weakness. Sometimes you will have to keep a safe distance to save your own life. Send love from afar, but don't bring them home to dinner.

3. Seeing darkness where it exists does not make you judgmental. It is the normal use of your God-given intelligence: good judgment. "Judgmental" means arrogant and condescending, so don't do that, but when you leave it behind, don't leave your common sense with it. God sees darkness for what it is and does not encourage or excuse it. It is what it is, and we will all hold ourselves responsible, under God's benevolent eyes, when we do our review, whether it is now or later. Taking responsibility is the same as holding others responsible when you acknowledge we are all equal.

4. Taking the attitude that you "forgive everybody" is a superior position. They are abusive and unrepentant, but you are angelic.

5. Denial is not forgiveness. Refusing to hold someone responsible for the abuse they have inflicted is not forgiveness - it is fear, and blindness. Only after you have acknowledged just how painful the experiences were to you - usually to the innocent child you were - and you have held the abuser responsible, stopped the abuse completely, removed the cause of the pain from your life, and helped the child/victim to heal by understanding it was not their fault, only then should you consider forgiveness. Only then is it real.

Of course, there is an inverse relationship to these truths. Not all Lightworkers are victims. Some are passive-aggressive, because of their lifelong suppression of normal anger. This sort of bad behavior (notice I didn't say bad soul, or bad heart, just bad behavior) is often excused as "freedom of speech" or "expressing an honest opinion."

Thus, vicious verbal attacks can be redefined as "expressing true feelings," disrespect and rudeness are to be tolerated and indulged, because after all, everyone has the right to express their inner beautiful self, even if it hurts you or annoys you or robs you of your peace. It's just your opinion. Since everyone is entitled to their own perspective, everything is relative.

In this world of blindly sugar-coated "unconditional love and forgiveness," not only is there is no right or wrong, there is not even any measure of what would constitute decent treatment, fairness, justice, or finally, truth. Is it any wonder so many people are feeling confused, at sea, and victimized? Does it not strike you that these so-called "New Age" teachings are a perfect tool to suppress our normal, innate tendency to rebel against oppression and other bad treatment?

Lightworkers are not candy dispensers. These over-simplified ideas are as toxic as the hidden high-fructose corn syrup in our foods, and as sophisticated as any black-ops brainwashing tool. Give up your judgment, and you will go to Heaven??? Who will benefit from your naiveté? Certainly not you.

Let us instead embrace our rich sensory abilities, our intuition and our inner knowing. We always know when something hurts, and we are entitled to say "ouch" and put a stop to the abuse when someone misuses us. Children learn to recognize injustice by the time they are three. Why should we have given all this up in order to pretend we cannot see darkness in ourselves or others?

How were we convinced that there is something awful about believing our own intuition and acting on it - those of us who are the most intuitive on the planet? What sort of world will we create if we cannot stand up for what we believe in, because all we believe in is avoiding the supposedly unholy response of anger, even if it is only momentary?

How will we know the difference between love and abuse if we don't use our radar and believe in it? How will we protect ourselves if we never disapprove of anything, and we are not willing to remove anything or anyone from our lives for fear of appearing "judgmental?"

This, Dear Ones, is a diet of cotton candy, coated in syrup, an invitation to perpetuate darkness and abuse. It is not loving. It is mindless. Rise up! Raise your vibration out of this quagmire of sugar-coated lies and feel the pure joy and freedom that comes with clear Vision. There is nothing you can't look at now that you are an adult. Your heart is big enough to encompass everything that is, not just the rainbows and flowers. You are born sturdy and loving, but love does not require blindness; just the opposite. You cannot truly love if you pretend you don't see the person you are supposedly loving.

It is time now for us to claim our brilliance. Being free to protect yourself and others from a position of real power and intelligence creates the space in which genuine love can blossom. Standing up for what you truly believe in - justice, fairness and truth - and manifesting it in your own life leaves you energized, inspired and fulfilled. This is the perfect culture to nurture and sustain unconditional love. Forgiveness comes more easily when you are not feeling oppressed. Be fearless and uncompromising in your integrity. This is the recipe for a truly happy life. It is also the path to Ascension.

Kathryn E. May, PsyD, October 26, 2014, 3 pm, New York

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