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Hi, I am BenArion and i created in 2006...I just wanted to share a "story" with you all, that i read a few years ago  It´s a great reminder...

"I had big, strange, deep dream with Ben-Arion Involved...

Hello everyone,
I had so interesting, vivid, and deep dream several hours ago where I woke up from it. I am going to describe every details in it as much as I can. If any of you have any questions about this dream, let me know and if any of you had similar dream as mine, please share them here!

What happened in dream is that I was in a big room which looked like school classroom. I did not pay too much to the details on the room around me except for teacher and students, including me.

Way we communicated was through our mind/intentions along with talking. I can't even read lip much in this life while being deaf and yet in dream, I am able to understand him clearly as I was 'listening' to him through our expressing of thought/intentions.

He was much taller in my dream than he was shown in picture and he was telling us that he is going to show us something important, especially for me. He addressed me as my own higher self name. The room around me seem like white+tan colors and the desk with chair we all were sitting was all dark wooden with tan seats with some silver metal holding it.

There was green chalkboard on front of us, Ben was drawing something related to how our inner affects our outer reality. I was looking at Ben and I looked around us, noticed that some people were taking notes while other were talking with each other, discussing about what Ben is showing us. For some of reasons,

I don't know why but I decided to stand up and I looked at window that caught my attention. Whole class and Ben followed me as I went outside of classroom and building. I noticed that this young lady standing on the hill, fairly far from building. This lady looked like different than us. She had very light skin like northern Europe sorta, with silver white hair, along with ocean blue eye. She smiled at me and she was manifesting a purely chaotic, very violent massive, huge tornado.

this Tornado was so powerful that it was sucking up the building, destroying everything on the path and this Tornado is about several miles away from us coming toward us... Several students went on panicking and several of us had to calm them down.

Ben came to me and put hand on my shoulder and said "Remember to stay centered within you. Your heart, your manifesting can change this too, and right now this represents of the chaotic world you are living in right now. Tornado was keep approaching us rapidly and I was little bit shaky. I decided to stop looking at Tornado but look within me, with very strong intention, I was 'seeing' a different place that I would like to see... and everything were changing, shifting into that place exactly. All students looked surprised, even this lady who made tornado.

Everyone was walking on green grass while the white 'snow' flakes were falling on us. And at the same time, I was seeing large planet orbiting across the sky, along with lot of stars and several suns showing up at the same time.

There was ocean in front of me that is like mirror, reflecting what is shown on the sky. I was walking on the hill and noticed I got a phone I could start taking picture. But then something was wrong, this phone came out different shapes and color... I went to Ben along with other students standing by him looking at the nice scenes. I showed him my phone and to my surprise, phone kept changing again and it won't even let me take pictures.

I was telling these people "I truly want to take picture of this beautiful place and share it with people I care about!" Ben came ot me and said to me "You can always re-capture the moments from within you. All of things that we hold dear and treasure to us is within us. All is connected everywhere as you already have known. You share others with what you love through your heart, so no worries. 

Then something was wrong, I felt a fear... Black figures was capturing everyone from within even mine.. Ben started to tell me "This is your struggle within you, you must face it!". I was sucked back into building, right into that classroom I was in. I saw black figure entities were sitting in all classroom, even Ben's main chair. I went after one of that black entity and i was fighting with it.

I didn't know why but I was automatically reacting violently to it and fight and fight, it kept grabbing me and the fight was.... Endless... Until the moment I started to 'realize' that as long I fight the negative, negative will never stop until I learn how to let go of negative and forgive myself for holding the fears... dislike... hatred.. despite... doubts.. all related to fears and negatives that was holding within me...

When I started forgiving myself, letting go of negative.. That is when negative starts to dissolve, especially when one was taking over me and I saw all faces that looked like me. The faces of me was staring at me with violent eyes... I realized it was just me all along that was fighting and hurting myself through my own hardship life I had endured through my life. One of them wanted a judgement, punishment of world... One of them wanted to hurt everyone who have done great harms to me. Other wanted to shut out the world.. Other want (insert the blank that is related to fear).

I embraced it all and sent my heart and told them that I (all pieces of me) had to endure this pain to clear the karma of my all lives, especially so that I am able to understand the pain of other people in the world. If we have never gone through the pain, Then how can we learn from what it mean to live a precious life... We can create a greatest moment in our life, why? Because we learned from pain and with it, we understand how precious the peaceful, abundant, happiness, joyful life is... If we forgive it all, we become even greater, more powerful within me! And all black entities just faded away as all turned into pure energy and merges back to me.

Ben and the class came in and gave me applause as Ben came in. And I told them "At first I fought with them but then I came to self realize of what I was doing and then all dissolves." Ben replied to me telling me "Exactly, that is what we are going through right now in the world... We are forgiving the negative, merging with all pieces of ourselves, and creating the greater world within us together, as team! You are not only one who is going through this, everyone is going through same thing! And you passed your own class today and share it with people of the lesson you realized in yourself.

Everything faded away and I woke up from it, as if I just finished a class in my dream... That was so vivid and yet very interesting dream!"

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Comment by sandra (Ranma´s Soulmate) on October 5, 2020 at 7:25pm

I think that Alexander Ben-Arion is a Eagle of Ashtar Command. Love always find a Way of understanding, even if i did not really understand anything he migth said in all the Videos. Thank You for your sharing thoughts Alexander Ben-Arion.Sounds almost as if Alexander Ben-Arion is Jesus Christ in the dream and who knows how much of Jesus Christ is also alive in Alexander Ben-Arion?

Comment by amparo alvarez on June 1, 2020 at 4:28am

I never give any personal information and I always use my P.O. Box for business...

Comment by amparo alvarez on June 1, 2020 at 4:25am

He is a lightworker now and he was guided to find me by the Ascended Masters...It was something he needed to do...

Comment by Valana on June 1, 2020 at 4:19am

That is so interesting, Amparo.  I hope you are careful not to give him your address.  These dreams so make me want to write some of the dreams I've had that were so very vivid and real.  Val teaches that if a dream is very vivid and in present time and one is their self and the dream does not fade quickly it is probably a real happening on a higher level.  Some of my dreams from fifty years ago I remember in detail that were with Val.

He also teaches if one is someone else in the dream and knows the other people but does not know them in this current lifetime... then it is probably a past life experiences where one is some other identity.... and if the dream is a crazy one that is definitely symbolic but makes no sense, it is the subconscious giving one a message and one must figure out the symbology for oneself...not use a dream book as different meanings are attached to the same symbols due to the past experience of the person..for instance, a snake may be a signal of danger to most but to a rare snake collector it could be a direction to a rare snake he is looking for... but all dreams have meaning... we may remember a past life experience because there is a karmic debt we need to be aware of in order to try to make it right as your past life enemy, Amparo.... Past life memeories surface for a reason.  This dream has truly awakened the desire to write about some of my vivid dreams and experiences in the Academy Night Classes.  Thank you so much for this dream and also Amparo....Valana

Comment by amparo alvarez on June 1, 2020 at 1:07am

I want to share that in one of my past lives I was murdered and I know this because the person re-incarnated in this life and connected with me and asked me for forgiveness and I told him that he did not do anything to me and he said: Please just say that you forgive me, so I did...He channels Ascended Masters so he knew of his karma and most likely saw what he did or he was told and he knew how to find me...He insisted that I opened messenger so we could connect...It seems I was a shaman Indian woman in the northern territories between Canada and the USA...twice in two different lives...There are so many interesting things for us to learn and not all of them are needed to be known but this one past life I was made aware of by the person that terminated my life then...I also put this together since I was having a very intense pain in my side underneath the chest area and I asked Archangel Michael to subside this pain somehow...I could not breathe...So by the time I got home the pain was gone...But it came back a couple of weeks later so I was not healed of the emotional/etherical wound...then St. Germaine told me what I needed to do before going to sleep...I followed the steps and when I woke up the next morning the pain was gone...It never came back...I thank him for I was so grateful...The pain was very sharp and did not allow me to breathe well...I hope you enjoyed by story...Blessings

Comment by amparo alvarez on June 1, 2020 at 12:56am

Allowing is all we need do...We had a guy here last week on Monday the 25th and he murdered one or two people, he was on the run from Connecticut and came here exactly to the same Plaza were I was working at...People were so afraid because this guy was right behind the building walking on the train tracks carrying machine guns...The military were looking for him and were also armed...I did not panic at all, on the contrary I told the ladies that were talking to me that the only thing we could do was to send him Love, so I did...and I prayed that he would not kill anyone else...I knew we were safe...I just knew this...Later he stole a car and drove from Pennsylvania, where I am, all the way to Maryland 200 miles away and when he got there he gave him self up to the police...I was so happy that no further violence ensued... I try to always stay in balance and to trust that all is in Divine order...This was reality but the lesson is the same...We always do much better when we trust and stay in balance...I also meditate every single day and surround myself with different rays for protection...Since I have been doing it I am in so much Peace...Thank you for sharing your dream...Blessings Ben

Comment by Valana on May 31, 2020 at 10:50am

This is a very educational experience for the readers. The Ancient Wisdom of Israel teaches there are sixty parts to the individual, fifty-nine of which leave the body shell at deep sleep (Delta brain wave) level.  Vivid and detailed dreams such as this one are not mere imaginary fantasy but reality on higher realms of existence.

TThe Lords of the Color Rays have Etheric Schools in the Etheric Plane of Planet Earth and those advanced enough to benefit are taken in their sleep state.  The "night classes" are also given on the larger ships of the advanced Aliens in our solar system.  Val and I have written about the classes in the past and how to ask to attend on this site years ago.

I have a son and granddaughter than also attended the Night Academy on Val's ship in the past with stories similar to yours.  Also,those of the planet that are advanced spiritually often become teachers of the classes.  It is my opinion this was an actual class taught by Ben, who is, in my belief, an advanced and awakened Earthian.  This "dream" was a great example of some of the experiences that take place in the classes.  Val used the hologram to achieve some teaching effects, similar to some of the events above.  He no longer teaches as he doesn't have the time but I graduated from his Night Academy in the 1970's.  

This is a very good example of what is done in the Etheric classes while those ready for higher learning sleep.  Thank you so much for posting this wonderful lesson from the Night Classes of the Masters.  I also see that the one who wrote this graduated to a higher spiritual status..congratulations!



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