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November 16, 2018

Many people will have opinions on what path you should be walking. There may be times when you do not trust yourself and feel the need ask others their thoughts while disregarding your own. You may receive very strong direction from The Universe and choose to second guess yourself. This is a part of being human! (Smiling) It takes practice to be able to hear and understand those messages. Embrace the fact that each of you has your own way of deciphering. One way is not better than the other and no one carries ‘exclusive’ information. The best thing to do is listen to your heart, it will always show you what is perfect for you! ~ Creator

November 15 at 10:26 AM

Stepping forward into the unknown can be fear-inducing. The primal part of human may kick in, making it challenging to move forward. “What is out there? Will it hurt me? Am I safe?” are very valid questions. One of the things you must remember; The Universe is by your side every step of the way. Your entire world is moving forward in a way that has never happened before and it is time to step forward with it. Take a deep breath…..and go! ~ Creator

November 14 at 10:40 AM

If you find yourself being ‘cast out’ because you choose to voice your opinions, feelings and thoughts, do not let it bother you. Some may feel you are spreading negativity. You may have people in your circle that look to you to be the bright light you have always been to them, therefore, it is your ‘job’ to quell the flames, do the opposite of what you are feeling in the moment…keep it quiet, keep it private, do not let anyone know. Does that sound familiar?!

Yet another gentle reminder; it is important to express negative emotions so you can get back to the good ones. The Universe does not bemoan this. It is a release, it can be necessary and you may not be able to fully recognize your light without also acknowledging the dark. The important part is to move through the moment and do not let it linger! Respect each of your emotions and feelings regardless of how they present themselves. This is one of the reasons you chose to be human…to express yourself! ~ Creator

November 12 at 10:04 AM

Take a deep breath….now release. And another….and release. You have stepped into another brief resting phase before the next shift arrives, so take full advantage. Take care of your body, be mindful of your self-care…you will need it. Rest, feed yourself nourishing foods and spend time in nature. This will help you cleanse the residual energies from the previous changes and renew your body for the next. It may feel as if the path is getting steeper and, in some ways, it is. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, just know The Universe has your back. You were born with the strength to do this and you can! ~ Creator

November 11 at 1:09 PM

This may be something you already know; you have ownership over every single aspect of your life. Your thoughts, actions, reactions, emotions,your drive, love, your ambition, your compassion and empathy…they are yours! You determine which path to choose and walk, you have control over when/where to stay and when enough is enough. This gift, these amazing choices are yours! Making others responsible for your life and feelings is handing over your power with nary a whimper.

You are being reminded that it is time to step up and into your new role in this great shift of consciousness…this is something only you can do! Even though you may not feel it from those around you, the unwavering support and Unconditional Love of The Universe is always there. The only thing holding you back is you! Your new state of be-ing is waiting, are you ready? ~ Creator

November 10, 1:58 PM

What you are witnessing now is the beginning of the end. The end of the ‘old power’…the strong controlling the weak, the hierarchy making decisions for and suppressing the masses. Your light and your efforts have not gone unnoticed, dearest one. The current shift is moving your Earth plane (including your beautiful Mother) toward a more balanced and loving energy. This is why it is so important to focus on and stay in your positive thoughts and actions. It may seem as if chaos reigns, however, the undercurrent of light continues to swell and grow with each passing day. Walk your path….walk it with transparency and integrity. Very soon, your diligence will be realized. ~ Creator

November 9 at 10:52 AM

It is time for listening! The Universe is inviting gently inviting you to quiet yourself and really listen. There is a great deal of information coming in now that will assist you in your future 
no fear, dearest one, you will make it through just as you always have…with dignity and a deeper respect for human kind. ~ Creator

November 8 at 12:12 PM

As you take those first, tentative steps into your new world…remember to keep breathing! There may be things to distract you; unpleasant things happening and harsh words being thrown. But, my dearest one, these are only distractions. You must remember to keep your focus on what lies in front of you! There is great light, encompassing peace and immeasurable joy coming straight at you as you move toward it. You, as a human holding part of the Divine Spark within, knows this. Keep paying attention to the small, still voice within that says, “You have, you can, you will!” ~ Creator

November 7 at 10:13 AM

There is one phrase you do not hear often enough...


The things you have been through, the choices you have made (both good and not so good), the changes, the growth and learning are amazing!

There were times when you have wanted to give up but, you kept on moving forward.

There have been emotions that tore you down to bare bones but, you moved through them and embraced your new self on the other side.

You have been stopped dead in your tracks by surprises and unexpected things but, you kept going.

The Universe is proud of you and the progress you have made! Keep ascending my beautiful and wonderful child, the peace and joy you have been longing for is just around the corner...and you deserve it! ~ Creator

November 6 at 10:27 AM

Dearest one, there will be times you make mistakes and false assumptions. There will be times when a not-so-kind thing may come out of your mouth or you may become angry at silly little things. This is all part of being human. The difference between those that suffer a chronically negative attitude and ones that do not is forgiveness! In the process of doing your work and clearing what you need to clear, a lot of emphasis is placed on forgiving but, how often do you include yourself in that scenario? Today, you are being asked for practice a little self-forgiveness. It is okay to start small and, when the time is right for you, work your way up to the bigger things. You are here to learn and this is truly a huge part of it. The more you practice, the easier it will become…especially with The Universe right beside you, lending a loving hand. ~ Creator

November 5 at 12:25 PM

To positively and correctly manifest, forward and upward action is required. There need not be giant leaps in any direction….baby steps will do. Leave the rest to The Universe, it has already been taken care of for you. ~ Creator

November 4, at 1:15 PM

People are going to think what they think, do what they do and keep their dearest and/or most devastating thoughts to themselves until they feel safe enough to express. The most obvious and the most missed key to all of it; there is nothing you, as an individual, can do about it. It is a part of letting those you care for the most walk their own path in their own way. That, dear child, is Unconditional Love. ~ Creator

November 3 at 12:54 PM

In your world some have been attempting to feed fear and use vulnerability as a ‘weapon’. The Universe is here to tell you, this is not how things works. (Smiling) It is imperative to remember you have the power to change it if you so choose because you possess two of the most powerful gifts ever; your honesty and integrity! Honesty helps you see through/past fear into what will be and integrity will assist you in staying your path.

You are unlike anyone that has ever existed before, you have a purpose and you are loved beyond measure. ~ Creator

November 2 at 11:52 AM

Two of the most powerful words you will utter are, “I am”. Any feeling, action or reaction, both negative and positive, can follow those words and shape your world. Think about it… (Smiling) What phrases popped into your mind at the moment you read this? During this time, The Universe is asking what “I am” you are using in your life. Do you use these two very small words to empower yourself or use them to keep yourself exactly where you are?

Here is a bit of homework for you…every time you think of “I am” listen to what your conscious mind puts after it! During this part of the massive shift, your reality is very malleable. It is time to begin shaping a world you will be comfortable with and proud to be a part. Creator

November 1, at 10:29 AM

During this next phase, it may feel as if you are walking on a slippery surface. You know there are things you need to do to keep your footing but, shifting realities can be a distraction. This is where your knowledge of the The Universe thus far will come into play. Rather than attempting to control every single situation, ask for and give Unconditional Love a chance to help you maintain your balance and peace. You have been learning and practicing for years…now it is time to put that growth to work! The world needs your bright light to continue moving forward. Allow it to shine and know you are contributing to the greater good! ~ Creator

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