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Whilst walking in the heavenly morn upon a beach at break of dawn I thought to myself of many things and one of these ideas you’re evidently meant to hear.( or hit the back button J )


I trust you will think for yourself!


There’s a whole lot of talk about global warming. The sea levels are alleged to be rising by virtue of the melting polar ice. It’s said that we’ll be swallowed up, drowned in water, paper money and fear.




What if the earth is a living soul! Our mother is evolving-transforming. If such is so then we the children must move with her. Moreover she will not leave us behind.


We and she are inextricably linked! Her transformation and ours is the same thing. I say see through the erstwhile would like to be controllers with their chemtrails that warm weather and their media ownership.


It’s perhaps as though the clowns of control seek to influence our thinking to slow and or stop mother earth’s movement towards a necessary ice age revolution by making the children of the planet( us ) feel fear and agree with their desiccated and desiccating lies that stand in the way of our loving mother’s truth. The father sun is perhaps distressed by this sufficiently as to send out flares of solar fury.


Affirmation: I refuse the deleterious effects of mainstream moneyed media. I neither trust nor care for their discursive manipulations. I honour my largest mind that is revealed in my heart and in my mother’s love. I AM FILLED WITH TRUSTFUL JOY: AALLSENTIENTLIFEINLOVE( as distinct to amen. lol) J

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Comment by hunter on January 23, 2012 at 6:28pm

@ lewis. im sure NERC does see deep into the ocean. and the endeaour is ultimately and ideally heading in the right direction since it is based in wonder and curiosity.

 i note that the physicists with their maths seem to be knocking on the mystic door. ie , i was speaking with a professorial type about gravity( his field)  and his conclusions match mine. he said( paraphrased)" we dont understand how it can work. our exploration increasingly suggests the assertion that it is a godly miracle that refuses all the rules linear logic suggests"

the points i made are

1 science is stuck in a "third dimension" empirical examination of the physical world. no matter how deep they delve into the ocean( and truly they'e only gone to the relatively shallow physical layer!) theyre still operating with a linear logic that is informed by the layer of alleged reality already can see/measure/theorise about a glass of water but that fails to reveal the depth, connectivity and complexity of the life force embedded in it. if you still see water as an object you cant see any more than that and so miss a larger oppportunity. ( ill spare us all further critic of the fundamentalist discourse that is science) and 2. NERC is an hilarious acronym   ( and to me point two is the most important bit ) :)

as for the media. i have a mate who speaks to his boy each day after school and asks him what he learnt. then they deconstruct that "truth" he s teaching his boy to think critically . to questoion all he's told is a fact.

again to paraphrase( its about 5 am here sleepy me) a german folk song. my words give me power , my thoughts freely flower. no one can deny.

as for the media. think for yourself. the only power they have is the power you give them. the internet enables imagination and community. i watch the news and i used to get upset. now i use it as an opportunity to pray love towars the victims and the perpetrators. i like the news better now. best not to hide from the mainstream reality. it is here! now.



Comment by Alfred on January 23, 2012 at 3:05pm

Eve can do all they want with devices like weather control..or earthquake devices to blame  guilty to something else..but never them..

That it is old stuff to me..

Comment by Frieda on January 23, 2012 at 2:33pm

What I think about it : climate change is as old as the earth is ! We don't know yet the patterns of the changing neither the possible consequences for mankind. There are a lot of theories but wich one has the truth?  We are only at the very beginning of this science. I do fully agree with Hunter : don't let yourself get frightened looking and hearing about what will happen ! have a good laugh with it....The media is still based on keeping fear alive , keeping you away from inner peace and ....knowledge that you can create  yourself for the future what you want... !?

We should be aware of the function of the media and how this is used to disinforme us, to keep us depending , addicted to our consumer-life and in a victime-status.


And for my time given on this earth, I hope to stay in the only moment of thruth and that is be here and now...enjoy the little things, enjoy the people around you. Tomorrow is a fiction, something created by the mind, worrying about tomorrow is a missed chance to live today !

 You can  visualize every day  that you are (now!) in this bright new world, with all people loving eachother as one, everything is transparant and there is a lot of joy and laughing...if we do this with al enlightening people ....woooaw

It gives a better feeling than fearing about  disasters, no ? Well that's alraedy better for the heart and body to isn't it? :))  

Comment by Lewis on January 23, 2012 at 10:44am

I dont know about that, NERC do understand the ocean, pretty well actually. Also understanding the ocean and ocean sediment is important to understanding climate. 

Yet you're correct too science does pretend to be and do alot! My lecturers think they're god I sometimes think.... 

Comment by hunter on January 20, 2012 at 8:21pm

NERC's might not know the depth of the ocean that is the mother mind :)

 they are re-searching for the truth that is mystic. looking outside making their hieuristic asessments sound like statements of factual discovery. science tends to do that: pretend to comprehend

i feel the warming is obviously true but that it is a last blast of summer before the cooler resting seasons come

hallalu jah


Comment by Lewis on January 20, 2012 at 5:38pm

Im a student at the National Oceanography Centre of Southampton which is also the UK's base for NERC - Natural Environment Research Council.

Climate change IS happening and it is not a conspiracy  However If data from Earth is cross referenced with data from NASA and JPL, other planets on the solar system are also warming up. 

This is due to solar and astrological factors, poorly understood in the civilian realm.  

Comment by Pet Rock on January 20, 2012 at 5:18pm

Don't for get about CME's from the sun. We had two big one in late Dec. and early Jan.  We have no snow so far this year in the low lying areas of the American Mid Atlantic -last year at this time there was two feet in some areas.

Comment by hunter on January 20, 2012 at 1:50am

I quite enjoy zombie movies :)

i reckon they support the discharge of fear ( and embarrassment/shame in th comedy ones) in an environment that is definitively pretend. horror movies are only scary if youre scared of being scared prefering instead to bottle it up :)

the GW thing is different in that  its presented as a fact unfolding and impossible to stop even if you pay and pay. and if you dont pay you must feel shame.

thats nasty!

Comment by turtles on January 20, 2012 at 12:02am

You know the main stream media and the collective consensus produces horror movies. I was reading that in a book and I love it, it is important to unplug from mainstream consensus, because all it shows are horror movies. I was thinking that even if it was a lie, could we collectively bring it into existence because of the hysteria, but regardless if it makes people become more aware of the earth and their impact then I say that is good. If it makes people think about the greater good then I think that is good. If it makes people give a damn than that is good, but feeding into fear is not great.....


You know mother earth is alive, and it will shift and change and always adapt, we might die out but the earth will live on....and other forms of life as well.

Comment by evonne. on January 19, 2012 at 11:36pm

dear L E,very true with your comment,but as far as the dark hats are concerned,there agenda on global warming was just another ploy,to squeeze more money,instill more control,and fear into the populations of mother earth.the earth is a living entity,and goes thru cyclic evolution of re-newal,imagine if we,in our physical bodies did not bathe ourselves from day one of our birth,or cleanse it, PHEW!!!!!! not a nice smell,lol,and as you said,the solar activity will peak on 2012-2013,(dear hunter,good post,) blessings eve.


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