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  • Hunter, i just got your email :) thank you so much for the great words :D

    This silly site wont let me reply to your email...!! - so i leave a comment here instead on ya page;) yes you should get notified if you dont, dont worry i will send you a good link later on :) have fun my friend!


  • Hey Hunter...yea you're right...I can see you're right. I need to not do that lol I did let Ed have the last word....he's just confused, that's all. I need to understand that it's not me people are judging really, it's their image of me. It's not actually I should stop taking it so personally lol But thanks for taking the time to write to understand what you're saying.

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  • Dear Hunter,

    Thank you so much for the friendship.

    I like to have another friend from "Down-under"!


    Love, light and laughter,

    Your friend Meindert.

  • thank you Hunter Love Bob

  • You know...I'm not as tough as I look lol I'm actually pretty thin. You're probably physically tougher than me lol I have a tough spirit though, so I guess that makes up for it. And I'm not really a hippie either...I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't have sex lol Well not in a while at least. I am...I don't know what I am lol I'm everything and about that.

    What about you, what are you, to you?

  • Well I just posted what I thought of the discussion thus far on the thread. I suppose what I have gotten out of this is that I am learning that "New Age" can be just as inflexible in their beliefs as people of the abrahamic religions. I have encountered about as much resistance from this group as others in trying to get them to take a step outside their world views. 

  • Hi Hunter, hope all is well with you ?? 

    Lots of Love

    Sammy. :D

  • Hi Hunter, glad to know you :)

  • Feeling the same way here.... Happy to be friends....!!! Much much love.....:)

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THIS IS TWO SHORT COLUMNS THAT RUN TOGETHERPERHAPS ITS OF NOTE THAT THIS IS IN A MAINSTREAM MURDOCH NEWSPAPER...THE CHANGE IS UNFOLDING!PART1There's an idea out there that suggests we're on the cusp of a new golden age. I intend to add to that…
Mar 12, 2014
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Six little old love storiesSix little old love stories make for good life advice.“Tell me a love story” I implored. With tiny tears whelming in his eyes and a small shiver of emotion in his voice he recounted how they met. As he pictured that…
Feb 18, 2014
hunter replied to hunter's discussion YOU ARE PSYCHIC
Oct 24, 2013
hunter posted a discussion
I assert that you are psychic. For those who're prepared to countenance this statement I have some practical suggestions.In our culture the notion of psychic abilities is weighed down by great negativity. From a religious perspective it's often…
Oct 22, 2013

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"Joe Biden has been caught using a cheat sheet that…"
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"The Elohim are the ultimate space faring race....The race of the devic kingdom....They serve the divine edicts of Logoic beings, of the Heavenly councils....They are responsible for the body of creation, itself...Just as, on a microcosmic scale, the…"
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"See here in this T.V. Show they are use this Doll wich look a littelbit like a Elohim. It's not a Gray, they are diffrent."
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𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 commented on Universal Lighthouse's blog post Finally We Know The Truth! Ancient Bible Reveals Information That Could Change Everything!
"The Elohim are, according to my information, a race from another planet, yes. They are intimate with God, who is called in space by almost all races, the giver of all life. It is possible that the Reptilians have rewritten the current Bible in some…"
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"Interestingly, the more the post WW2 financial order tries to clamp down on "disobedient" nations, using sanctions, the less credibility that tyrannical "order" possesses...It is at the end of it's latest cycle, which was 1971-2021....It now seeks…"
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Please Subscribe to The 5th Kind Aliens in the Bible - True Translations Ep 1 Elohim. GOD - Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino. For hundreds and thousands of years people around the world have turned to the Bible for information about God. Two scholars…
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                                                                                                                    CHAPTER-VIn the tropical slopes of the Sierra Nevada, on the shores from the "Caribbean Sea", lived austerely with a certain very…
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