I ask all humans now to give their permission for the GFL to cut into main stream TV media and broadcast (LIVE) on all TV’s and all channel’s all over the planet at the same time to inform the human race of Mother Earth of their help in the arrests that are taking place of the DARK CABAL. With highly advanced technologie I am sure the GFL would have no trouble or problems doing so. This to me would WAKE the entire human race and allow things to happen much faster as it is badly needed to do so. ONLY THE TRUTH WILL SET THE HUMAN RACE FREE. GIVE YOUR PERMISSION NOW FOR THE TRUTH TO BE BROADCAST LIVE.



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  • Sure! let's make it a party!

  • I'm supporting this approach, too! It was indeed simple to realize for the GFL and incredible effective at the same time!

  • My permission is granted as well.  I am looking forward to it.


    Rhonda aka Rhiannon

  • Alaje Full Lenght Video.

  • Permission granted. Please start right away.

  • I give my permission for the GFOL with divine order, love and light and for all concerned to announce to the world all truths to be revealed. ASAP....namasta!

  • It is our time for great changes, we have been suffering for too long now.  We have to change now with great changes going on here now, especially with our 'graduation day' of Ascension day at December 21th 2012 coming up.  We can't wait any longer and we need to be in this together through great changes.  So I give my full permission to Galactic Federation for this.  We are too exhausted and wearily of old world and we want to start with great changes with LOVE!  And yes it will hit people hard when they broadcast information but it HAD to be done to 'wake up' people.  By time it settles down and when people 'realize' the truth out there, it release so much fears out of people of Earth and we shall start working together like never before for the better world!  I know the feeling, I have been living with so much fears through my life and I grew so TIRED of it.  And now I have been learning how to live with LOVE and letting go of fear and at same time, realizing the truth of how reality around is merely illusion created by our conscious where our thought and emotions creates our realities.  Anyway, I am so ready to be part of these that helps Earth with great changes.

  • go on guys ... go on galactic ... do something for the 3D understanding .... you say you do so much around the planet whitch is wonderfull but its hidden from 3D understanding.  do something that people can see hear understand ...

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