Beloved Jeshua said many years ago "To be in this world but not of it"  Nothing has changed.  I am surprised by some of the postings, comments from members on this beautiful site. They are often very 4d,negative stuff about world politics, viruses, war zones, illnesses, abuse, violence and the like. These are not the subjects new age lightworkers should even be thinking about let alone posting. We have to be careful where we put out minds, talk about, view on the television - all this stuff is negative and is adding to an already polluted atmosphere.  I do not watch television read newspapers and refuse to discuss affairs of the day, glamour and illusion, non relevance to my spiritual growth and creating a new earth.

Remember we have to be discerning, to watch every thought, not to gossip, judge or criticise to keep our minds focussed on the Christ Mind alone - uplifted and upheld by the peace and beauty of that domain.  "I am upliated and upheld by the Christ Mind - nothing can disturb the peace of my soul.

Do not add to the cloud of negativity by thinking, writing, talking about events that are surely low level  - it is difficult as it means we are continually monitoring our thoughts to keep them positive and good otherwise we can't reach into the higher realms with clarity and purity of mind..


Wander Cloud.


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  • Hello Rev.! it is so reassuring for me to have found you as you are much the same age as me. I feel that we were part of the way shower team that came in at that time - we have paved the way for the newcomers! I feel like an 'elder' and was once a nun in Italy. Some years ago I was training for the priesthood with someone in the Liberal Catholic church (US I believe) (me UK)as it incorporated my interests at the time of astrology/kabbalah etc. But we had a fall out - he was a very arrogant man and rather controlling!! your comments are most interesting and I'm sure that we could share much. I have worked with a grand master on the inner plane - I wasn't asked (which has always miffed me) but had to clear out his inner core, meeting all the magical bodies, some not very nice. He also used me to create a third energy in the form of a spirit child. More on this in a book I am trying to get published, but today I'm not at all well. not sure of the real reason but I already have fibromyalgia, probably arthritis, an exhausted nervous system and a pulled muscle in my groin (ahhah!) I have cancelled my Xray today but have to get to the dental surgeon for yet another session of removing ancient molars. I have one daughter (very karmic relationship) but otherwise struggle on alone (my choice I guess and need much solitude for this spiritual challenge)
    So onward and upward as DK says - I am paying someone to drive me into Lincoln tomorrow for the ordeal. I do have a car and drive, but the thought of parking up with a bleeding gum seems a bit much at the moment. blessings Wandercloud (Beth)
  • I too have been into this movement for 50 yrs more or less. I am now 72 and also feel exhausted ! I also have run into the Anti-christ 2 times. The 1st time I had st.Germain help me to overcome what he was doing to me. The 2nd time he left me alone knowing he had no power over me. But in truth I believe there is not just one Anti-christ but many. Lucifer and Satan has been put to trail by the Ancient of days as they refused to repent and be rehabilitated so they have receive eternal death and do not exist anymore, it is as though they never was, but there are many other fallen angels who followed them have now taken there place, negative attracts-negative both in the astral plane as well as in the 3 D and 4D as well as A-I . So there are many fronts or levels of evil that we the light -workers and resistance and Alliance groups all working together to free planet earth and its people so that we can Ascend but first we must wake up society which is what the 3 days of Darkness is. After that has happened, we will have tipped over the top toward a more positive future and hopefully the 2nd wave can start taking over our jobs and we [ the 144,000 ] can start with the healing process to be able to ascend. I believe we are now in the midst of the 4th seal of the 7, the tipping point or half-way mark and it may take another 5 or 10 yrs to complete our mission or function. We are all one working toward the same goal.....
  • Like yourself dear one, I have been at this game for 40 years (in the wilderness literally!) I am now 74 years old (body 80 - due to walk in) and met many a dark one, having travelled through the darkness to expose the dark ones - I feel exhausted - I actually met the anti-Christ. He was sitting on a throne on a dias - nothing special about him - he didn't challenge me and I knew that nothing could harm me as I was coming from a place of love - which he wasn't - it is the only weapon we have. There are many light beings who are really wolves in sheeps' clothing - hence my blog on discernment.
  • I have been posting on this site sense 2008. And we are still waiting for the 2nd wave to take over, but this cannot happen if they or we do not realize what is taking place.JC also said, '' Do not engage the evil ones or Dark ones, but expose them''.As a light worker myself, I would per-fer to teach only of the light but the Dark ones are doing everything in there power to stop us from Ascending, so we must get rid of them first
  • 'Where focus goes, energy flows'...
    I agree Star Sister, in how creations are energized into being, personally and collectively...
    If every lightworker just kept their focus into the highest immutable Light of Love, the planetary ascension would be easier and more peaceful, for sure...:)
    The other aspect of this is that when we do feel inner-called to attune to currents playing out in the 4D plane and it's 3D projection, if all lightworkers ever do is view it all through Unconditional Love, with attention solely on aligning and radiating love, peace, joy and grace into those currents, that also assists the ascension/stabilizing of New Earth across the dimensions.
    Negative focus into all the ills of the world and negative future projections just serves the lower grid's programme, by contributing more 'charge' to it..then lightworkers become part of what keeps holding it in place...
    I'm calling on the beautiful people here at the ACC with you; let's focus with true Peace, pure Love, the deeper Harmony that transcends all chaos and turmoil....and let only those qualities flow and radiate from us for the benefit of All, in this evolving co-creation of energy, vibration and frequency....
    Peace and Love, Joanna 💗💛💙
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