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  • Hi Beth, I've been very busy up to the solar eclipse with star family, had a most beautiful eclipse day here with ground crew friends, taking some rest and integrating have only just read your last message. So very lovely to read of your heart actvation by/with Jesus/Sananda, great heart activator indeed, I have experienced his guidance and divine presence also...beyond words, Infinite Love 💛
    Wishing you deep heart healing, and the boundless joy of your inner divine heart, sweet soul...take good care, may you feel the wings of light of the divine angels wrapped gently around you...😇 With Love, Joanna 🌺
  • Thank you for answering...and I am glad you are doing well...The adverts are a way for Ben to make money I think...or they support this website...I am not sure...I thought everyone had them...Blessings
  • I hope you are doing well and feeling healthier...Things are improving here in the USA ..At least in my state of PA...We never used the masks in the streets...Very few people did not as in Miami...Everyone there was walking around with it...I refused to do it when I went there..Here in PA now we do not have to ware a mask at all...Blessings and I hope they are also lifting covid 19 mandates in England...
  • Thanks for your message Beth, I haven't experienced deep estrangement with a child (I have a son) but know several dear people who have...and have also witnessed (and in some cases held space for) their individual journeys to inner peace. I wish you heart's ease dear Beth, and a beautiful healing in the Love that is infinite and eternal 💗🙏
    Well, England, like many countries, is in a state of accelerated change. I lived in a part of London in the 1990s that was 90% African and Middle Eastern, and am aware of the massive shifts of demographics there...England's not alone in this though, it's a time of tremendous movements of peoples in so many places...and I feel Albion will weather the changes, through this pressurized, intense phase of energies, translating into the physical plane as movements and tensions and somewhat chaotic pushes and pulls, which can feel overwhelming to many.
    Keep breathing in calm and peace, Star Sister, and breathing it out into that green and pleasant land's vibrational field... 💚
    Much Love winging north to you, Joanna 🥰💫
  • To send someone a message, all you need do is to click on their name or avatar and when in their page you leave a message...I said something similar to what you are mentioning at the bottom...You can bilocate or like you said travel while your body is here...We are at this point going through many changes...Getting ready for the first wave of Ascension...I am feeling the changes too...but we all get different reactions and sometimes none...I feel my third eye is opening...Lots of pressure in the head and forehead...No one would know of your soul stage or status...It is for you to know...I do not speak of myself...I keep what I know about myself to myself...I wish to stay humble...and in my inner truth...Blessings dear sister and much Love...
  • Hi Beth, yes, always take in only what feels right for you. I don't have email notifications on either, and trust if I'm 'meant' to see something posted here, I will...:)
    I see you connect with the Arcturians...I have Arcturian soul connections too (among others), there are so very many beautiful lights flowing into this Ascension, from so many great ascended stars and universes...I keep my focus on anchoring the incoming waves...and rippling them out through the duality energies, including within this forum...keeping a light heart and vibration amongst it all is key, in my view... 🌞💛
    Much Love and wishing you a glorious week, up there in (or near) the fen country!
    Autumn rain is sparkling on the leaves here in mild sunshine today, I love this time of year, going into our southern hemisphere winter...with diamond light shimmers all around...pure bliss... 😊🌟✨
  • Amparo - thank you for writing. I have had to delete all emails from this site. It was taking me ages to read (most of which were far too 'mind -y' for me) We are meant to be beyond trivialities of the world "to be in it but not of it" and live in the Christ mind. So, after having deleted so many I felt exhausted! I know what happened to me Amparo - I have been at this 'game' for forty years now - my body has been burning for two days = I was told it was the upgrade of the DNA before reading of it. I am ancient - Sister of the stars"my name. It was not a trance! I travelled to a cosmic dimension of the most beautiful vista - when I woke - the word Ascension was given to me. I trust that. There are many of us ascending at this time - I don't know why everyone is so unbelieving! no one knows of my soul stage or spiritual status!! However, it matters only to me and God. Maybe I should send this to your own page.
  • I read your message and I am not sure what you have experienced...If you are here is not ascension since that is a process and your body needs to acclimate to the higher frequencies...It takes time for it to happen...Your whole nervous system would burn...But we are getting closer...I experienced something not quite the same about four or five years ago...I was meditating and it was 8 AM...I stayed in meditation a whole day and woke up the next day from it in the same position...I did not remember anything but I was in such a beautiful state of peace and felt very rested and in a blissful state...I think you probably went to another place while in trance and you left your body while your soul went to another place...And you were aware of this to certain extent...All is in Perfect Divine Order and trust that you are where in the right place...Blessings
  • You made me laugh because my intention was to make it easier for you to find the messages...I think what is missing is the link "reply" that we used to have in the old format site ...It would take you directly to the answer...I always said it...This new format is not as transparent as the old one...Blessings
  • Just saw your comment, Wandercloud Beth...simplicity is where the clarity is, imo 🌞 Kindness is sometimes overlooked, in peeps' desire to be right, about Ascension or anything else. ;)
    The bluebells just popped into view, while attuning with you...I've just felt to look up their spiritual associations, and the words gratitude and everlasting love and constancy shine to the fore...
    May the completion of an old cycle, and beautiful refreshment, give you great joy and inspiration dear Star Sister...much Love winging your way... 💙✨🌈
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April 25

About Yourself

I am basically and astrologer/healer,writer. Love to dance and sing, live alone at my age I feel a bit lonely, but rather disenchanted with the human race, having been so bruised and hurt most of my life. Ihave one daughter who lives in NZ and find my solace in writing. I have written three books awaiting publication and create videos about my lifes' experiences, usually in the spiritual world. I used to channel my group and the masters. I work for ten masters in order to feed back world news - keep them informed. I also worked with a Grand Master on creating a third energy - all about this is in my new book - waiting for help or finance!  I have been going through severe ascension symptoms but not sure if they have added to my already challenging illness of fibromyalgia/CFS - I am galactic - maybe arcturian - not sure but know that I don't feel right here as I am a 'wwalk in' having come into this body during anaesthetic seventy years ago - wow! many traumas, still smiling!

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Dr.Joshua David Stone,.Paulo Coelho,Peter Dunov, Grand masters and inner plane masters - too numerous to mention. i love "Bringers of the Dawn" writen 20 years ago. I call this book ' my bible' there is so much helpful truth and I guess I have spent time in the Plaidies. The Arcturians are delightful with so much non judgment to help us all be who we are.  I am not religious but love many of the teachings of Jeshua and the Jewish tradition - I love ritual and ceremony - I believe this is the teachings for the ascension through St.Germain..

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"thank you for your email Joanna - just a note Jesus (Jeshua) and Sananda are two different Lords and masters. I work with both - I created a video recently about a visit from Jeshua who came on three consecutive nights,- strange it may seem, but he…"
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"Thank you for your reply Joanna. I have had a very strange day of inner connections and just watched a video "DNA Awakening" in which the pleiadians are talking about the incoming light energies. Its quite a complex session with so much…"
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