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I am basically and astrologer/healer,writer. Love to dance and sing, live alone at my age I feel a bit lonely, but rather disenchanted with the human race, having been so bruised and hurt most of my life. Ihave one daughter who lives in NZ and find my solace in writing. I have written three books awaiting publication and create videos about my lifes' experiences, usually in the spiritual world. I used to channel my group and the masters. I work for ten masters in order to feed back world news - keep them informed. I also worked with a Grand Master on creating a third energy - all about this is in my new book - waiting for help or finance!  I have been going through severe ascension symptoms but not sure if they have added to my already challenging illness of fibromyalgia/CFS - I am galactic - maybe arcturian - not sure but know that I don't feel right here as I am a 'wwalk in' having come into this body during anaesthetic seventy years ago - wow! many traumas, still smiling!

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Dr.Joshua David Stone,.Paulo Coelho,Peter Dunov, Grand masters and inner plane masters - too numerous to mention. i love "Bringers of the Dawn" writen 20 years ago. I call this book ' my bible' there is so much helpful truth and I guess I have spent time in the Plaidies. The Arcturians are delightful with so much non judgment to help us all be who we are.  I am not religious but love many of the teachings of Jeshua and the Jewish tradition - I love ritual and ceremony - I believe this is the teachings for the ascension through St.Germain..

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  • Joanna - just tuned into my cabin after some wait as I couldn't get the response to the new request of using my info. by Ashtar Command page.
    So, I am going through a peculiar time. My videos are so successful after a two year very quiet start but they have led me down a very strange route. I really envy your information, passion, mission which you are given - I would love to have that kind of info. but it seems my only task is to create the videos (though books are awaiting publication but no finance) I have questioned my concern, well more like an upset, as it seems such an ordinary mission. (I was told many years ago that my planned mission would not be available due to my becoming ill)
    Anyway, these videos are very 'ordinary' just chit chat really about events that have and do happen to me. I tend to intersperse the ten minute chat with little gems of wisdom. I had the impression from Maharaji that it isn't the words that matter, but the light that comes through them and I have recently felt that there are many light beings in attendance when I chat on.It isn't channelling per se but me in light company. It was odd the other day when I watched myself from a distance giving the talk (Maybe I was in my higher self) It was a strange sensation.
    I had a lovely response from a woman called Joanna - her insignia seemed similar to yours. I asked her if we knew each other and she replied much the same as you - familiar!
    So I feel very ordinary in this new energy, not really very valued with information or even activity - maybe this will change as I have had so many huge shifts of energy that I've almost lost myself in the process. Maybe going through a depression, I don't know, but I have to trust the process. thank you for your lovely kind words. blessings. will check the link at the bottom of your notification.
  • Dear Beth, ohh August already. Blessings for your last message, a few weeks ago already...I hope you've been keeping as well as possible. In these times of so many shifting energies and fluxing variables, 'mission assignments' can change and shift around to meet the need of the hour...but when it comes to simply landing and earthing the New Earth frequencies through simply being present as Love on the planet, in awareness and connection with the teams of Light assisting from On High, that is a primary mission, and beautiful and vital in itself! Thank you 💛🌏🙏
    At this southern end of the globe, I've been non-stop with my/our more specific mission focuses; some are concerned with the local and planetary light grids and light node network, some to do with the public disclosure process now underway...it's changing every day Beth, there's so much Light coming in to the framework, we're always watching the ways to be opened through the 'static/noise in the field'...my view's somewhat different to most at this time, because I've been traversing between the ships and earth plane physically for a while, working with my galactic TwinFlame on our ship, with our children, brothers and sisters, and companions in the fleets...
    If you ever feel in your heart to connect directly with us, our mothership and/or the support ship we're bringing into the earth field, called the Lei'hua, just feel the energies through the page linked below...you're always welcome, and the Lei'hua is like a rose-golden light bath for human energy fields, so good for the body and subtle bodies if feeling weary or pained. Many come on board...not so many remember consciously yet in their waking state, but this too shall change... 🥰 Love&Hugs, Joanna 🌺

    Mary’s Star
    This page is dedicated to my TwinFlame, Ashura (expressing from our Oversoul, Ashurana’Ra), to our star sisters and brothers who helped bring the Mer…
  • Dear Beth, apologies for this late reply, I've been immensely focused on other 'assignments' and haven't been able to get here much. Thanks for your Solstice wishes, it was beautiful and I hope yours was too. So good to hear you're in contact with beloved Ashtar, and may he land a divine lightship on your nearby oval! 😊🛸✨
    We've been in preps the last week for the 7-7 Gateway (annual TwinFlame Gateway on July 7th, coinciding with energies of Asian festival of reunion of the Divine Lovers Vega & Altair). Wishing you much peace, joy, good health and love dear Star Sister, hope all is well for you, Joanna. 🌺🌺🌺
  • Dear Beth, just a quick note, as it's nearing 1am here, to say yes, you feel familiar to me too, no doubt we know each other in other dimensions, aboard the Ashtar Command ships. :)

    To be honest, I read very little about Ashtar and the AC/GF online; I came to Ashtar (or he came to me) some 10 years ago as a direct experience...I'd never read anything about him at the time, and have seldom come across any 'intel' that wholly resonates in my heart and soul about him/them, and a lot doesn't resonate at all...
    If people are seeing Ashtar and higher vibrational star family in violent battles and wars, they're translating/filtering through 3-4D veils...5D and higher frequency bands are in total unity, in oneness...there has to be duality for even the idea of 'war' to exist, so that will tell you where people are viewing from.
    If high light beings engaged in wars and violence, there would be no higher dimensions, period.
    There are scuffles between 4D factions (control-oriented beings) for sure, their alliances tend to slip into competitiveness...but from 5D+, when encountering 4D lower astral aggressors, we simply put light containment fields around them, and remove them to their perfect places of healing, to remember themselves again ie; love...in the care of those who take on those compassionate roles.

    You might like to visit the Ashtar Command page below (at my site)...just attune with the lightships in the photos, they're direct unfiltered transmission from the ships and loving ones on board...it could help you tune with the vibration of the AC beings, and clear any residues you may have picked up.

    With Love, wishing you ease, inner joy and peace,
    Your star sister and friend on Earth, Joanna 😊✨✋

    Ashtar Command
    Beautiful blue orb of Ashtar/Archangel Michael’s soul energies overlighting three ships as they flashed bright white light together-as-one in a gentl…
  • Hi Beth, I've been very busy up to the solar eclipse with star family, had a most beautiful eclipse day here with ground crew friends, taking some rest and integrating now...so have only just read your last message. So very lovely to read of your heart actvation by/with Jesus/Sananda, great heart activator indeed, I have experienced his guidance and divine presence also...beyond words, Infinite Love 💛
    Wishing you deep heart healing, and the boundless joy of your inner divine heart, sweet soul...take good care, may you feel the wings of light of the divine angels wrapped gently around you...😇 With Love, Joanna 🌺

  • Thanks for your message Beth, I haven't experienced deep estrangement with a child (I have a son) but know several dear people who have...and have also witnessed (and in some cases held space for) their individual journeys to inner peace. I wish you heart's ease dear Beth, and a beautiful healing in the Love that is infinite and eternal 💗🙏
    Well, England, like many countries, is in a state of accelerated change. I lived in a part of London in the 1990s that was 90% African and Middle Eastern, and am aware of the massive shifts of demographics there...England's not alone in this though, it's a time of tremendous movements of peoples in so many places...and I feel Albion will weather the changes, through this pressurized, intense phase of energies, translating into the physical plane as movements and tensions and somewhat chaotic pushes and pulls, which can feel overwhelming to many.
    Keep breathing in calm and peace, Star Sister, and breathing it out into that green and pleasant land's vibrational field... 💚
    Much Love winging north to you, Joanna 🥰💫
  • Hi Beth, yes, always take in only what feels right for you. I don't have email notifications on either, and trust if I'm 'meant' to see something posted here, I will...:)
    I see you connect with the Arcturians...I have Arcturian soul connections too (among others), there are so very many beautiful lights flowing into this Ascension, from so many great ascended stars and universes...I keep my focus on anchoring the incoming waves...and rippling them out through the duality energies, including within this forum...keeping a light heart and vibration amongst it all is key, in my view... 🌞💛
    Much Love and wishing you a glorious week, up there in (or near) the fen country!
    Autumn rain is sparkling on the leaves here in mild sunshine today, I love this time of year, going into our southern hemisphere winter...with diamond light shimmers all around...pure bliss... 😊🌟✨
  • Amparo - thank you for writing. I have had to delete all emails from this site. It was taking me ages to read (most of which were far too 'mind -y' for me) We are meant to be beyond trivialities of the world "to be in it but not of it" and live in the Christ mind. So, after having deleted so many I felt exhausted! I know what happened to me Amparo - I have been at this 'game' for forty years now - my body has been burning for two days = I was told it was the upgrade of the DNA before reading of it. I am ancient - Sister of the stars"my name. It was not a trance! I travelled to a cosmic dimension of the most beautiful vista - when I woke - the word Ascension was given to me. I trust that. There are many of us ascending at this time - I don't know why everyone is so unbelieving! no one knows of my soul stage or spiritual status!! However, it matters only to me and God. Maybe I should send this to your own page.
  • Just saw your comment, Wandercloud Beth...simplicity is where the clarity is, imo 🌞 Kindness is sometimes overlooked, in peeps' desire to be right, about Ascension or anything else. ;)
    The bluebells just popped into view, while attuning with you...I've just felt to look up their spiritual associations, and the words gratitude and everlasting love and constancy shine to the fore...
    May the completion of an old cycle, and beautiful refreshment, give you great joy and inspiration dear Star Sister...much Love winging your way... 💙✨🌈
  • Dear friend - I have only just come across your helpful insightful writings. Still not used to this website! I have just written a little blog onto the comments page - general - I had a very weird experience early this morning. I am sure that both you and hellen have pulled me through.

    i can only describe the event as though "God" came Hard to put into words really but I knew it was the cosmic power, such a loving kind feeling. I seemed to be in a vastness of never ending warmth. In fact it felt a bit like a death experience. I remembered the energy from many a past leaving for another plane. I was a bit scared as I didn't know if everything was in order. then the feeling passed and I'm still here with many tears. I wondered if it was ascension, but I have no idea what that would be like! have you any ideas? thank you for continuing to be in contact. I hope you enjoyed your birthday! mucho love
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"Joanna - just tuned into my cabin after some wait as I couldn't get the response to the new request of using my info. by Ashtar Command page.
So, I am going through a peculiar time. My videos are so successful after a two year very quiet start but…"
Aug 13, 2021
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trying to balance the books in my energy field - earth and sky in one body and mind - exhausted.
Aug 13, 2021
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"Thank you for your communication. You sound so busy with your assignments - how do you know of all these events? I cannot understand why I don't receive information - I seem to get very high pitch light codes from my friends, but never words - which…"
Jul 7, 2021
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"Thank you so much for your reassurance Joanna - I must admit the graphics were quickly switched off and I hope I cleared the image. It didn't feel at all right to me as I know what you say is true. Actually some time ago Cmdr. Ashtar paid me a…"
Jun 19, 2021

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