Ashtar: Help Prepare for Imminent Landings

Ashtar:  Help Prepare for Imminent Landings

It is a wonderful party we're planning on the ships.  The Twin Flames are here, on the New Jerusalem and many other ships.  We are an enormous fleet, housing billions of souls who have come to land with us as soon as we can safely put down to officially come forth together.  

It will be a glorious celebration - one we wish to announce with much fanfare.  There will be nothing secret or hidden about our Landings.  It was agreed long ago that we will only come when we are certain everything is in place for a peaceful and joyous welcome.

It seems we are still a bit away from being able to accomplish that, since there are still a few cabal-controlled military and police forces which would take great pleasure in performing their primitive "safety" measures, which would include Martial Law, curfews, lock-downs and a show of military force.  They treasure the idea of long lines of tanks rolling through the streets of suburban neighborhoods.  It would take a massive, organized response on the ground to prevent great civil conflict, and we do not wish to ask all of you to lie down in front of tanks to make our Landings possible.

So, you see, we are planning and strategizing carefully, watching the developments on the ground carefully.  We know that the numbers of people who believe there is extraterrestrial life has reached close to 100%.  Those who are aware of our presence here now is around 65%, and those who are convinced we are friendly is over 50%.  These numbers must rise to close to 100% before we can comfortably land.

The U.S. is one of the places where the numbers are lowest, because of an incessant media campaign to portray "aliens" as dangerous and sinister.  Most of you reading this are aware that the "alien abductions" were in fact conducted by the secret government on the ground, mostly on U.S. territory with U.S. funding.  The technology to manufacture space ships was shared by us or reverse engineered from our ships that crashed in the early 40's.  We offered assistance, before nuclear weapons were fully developed, in an effort to help "leapfrog" over the 75 years you have now experienced in which fossil fuels and nuclear weapons testing have nearly destroyed Mother Earth.

As you know, that initial program in which we offered assistance in some very preliminary ways was misused almost immediately to establish the secret programs which were overseen by the powerful and wealthy cabal, which has tried to establish a New World Order by absolutely controlling all resources, including food, energy, water and healthcare.  Attempts to break free of the stranglehold have mostly failed because of the massive propaganda campaign which attacked those in the legitimate government who were trying to wrest back control.  They have used everything from assassination (JFK, RFK, MLK, JFK, Jr., and Paul Wellstone in the U.S., to name a few) to slander, to outright obstructionism (as in the U.S. Congress since the Obama election). 

The cabal has very cleverly managed to short-circuit every attempt by the Obama administration to return some power to the people by removing the power from the corporations and returning it to the elected government.  Except for a small beginning with "Obamacare", which was reviled because it was the first step in removing power from insurance companies, it has been completely unsuccessful.  

Recent steps by the Supreme Court have placed the power firmly in the laps of the wealthy elite, who can now simply buy elections by spending unlimited amounts of money to stir the passions of the people against anyone who has a vision of returning the power to the people.

While the effectiveness of this approach is most obvious in the U.S., it has crept like a cancer across the globe.  The foment you see in many countries at this time is the response by the people against the tightening grip of despotism.  Where the media is controlled by local dictators, the cabal has ironically had less ability to use their sophisticated psychological propaganda tactics to sway the people in their favor. Thus, we see old-style rebellions alongside the restlessness and dissatisfaction which has caused cross currents of unrest in nearly every country in the world.

The unrest and seeming chaos you are aware of, and which is played up in your media, is actually a very good development from our point of view.  We see many souls awakening, becoming aware that something is dreadfully wrong, even though they may have not educated themselves yet to the truth of what the real problems are.  At the same time, Lightworkers have come forward to courageously stand in opposition to the massive propaganda from the cabal.

Nearly every week, a new documentary appears which educates the people about the practices which poison their soil, their food and their water, and especially their electoral process.  A new level of concern is growing everywhere about the misuse of Mother Earth and her resources.  This has created fertile ground for the help we have to offer, and for the technologies which are already there on the ground, such as free energy technologies.  Most importantly, there is a growing awareness that Mother Earth is a sentient being like ourselves, thanks to the good work of Lightworkers around the globe who have brought back the indigenous wisdom of the past.

Many have concluded that we must have rather sophisticated technologies on our ships, since we could not have traveled here using fossil fuels!  It is also becoming obvious to many that we come in peace, since we could have easily taken over the planet years ago if that were our intention.

We are delighted with the response to our "uncloaking", which we jokingly refer to as our "Peek-a-Boo" program.  We have increased our appearances gradually, allowing time between each "sighting" for it to be posted on the internet.  The discussions, you may have noticed, have turned from fear to delight and wonder.  This is our intention, to slowly acclimate everyone on the planet to our presence.  Now, more than 60% of Earth inhabitants acknowledge they have seen a ship at one time or another.

We have moved slowly and carefully.  We are aware that those of you who know us are impatient for us to land, but we are very cautious about touching off a reason for the small number of belligerent cabal members which remains to respond with any kind of repressive measures, which could be dangerous to our beloved Lightworkers.  Although their leadership is dwindling, they still command enormous troops and weaponry.  We are working with high military officers to awaken them to the fact that they are being used as puppets of the cabal, against their fellow countrymen. 

It is indeed a difficult pill to swallow, for those who have lived by their belief in honor and responsibility, and feel they have been true to their principles, to learn they have been ruthlessly used by Dark forces.  These are the good people in the military, in police work and security positions everywhere, who will become the helpers and organizers when all the old structures must crumble. Many of them are moving closer every day to the knowing in their own hearts that they must act on their own feelings of love and compassion, regardless of the orders from above.

All is being prepared, Beloved Ones, for the opening to a New Day.  The energies you feel sweeping across the planet have awakened and energized everyone.  Negativity and despair is being traded for joyful action everywhere.  The numbers of non-profit organizations and volunteer projects has soared in the past year.  A new sense of joy and desire for meaningful work has replaced the dogged adherence to "the grindstone" which was the way most people viewed their jobs.  All is shifting, all is in motion.

I come to you today, dear friends, because we feel it is important for you to be aware of the massive, positive changes we see. You have worked hard to raise your vibrations toward your own Ascension.  In doing so you have helped to create a groundswell of high vibrational energy.  Now I will describe to you what we see as a challenge to completing the mission of raising all the planet to the high level needed for ascension for all of humankind.

We see what you might call a bi-modal phenomenon.  If you were to create a bell-shaped graph to illustrate the overall intensity of energy levels of people on the planet, you would see two bells - one at the high end which includes all of you who are feeling joy and anticipation about what you know is coming.  Your curve is slender and steep, so high it is "off the charts" compared to the rest - a virtual bell tower of high vibration feelings.

The middle range is a large group of in-between souls who are neither elated nor profoundly depressed, but who are migrating, little by little, toward the shining Bell Tower of Light.  At the lower end is a second small bell-shaped bump of those who are angry, resentful and fearful.  Their intensity of feeling is palpable, and in many cases, still fairly intractable.  These are the ones who have been most deeply affected by the negative teachings of the cabal.  Their bell curve is also narrow and steep, but much smaller than the high-vibrational Bell Tower.

I give you this visual tool to help envision what you are up against, and what needs to be done by those on the ground.  Many of you have felt the sting of family or friends who are firmly entrenched in the low-vibrational Dark Tower of feelings.  It has given you the impression that you are alone in your high Bell Tower.  This is absolutely not true.  Across the gulf between high and low groups is the large mass of humanity who are now awakening, newly receptive and wondering what the Truth might be.

Look around you, Dear Ones.  Every house contains a soul awakening.  Every street, every town feels the Light dawning.  It is fertile ground for the new version of Truth which we are offering you - the path Mother/Father God have called The True Way. It is a path of simple truths, one which encourages Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness and Love, nothing more.  There is no dogma involved, no strictures to obey, and no guilt-producing laws.  

Here in higher dimensions, we observe Universal Law, which is based on a deep, heart-felt understanding of the Golden Rule (which is not a rule but the simple philosophy of Love).  Our behavior is guided always by what is in the Greater Good of All.  We need no religion, no 10,000 pages of rules and regulations.  Our decisions are all made unanimously; our feelings toward one another are Love and deep respect.  We are not afraid to discuss, debate, and present unique viewpoints because we know we are all part of the great One.  We are in it together, we are in it with you, and we are forging new ground.

This is the direction you are moving toward, dear Humankind.  It is now time for you to boldly go out into the world and offer a tidbit of knowledge, a question which will stir curiosity, or a vision to inspire others.  With these messages we offer you a base of knowledge and emotional support.  Offer them to those who are curious.  For those who are not yet curious, offer a question like, "Have you seen any of the space ships everyone is talking about?"  This will open a conversation which will allow you to mention the simple observation that "they" must be friendly, or they would have taken over 1000 years ago.  "What do you suppose they would like to do to help us?"  "Do you suppose there is anything we can do to help them contact us?"  "I can't wait for them to land!"

Tell people about how you can use a bright flashlight to signal us.  Let them know we are telepathic, and can respond to you with ease when you send us a message in your mind.  You will know how much to offer by the first response you see.  If you receive a cold rejection or a hostile argument, move on.  There is no point in trying to storm the Dark Tower.  There are plenty of awakening souls in the middle ground.

We have a measure of just how fast things are changing.  The spiritual discussion groups and internet blogs are growing exponentially.  Every day hundreds of people sign up to read and discuss these messages.  When Sananda gives a written or voice message through our channels, his words echo around the world.  Thanks to all of you, our reach now extends to every corner of the globe.

Use this opening to help us further.  We are planning to increase our presence.  This will give you greater credibility and more opportunities to bring awareness of the truth to those around you.  Do not hesitate to discuss these things everywhere you go - gently, with good humor.  Carry a print-out of a picture of a "UFO" with you, to look at with wonder as you stand in the check-out line.  Share your sense of delight with everyone around you.  Do not try to argue with anyone about it or to change anyone's mind.  Ask them to look for themselves.  

Tailor your discussion to the individual.  For lapsed Christians, tell them of the good news which confirms their intuitive knowing - give them a copy of the New Scriptures.
(It will soon be out in e-book form, by the way).  Take the approach with everyone you speak to that you know you are confirming what they already have come to on their own.  What you have learned is not new; it is confirmation for what everyone has known in their hearts.

I send you this appeal, Dear Ones, because you are our ground crew, and we need your help to prepare for our coming Landings, which will be soon.  We ask that you raise the joy factor and reduce the fear in the entire middle of the bell curve population.  They are ready.  It will not take much for you to have a huge effect.  Join with us now to create the environment which will allow us to land a few ships safely, to make our "First Contact" quietly, without chaos or confusion, but with the atmosphere of love and welcome you would prepare for a long-absent friend.

We come in peace, and we will offer help for those in need.  We will not remain long on our first visit but it will prepare the way for future Landings.  The time has come, Beloved friends.  Help us to prepare the way.  

I am your friend and colleague, 
With Love and great Excitement,
Your Ashtar

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD, 3 PM EDT, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,


Ashtar: Help Prepare for Imminent Landings

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  • Dear souls, let me tell you something which may be of value to you. I should say that you have fallen into a never ending loop, waiting for some thing that’s not going to happen even if the so called “mass landings” take place. redemption, ascension, salvation ,do not happen by following “Spiritual Blogs and channelings” , i know they may be helpful to some extend (in case they're not manipulative and fake), but they can’t make the job done for you, and in this case they’re pushing you backwards, keeping you in "Waiting Mode" , that's their strategy. this is one of the bugs of three Dimensional matrix of collective Unconsciousness which has gone viral. It is not meant to induce the vibration of fear, but this website like many others, has been infested by "psy-ops agents" disguising themselves as lightworkers and wayshowers. many of them are manipulated channelers not knowing that they themselves are being abused, some of these agents post detouring and disrupting blogs, and few are constant "Commentators", this is their job, they do this all the time. Cabal has always been trying to manipulate "The New Age Movement" , of course this challenge is part of the liberation process which many have unconsciously chosen to experience in order to perceive deeper truths.

    But if we stop following channelings and reading such blogs then what to do if we are to get redeemed, enlightened and eventually ascend? Well, if you be receptive enough i could  give you a hint ;  get to know your “Sacred Soul Contract”, how? Get to know your “Celestial DNA” , your “Soul Encodings”, which you have access through the art of astrology, get to know your birth chart -  Archetypal patterns or “Gods and Goddesses” living inside of us all, But functioning in different areas (Houses), each house has a light and a dark side, recognize the dark side of your archetypal patterns, embrace them, and then rectify the darkness. try to make balance among the archetypes who have been in tension and conflicts with each other (dynamic aspects). Get to know about the position of your “North Node”, it’s very critical in the path of soul unfoldment.Then you may have more chance for Salvation, leaving the three dimensional reality forever, getting rid of the cycle of karma. celestial objects, are not just "objects" as astronomy perceives them, they are living super conscious souls, our heavenly mothers and fathers and family, in the higher octaves of consciousness.


  • My Open Invitation still stands. :)

  • sometimes you dont even need a flashlight. Just walk out under the star with intent. Ask for a sign. Ask for a light to blink in the sky. It will blink.

  • Don't talk too much,just do it AC.

  • Some of the things described here by Katheryn E. May are correct, as she is obviously well read, BUT not a genuine contactee....So she embellishes much....

    Did she not also pretend that ISON was a "spaceship," about to land on earth...?? Or some such nonsense...??

    And REAL ET CONTACTEES do not treat ET's and their ships as if they are following a religious cult....

    I myself have been physically inside scoutships, albeit, not as yet the motherships.....I have been UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL to ETs, who I view as close family members and dearly beloved friends....

    They can fully integrate their light bodies and manifest mayavirupa forms of flesh and blood, when needed...


    This is not just belief, it's real and very personal....And for me and a few others, matter of fact and not a big deal to be placed before the world as if it were a religious experience, or of festival of faith.....


    Been there, down it and the tech is beautiful, auto-reactive, organic and powerful....Glorious it may be, but we need focus....We need to stop viewing our star brothers and sisters, as if they are gods....They are the same as us and especially we starseeds....


    If you want to meet them, then get off your hands and knees, first....It can be so tiresome, you know...

    I'll introduce myself here, if you don't know me already...


    One Vibration
  • This information is 100% right! It is exactly what we are being told!

  • Belief is not nescessary when ships are decloaking and landing. You would see them whether your believe in them or not. :)

  • @amparo
    "I know her messages to be of truth and the reason for this knowing is not coming from her"

    Then why don't you post some nice hi-res pictures from THIS event then?

  • I've heard this song before...

    I wish Kathy would go sing somewhere else.

    Souls die when she opens her mouth to form her slightly phased and very distorted tones of nonsenseness. ;)

  • I'll second the motion on what friend MILAD has usefully stated here....He is correct....And likewise, I'm always a little surprised at how short some people's memories are...But no offense intended, as your freewill to believe in fraud and CIA psyops fakery, is always permitted under universal law.....Just a gentle nudge from us and a little giggle when the fraud predictions NEVER come true, of course....08 And yet, members will flock back for more, later on....

This reply was deleted.

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