We are entering the vortex...to the 4th[5th] dimensional foundation of the New Earth...Many heads and hearts are spinning round and round seeking truth, seek relief, seeking peace....Earth is shifting frequencies and is about to change channels. I felt the need, the pull, and the calling by many to come through in this way and with others . . . to speak to you...Looking outside one will not find it...You have all you need within...you must now leave this reality by choice, leave the attachments...Time to come home



We are entering the vortex, the convex, the wormhole to the 4th[5th] dimensional foundation of the New Earth. Many heads and hearts are spinning round and round seeking truth, seek relief, seeking peace. Looking outside one will not find it. It is not in the media. It is not in a building. It is not in a book. It is not in a class. It is not in a certification. It is not in an approval. You have all you need within.


The message and key to higher consciousness, to an expanded heart of love and compassion and closeness with the Most High is through your heart. Quiet. Within. Peaceful. Powerful and clear.


Weeks away from completion of a cycle never experienced such as this. God speaks directly, our Creator, our Source, shares, as before in many paths of people, Masters, Sages, Hearts, Texts, Burning Bushes if you will, to say again . . .




Dear Children of My Light, I come before you, through you and in you to awaken that which was dormant for eons of time. As you come out of an experiment of consciousness, as you come out of a space of not knowing who you truly are by agreement to help this beloved planet of Light, Earth, you are hereby notified, asked, poked, lovingly jarred, shaken, reawakened, ice poured on your face, kissed on the cheek and forehead . . . to know, you can leave your karma and lessons of the journey. You can know that I am returning to your consciousness, to your knowing. Many will say different. Many, as always, will be in darkness . . . to shout darkness and you can’t. Yet, hear my voice, feel the energy from the words this one types as fast as her fingers can go. " I Am Who I Say I Am!" And I am calling you home. Home. It is a place of who you are in energy, in fluid matter of Light, of sound, of vibration, of complex organization and perfection of Being. It is a space of expansiveness that that exists beyond the realms of your 3rd dimensional mind capabilities. This is a space outside of your body. Outside of the mind, moving into "My Mind, My Heart, Your One Source."


Earth is shifting frequencies and is about to change channels. I felt the need, the pull, and the calling by many to come through in this way and with others . . . to speak to you. You seem to think I can only come through a church, or old book off the shelf. Dear Ones, "I Live and Love in Each of Your Cells and the Breath You Breathe." "For I Am You." "You Are Me." This is simply a task, a grand one at that, to undertake your Self in a human form for multiple purposes of love and expansion for your own Soul and that of other human civilizations other species, other universes and star systems.




I Am here to point the way. "Go Within Your Heart." You will find "Me" there. You must know that to tune yourself, to harmonize your being, to adjust your Self, you must go to your engine, just like your car. You don’t wash the outside of your car to tune the engine. You must go directly to in and in a space and way to align the parts.


Your engine is your heart. Your life is in the physical and energetic higher heart. I am in this Place. Jesus The Christed One is also there. This space only needs your love and listening. As we approach a time that many still have yet to see, much to do with your numbness of movies, fears, voices louder than your heart and old past memories that are of Earth, not of your Godliness. This must be reached back into. Ask for help to know this. Call upon the Legions of Angels, the Masters and Saints that you are comfortable with, yet listen for the words and knowingness that comes, there is a line of communication for you to tune into, it is a frequency as all things are. Your science is up to date on this, seek it out for the human aspects as you need to qualify it. Yet above all, "Go Within!" Seek the love that you seek. Seek the peace that you long for. Find that "I Am presence" that is you in perfect form and knowingness for in that space I hold you in holiness of empowerment of your Being. As you move into this space, listen more and more you "Will" hear. For I am speaking "Louder" than ever . . . "Come Home." Home is a loving space in Heart Consciousness, that once there will evidence it self in your world in the physical ways. "Know" the space of love is an energy and from that space the more love is held the more the physical form will reflect it.


Time to come home. Take the step. It is not the end of Earth, the time that approaches, but it is the end of Darkness of not knowing your true "God-Self" that you are. The end of dark consciousness is at hand. This is "My Decree" and nothing, "I Say Nothing" changes my Decree and the love I have for "All." I thank each of you for your unending service to All and time to come home to higher consciousness and be ye reborn in consciousness and the body and for clarity, it does not have to mean Death! You can supersede that and go back to the freedom of form as you choose. But you must now leave this reality by choice, leave the attachments, leave the limiting beliefs, leave the hate, the anger and fear and simply move into loving one another. That is all that is asked. If you love one another as your Self, then all will align and your entrance into this new expanded reality and way back to a path of being that you existed as before will show it Self.



Dearly loved ones of my creation, upon this day, of this hour, of this moment, I say to each of you. I love you and promise you wholeness and so it is.



Today as primary voice of your Family of Light and “The One




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  •  KH thank you once more for another intrinsic message. Love to your family.

     May a trillion Rainbow Heart Bubbles bubble out of all who read this

     forever in the moment healing all they come in touch with. Normally happens

     with a deep smile and sense of satisfaction. Blessings Light Love Balance Grace Harmony Kingjeff

  • I love how God speaks

    Speaks like me 

    I always knew I was God.

  • Wonderful .... thank-you.

  • Dear Karmas helper,

    Thanks for this message....

    Love & Blessings....


  • AWESOME THANK-YOU GOD WHOM I CALL "WAKAN TANKA" Great Mystery Spirit who live inside of us all.

  • Love this post, thankyou Renee and God

  • There is another way of being -- Duality is the only one taught on this planet. -- On purpose -- duality is a control program of old.

    I don’t think having a answer to any of it means a hill of beans.

    God Said is yet another Controller progam from the past.


    The Sun shines on all things in its presence, no exception or questioning or taking sides, Neutral to left brain right brain analyzing every little detail to death and then forming an opinion one way or the other.

    In schools and churches and at home we been taught since birth about duality, even into higher learning and above.

    Learning about Neutrality and unconditional shining on all things with out duality has been purposely left out of the equation completely.   Inner spirit shining on all things as the Sun  -- unconditionally -- neutral not taking sides -- unlearning sides and practicing shining on all things as Neutral is -- OK -- is the true alien invasion no one saw coming and enslaving humanity. 

    The holy grail of Duality is the soul ‘class’ or instruction taught on this planet.

    We were never shown Neutrality - unconditional shining of acceptance in all things are shined on by Sun no choosing who is worthy or who is worthy -- neutral -- totally.  

    The greatest secret of secrets -- The Sun is unconditionally shining.   Inner spirit shining unconditionally on all things,  not inner brain judging all things.  It never had anything to do with knowledge or thinking.  But has everything to do with shining.  We were taught the wrong class dualistic humanism and nothing else was ever offered -- total control from the start.

    “The pain you feel”, Is the love you with hold.”  on all things.” big and small.  Reflect on sun light as your inner light and you’ll never go astray. Or chase after men’s words.   Is it possible to break the chains of duality thinking, I believe so.   And God is not the Gate keeper.  its just a word that keep the door to the human cell locked.     

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