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  • Heya, thank you dear :)
    Delai Lillah :)
  • Thank you for the friending, Dearheart.
  • thank you from one goddess to another
  • :) cant think of anything to say... but many good feelings from the heart to you! *Aum*
  • By the way...i grew up in New Orleans but was born in Ft Wayne
  • Hey sister, not much i love more than new everyone likes to say
  • Hi Delilah,thanks wot a lovely surprise,and i would love for us to be friends.It feels to me like these friendships are creating big circles of great loving vibes around the world and i am certainly enjoying the contact with like-hearted souls,I think Ben Orion was very clever to organize us all so.It especially neat to have friend in San Fran. I spent three months there in !981 and had a very "eye -opening" time.Would love to tell you more one day, cant resist some highlights now tho.I loved the black peoples and they would just come up to me on the street and hug me and ask me where i was from.Such warmth.Hung with a band and they made me play on stage with them sometimes Berkly Uni etc.Came home with 301 cornrows which felt like my head had been entwined with prayers and blessings.Loved themission district.go bock often to visit during sleep hours but definately know i have been. Dont usually like to rave bout self but it really bout S.F.Anyway find myself wondering where you wander? Lots of good thoughts Shelley
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  • Thanks for the friend request! I love friends.
  • Thanks :) I was wondering, are you into meditation? Do you know some common experiences when meditating? I've just started my meditation journey so I was kind of wondering what's happening. I've just meditated for a week and had a strange experience yesterday. (Strange to me is to actually get really noticeable results from meditation.) If you are into meditation I can explain :)
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San Francisco, CA


August 24

About Yourself

My Starseed X-perience.


Me and my friends had decided to spend the night on the beach at a place called Greyhound Rock along highway 1, outside of Santa Cruz California, on Easter night in 1994 :)

(Greyhound Rock, shown in the image below)


Later that night, me and my friend started walking down the beach, and a strange energy came over me ~ like something was about to happen.

It was a warm beautiful clear night.  Truly magical things can happen to us, when we are in places of high energy, outside, under the stars and moonlight, we are more open to higher energies.  

But... something deeper and more cosmic was happening than I could have fathomed~

I looked up into the sky and saw 2 Stars start to "move"  after a little bit, they started ~rotating~ around each other!  They were rotating around each other pretty fast and they seemed pretty close.

Both me and my friend were amazed! 

I got actually got a little scared for a second and he told me to just stay calm and we kept watching them. Then, the two stars merged into One Star and I saw it fall...

Just then, I felt something go inside of me, almost like I was being impregnated like the spark of life in my Womb happened at that same moment.


My life changed profoundly after that happened, and has been changing ever since, and will continue to change forever.


This experience was so intense and amazing!  

I know the present &  future are going to be phenomenal beyond words, so many people have had similar profound experiences, that it tells me something special and amazing is happening on planet Earth.


We all have the power to change our own lives, and this world for the better.

I know and believe we are part of a bigger plan in this Universe and that truth will be revealed to us as time moves on and dissolves, our consciousness will become one, and we will work with the engineers that are creating Heaven on Earth.


L o v e 



Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I learn the most from Beings that touch me on a deeper level.

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Happy Galactic New Year, folks!

The stars are looking bright and shiny. Mars is getting ready and so are we. Ready for take-off! 🚀"
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"Thanks for the positive vibes Amparo... We are one.."
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