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  • Have a killer ween... love ya lots ;)

  • Thank you, Zen, for being here with us and adding your brilliant Light.
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Chandler, AZ


February 26

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Now I have two Master's degrees in Business (MBA in project management and MA in Organizational Management) as well as multiple certifications in teaching and the healing arts. I am a father of four and grandfather of eight, recovering still from the devastation of divorce. I have worked with First Nations to Federal Government offices on a variety of projects from City Parks (Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix) to the Grand Canyon (an upgrade for Mather Point) as a project facilitator and partnering consultant. I first began the public splash in the 90s with a television show called One World and hosted over 100 shows. Then, I moved on to "Who?" The following is the promo: I've been around the metaphysical and UFO community locally and internationally for nearly 30 years in one form or another - managing conferences, producing/hosting television shows, attending and facilitating gatherings on board and much more than I care to write about here. I trust you'll do your own research. Here's a site you can investigate: Namaste, Zendor

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Each person I meet, read about, or watch. I was inducted into the cosmic order as a young boy, adopted and available for deep inquiry into the nature and wisdom of creation.

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Nov 2, 2020
Zendor posted a blog post
Non-Human Intelligence Conveys Unimaginable TruthsIntelligence conveys that Ufology has long been plagued by the NHI side of the coin, beyond the nuts and bolts or the tangible evidence we tend to seek. The physical evidence is something we can…
Jan 26, 2020
Zendor commented on Kenya★ρlεïαḋïαṉ♆ṡταɾṡεεḋ♓Young's blog post To all the "others" :)
"Something of an effort to reach out...

Read more: Follow us: AshtarCommandCrew on Facebook"
Jun 24, 2013
Zendor posted a blog post
Multi-Plane Cosmonaut DownloadMulti-Plane Cosmonaut is a recording of a well-know technique developed by William Swygard in the 1950s. It is called the Multi-Plane Awareness Technique and is designed for the experiencer to integrate various etheric,…
Jun 4, 2013

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"There is 'fear' as abstract noun, real noun and as a verb. There is
the verb 'to fear', the 'fear' in abstract, and the 'fear' as 'the thing we fear'.

When all these three meanings are used interchangeably, the 'fearing' as an emotion isn't…"
2 minutes ago
Roaring Lovely commented on Roaring Lovely's blog post Quantum Immortality

A quantum entity is a particle that has a behaviour that mimics waves in the manner in which it positions itself. Or perhaps it is a wave that has a behaviour that mimics particles in the manner in which…"
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"I Love how Creator in His/Her simple and short messages gives us the best advice at the perfect moment...Today I went to AT&T because I could not get through my phone service...An update was going on whilst I slept and I had no choice but go and get…"
1 hour ago
Roaring Lovely commented on Roaring Lovely's blog post Quantum Immortality
"Quantum guy points to you at a screen. You see a dot, not any different from a spec of durst. He tells you 'that is an electron'. But he immediately tells you that is not how the electron looks like, because of a 2 hour movie he is going to show…"
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"What a stunning collection! What a beautiful universe! Here's one of my favourites, the Rosette Nebula:"
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