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Music and time

Often, christians are ridiculed for alegedly claiming that we were all created for the sole purpose of playing harps in the clouds for all eternity! But if by 'harps' they include guitars, then personaly, I have absolutely no problem with that!:)But

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why we dream

Scientists are yet to understand why we dream. Probably, they will not underrtand it until the paradigm shift from outside-in to inside-out view of the cosmos. At the heart of the problem is the eluding thing we call 'mind'. It only makes sense to sa

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Perharps the champion of all the absurd myths is the xenu's story. This fit among the 'why' narratives that attempt to explain why the world is as it is; especially why there are bad things in the world. The story of genesis in the bible is of course

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Is ignorance bliss?

Bliss is supposedly a 'positive' thing. Ignorance is far at the other side of the pendulum. So how did the twine met in claiming; ignorance is bliss?I think there is a factor that is left out of the equation. It is this unpopular word called FEAR. So

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There is a term that a contemporary scientist often uses; 'random fluctuation'. As in all PHYSICS jargon, it is good only in DESCRIBING the world. When we need to EXPLAIN, I suggest that we drag this word to dustpin folders.The statement; such and su

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