Perharps the champion of all the absurd myths is the xenu's story. This fit among the 'why' narratives that attempt to explain why the world is as it is; especially why there are bad things in the world. The story of genesis in the bible is of course one such a 'why' narrative.Xenu's story is what I might term a galactic conspiracy theory. This is why I put it under conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, it sound more credible to me than some of conspiracy theories I do hear of!Way back millions of years ago, there was no GFL, perharps what was there might better be termed; galactic federation of darkness. There was a tyrannical hypergovernment led by his evil Xenu. There was a problem of overpopulation in the galaxy. Each planet had an average of 150 billion inhabitants! Xenu decided that he will kill some of them. Using some tricks, he ended up bringing billions of them to earth and killed them using H-bombs. The souls of the remaining were somehow trapped by a lesser, taken somewhere and then brainwashed about many things, including the stories about our origin and including God, Jesus and Devil. The origin of these 3 beasts in our brainwashed minds, so they say, is a movie those souls were shown!Now because the souls were many, and the bodies remaining were few, thaorands of souls inhabited each bodies. So they say that even today, we are pocessed by thaosands of 'walkins' within us! They say this is the source of all our myseries! The journey to what you might term 'ascension' constitute persuading these other guys to walk out!

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  • Yes exactly, friend Fourier Music...The Logos visualises a thought for creation, a desired form and then pronounces a sound, which creates the manifested physical forms visualised...This is achieved on a macrocosmic scale, as there are logoi ensouling planets, stars and galaxies...


    These are the grand "oak trees," that were once "acorns," or men/women...


    There are a particular branch of special ascended masters, who actually train to be logoi....Sanat Kumara is the name of this planetary logos.....there are quadrillions of logoi throughout cosmos..and one great bodily sum, who is oversoul for all...

  • Interesting story - may I ask where you got this information from?

  • ~On the flip side of the multidimensional coin, Scientology's views on the dangers of Psychiatry are right on the money; from my perspective. Keep in mind, I'm not referring to the various forms of one-to-one therapy, which can have profound healing effects. Psychiatry, on the other hand, has devolved into a broken shitstem with the sole purpose of using 'doctors' to push experimental drugs like serotonin inhibitors, ritalin & adderall on the masses. & the effects have been devastating in ways that aren't fully understood... yet. That we've numbed ourselves to the onslaught of commercials promoting these type of drugs, with smiling faces & soft music playing, while a frightening list of side effects are raddled off, speaks for itself. Make no mistake about it, the mind-control tactics of Big-Pharma surpass anything Scientology has engaged in. Which isn't to suggest that this is some kind of low-grade competition... it's far more complex than that. Nonetheless, as Feather rightly pointed out, most of these shadows are a direct result of Archontic control... which if we simply recalibrate the equation from 'Fear' to 'Love', the parasite instantly looses interest in it's host... us! We don't need to be prescribed medications designed to mask our connection to our Higher Selves... far from it... we need to reconnect with who we really are. & it's much easier than we've been trained to believe. ~InLight555

    *I would add that I strongly suspect that the rescent suicide of Robin Williams was directly connected to the 'side-effects'(which in many instances, include sudden suicidal urges) of medications he was prescribed for his depression. Undoubtably, more will be revealed.   

  • ~Yeah, Ambrose... 'Going Clear' is well worth the time, & tends to be more 'fair' than many books on Scientology. On one level, it is a powerful critique of the dangers of mind-control; including the rituals & beliefs of Scientology... on another level, it also humanizes many of Hubbard's loyalists, who are too easily dismissed as 'lost sheep' in search of a Guru etc. In fact, many of Scientology's followers are more 'conscious' than many would assume. Which isn't to suggest that the Churches abuses aren't quite disturbing... they are. 

    The book also covers Paul Haggis (the Hollywood film director), who is their most high-level defector... & was a member for over 35 years. Though they would deny it, his departure has created a ripple effect they still haven't recovered from. ~Bottom line, as I said earlier, all of these entry points merely scratch the surface of the full story. As the veils of duality continue to fade, all of the shadows surrounding organized religion will come into 'clearer' Light.  

  • And here's a link for those who feel they don't want to pay authors either for the info, to find out about scientology. :)


  • Many religions and faiths probably start with a bunch of men in a dark room uttering the magic words: "How can we abuse women and children and also get away with it afterwards?". ;)

  • As you know, there are many false "channels" who muddy the waters about the GFL....In truth, the Galactic Federation of Light is comprised of numerous star nations within this galaxy....

    There are attempts in motion to link up with extra-galactic civillisations, discovered by the Science and Exploration fleets of the GFL....At present, such civillisations are not full members, as they are not within the body of the Galactic Logos, Lord Surea and his lighted mandate...

    You have probably read some false claims about the GFL being inter-galactic...Technically, it is not...It is linked to a parallel universe though, known as the "Dajansini Arg Lasergnoralin," or DAL for short...and also possesses multiple planar expressiions...so is inter-dimensional if not, politically, inter-galactic in membership...



    "Dajansini Arg Lasergnoralin" means "creation as second born," in the language of the Plejares....and colonists from that very star cluster settled in that parallel universe, eons ago...having discovered the technical means to make such a transit....

    In modern times, such technical ablities are pooled among Federation members...



    • Strange.
      The Galactic Federation I know is multidimensional and see this entire universe as a "playground/library/lab".

      Seems like Your Galactic Federation of Light is formed within the material structure of the current universe (role players in 3D) whereas My Galactic Federation are responsible for the 3D existence in its entirety.

      In short: My commander made Yours possible. ;)

      • All sentient beings, counted as Federation members, originate upon the higher monadic plane, which achieves total mastery over physicality, via the four higher cosmic degrees....Thus a level that breaks any planetary karma....Physicality is indeed a type of playground for spirit to inhabit...

        A physical galaxy is nothing less than the focussed thoughtforms of a galactic logos and for this galaxy, that would be Lord Surea.....We are all part of this greater logoic body, as monadic shards of heavenly will....focussed upon the planes, including the aetheric physical...

        You seem confused, AO and don't really understand as much as you pretend to, here on ACC...


        The Cosmic Aetheric Plane comprises the following levels, the finer being of highest vibration..








        Aetheric (the lowest three aethers being gas, liquid and solid)


        Above the cosmic aetheric plane would be the cosmic astral, and so on, and on....Exploration is virtually limitless

  • Well, the Galactic Federation of LIGHT is only four millions sol years old, as the Milky Way galaxy goes, so there was indeed a time before it's creation, which was a time of great discord and darkness...

    I do not subscribe to "scientology," yet they may possess some truths, akin to the way various earth religions do...fragments that require to be assembled, to make up a whole mosaic of truth...

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