why we dream

Scientists are yet to understand why we dream. Probably, they will not underrtand it until the paradigm shift from outside-in to inside-out view of the cosmos. At the heart of the problem is the eluding thing we call 'mind'. It only makes sense to say that we cannot understand mind in terms of anything else that is not on the same par with the mind.People give several reasons as to why we dream. Non of the reasons I know of is mutually exclusive to any other. As such all of them might be the correct reasons. I have heard of 4 reasons.COMMUNICATIONIt is said that dream is a way in which the subconscious mind communicate with the conscious mind. It can use symbols and/metaphors.ORGANISING MEMORYIt is said that scientists have found a corelation between the amount of new things you learn and the amount of dreams you will experience. Of course why this is so is a fresh can of worms.ACTUAL EXPERIENCEDream is just a visit to another world. It can be a navigation in a space like this or something like an Hilbert Space.BODY FUNCTIONINGThis is my own opinion. Consciousness of things around helps some parts of the body to work. (mind over matter) If for instance you hear some sweet music, it might even help in digestion. So in case that help is neaded in digestion while sleeping, you will dream of some sweet music.YOUR OPINIONSo add me the list!:)

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  • Maybe now I'm on right page I thought I was here and guess browser jumped over to Lee's post and put it there but meant it here.

    unds like you've been to classes on one of the ships. That may be where you got your great ideas you write about.  And you don't always know when you're astral but everyone astrals in their sleep.

    Right as you fall into that twilight time, right before passing into unconscious sleep have an image of where you want to go in the Ajna center and will to go there, see yourself there.  Sure sounds like you were in one of Donn's scripture classes and is why you see the scriptures a bit deeper.  

    Many are taken to the ship classes in sleep state and they bring the knowledge back in the subconscious and it comes to them when needed. Einstein said when he had a problem he could not solve he would lie down take a nap and think on it as he went to sleep and wake up with the answer

  • I haven't 'learned how to initiate an OBE. Mine have always been spontaneous, from my perspective. If you should find yourself out of your body, don't think of your body or worry about it or you will automatically be back in it. Just go somewhere, fly, or otherwise move somewhere by thinking. A lucid dream is just like an obe, only you 'wake up' out of body from a regular dream or even if you weren't having a dream, you jut wake up but not in the body. What I call an obe or a lucid dream is whenever I am just as awake as if I was in my body only I'm out of it. Consciousness is the same as being awake, not like dreaming at all....like being wide awake.
    My spiritual path: http://www.eckankar.org/ It was originally called "The Ancient Science of Soul Travel" when it was brought back into public decades ago. You are free to study it as you wish. I recommend it if you are seeking knowledge about these things.

  • Whenever I've had a lucid dream or an o.b.e., there was no doubt as to just what I was experiencing. But, "normal" dreams are another thing and, for me, as of yet, they are not understood by my "waking mind" in any clear, specific fashion. They seem to speak to another part of my consciousness and leave me with only vague ideas as to what they mean, if they have meaning at all.

    A true o.b.e., and I've had but a few, is much different than my dreaming consciousness. In an o.b.e., my consciousness is the same as when I'm wide awake and in my body. Exactly the same, just not in the body.

    My guides don't bother me much, but I believe they are around and giving very subtle hints and some protection, too. My experience with my guides has always left me feeling a certain sense of "efficiency", (for lack of a better term). By that, I mean, they always give just the right amount of what is needed, no more, no less. They are very exacting about this. No waste, nothing superfluous, just the most concise communication I can conceive of. And, it is always a "perfect" message or the most "efficient" answer. Sometimes it is an answer to a question that I didn't even know I was really curious about until the answer is given. I know this doesn't sound like it makes sense, but I know it when it is there and there is nothing in this world quite like it.

  • We gotta have something to do while our bodies are resting and re-balancing.

  • Light body maintenance, through self-simulated dreams. Low frequency obstructions may end up causing negative alterations on the physical echo. Such as tumors and many other diseases, most of them.

    Higher-self interactions. A few times I've found myself, Above, discussing matters of importance with M'ka, our other Brothers and Sisters.

    Frequency stability is balanced out, within the environment. The way you think.

    Emotional trauma, repressed emotions. Cleansing process on chakras.

    Memory clusters. Information assimilation. Consciousness.

    Soul pattern alignment. Destiny lenses clearance.

    Simulations suggestion. Destiny.

    Just the basics.

  • Yes this is pretty accurate. It used to be a phase in which parts of the spirit could leave the body and meet with spiritual guides and learn as a spirit while the body rests. But due to the sleeping fest that has taken over the earth due to mind control and low frequencies, sleeping and dreams have become a mix between imagination and sometimes OBE, but usually mixed with subconscious judgement so it is tainted.

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