Music and time

Often, christians are ridiculed for alegedly claiming that we were all created for the sole purpose of playing harps in the clouds for all eternity! But if by 'harps' they include guitars, then personaly, I have absolutely no problem with that!:)But christians were correct in relating time with music. If paintings or sculptures is meant to decorate space, then music is meant to decorate time. This is because if drawing is assingning obects to space, singing is assigning notes to time. So what is it that is analogous to the piece of paper on which we paint? All right, you have guessed; the PRIME MOVER. You cannot paint on vacuume. Likewise without prime mover, you cannot sing.This is of course the reason I am not amused by saying that now is all there is. This deny me the opportunity to put my notes sequentially. Experiencing all the notes NOW means that I can only hear a huge STRUM, which I don't like! Perharps it becomes noise but not music at all. Otherwise, sing for me a song without time!!You might have realised that music brings about some memories. Yes, music seems to take me to past. This often can make songs bittersweet, nostalgic and riversnostalgic. It can make some completely bitter. Music seems unlike aroma, which merely give some DEJA VU, tickling memory but disappearing like a bubble.DANCING WHILE STANDING STILLThis is my most favourite form of dance. I 'move' with tremendous velocity while standing still! Actually, it seems like 'moving' along a fourth dimension, i.e flowing in the river of prime mover! You feel synchronised with the prime mover. It is as though if music stops, time itself will stop! It is a fantastic moment!:)

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  • ...Nice...:)....<3 ...

  •  It has been said that; "Music is the language of the soul".

  • Christianity has been used against you as with any other religion that puts whatever "character" above human divinity. Mainly when worship is involved.

    Have you been given any knowledge about how powerful you're, about your origins, about your light body, about your very being? I don't think so.

    Don't get me wrong, I used to have good christian friends... well, they're still my friends, but not so much christians anymore. I showed them some knowledge, meditation, astral travel, healing through heart's will. Now they're powerful themselves. Not begging for mercy to the lord anymore. "Ooooh loooord"

    I simply gave them some knowledge that religion took away from them.

    Related with your post... what can I say? I like music! I know what you're talking about, with some songs you're able to reach the speed of light without even moving, your soul soars high above, being carried away by melodies of all sorts, seeking memories and desires.

    It's an amazing experience, bonding feelings with music. It has a real explanation too, but that you can ask yourself to christianity. Hahaha... sorry.

  • You play the guitar I will sing and dance and turn all the clouds into music notes so when they are stepped on they sing their own song
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