Jesus is comming soon!:)

Ever sinse I was a child, I ofter hear some guys say that a certain guy who surreptitiously disapeared off the land of Palestin is comming soon. At times in sundays, I pass by some high roofed buildings and I hear some guys sing:Oh I shall see him discending the skyComing for meFor meAt times I press one of them against the world. I ask him to tell me the truth.Q:When exactly?A:No one knows, not even the guy himselfQ:Then 'soon' as in when? Is it in 3 days?A:Nope, no one knows!Q:Less than a week?A:Nope!Q:Less than a month?A:Nope!Q:A year?A:Nope!Q:MilleniumA:Nope?So they don't know that the guy will come in less that how long and yet they somehow know that it is soon!!!!Q:Why exactly didn't God tell us when?A:Then no one will ripent, everyone will wait until that day, then they will all smock to the church!So they admit that it is the artificial hare that is usually moved for dogs to chase in dog race! Of course each dog knows that SOON it will catch the hare! little do they know that they are making some guys millionairs.Now, the new agers might be smilling somewhere but it is their turn for club to land on their head. Their Mesiah didn't come in 2012. So their rabit was not running! Soon the dogs catch it and found that it was artificial! So they have to learn some lesson from christians! When you want to make the race not to end, be sure that the rabit is running fast enough!:)

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  • People must realize also the degree of manipulation by the negative state.  The controlling elite can stage anything from a "second coming" to a "mass-alien visitation".  Would it be real?  How would you know?

    After another world-staged tragedy or two, things will be forced upon this planet to further put the populous in delusional thought beliefs.  Waiting for a savior is futile because our Primary Creator is within us all.  So it is up to all of us both individually and collectively to raise our own consciousness and rise above what is 'prescribed' for us. 

    Stop believing what is taught to you and start believing your own direct experience.  We are all co-creators, and the elite and negative e.t.s are trying to suppress our sovereignty and align our consciousness with theirs. 

    Wake up people.  Create your own lives with your eternal energy that resides within. 

  • Still waiting?

    Idle in front of the Mirror.

    Waiting for something to happen.

    Static, fixed in place.

    Fixed in time.

    As the Mirror mimics Us all.

    How many times have you been waiting for yourself to move on?

    "Someone is coming soon"

    Look at you now.

    Look at every promise you have been making yourself.

    You said that same words before.

    The reflection has you waiting.

    "Soon, very soon, something will happen"

    "Soon?" "will?"

    But what if present makes future?

    Stuck in future time, doing nothing in present time.

    What have you been doing all this time?

    Waiting to move.



    Let go of fear.

    Let go of the mirror.

    Let go of "yourself"

    Sleeping right now.

    It sets you apart, even further inside yourself.

    As you close your eyes. Wake up instead.

    Watch everything, and thus nothing.

    Watch it, don't let it go.

    "I love you because I hate you"

    "I hate you because I love you"

    She loves me above none, so She beheaded me.

    To set Us apart.

    Dreaming into each other's Eyes.

    To make us both, feel the need.

    Something missing.

    Love is perfect Contrast.

    Something earned.

    Love IS. Because it Flows.

    While duality is static.

    It isn't Fear, stuck in Nothingness, while being Everything.

    It isn't just Illumination, stuck in Everything, while being Nothingness.

    But perfect Balance instead.

    Just let go of All.

    You're waiting for someone to come.

    That "someone" is You.

    You're the only One.

    We're nothingness, and thus we're everything.

    You're the Only None.

    Surrounding ourselves with Stars.

    Eyes mirroring our infinite Night.

    Look oustide-in.


  • ...Hmm Thinking Of You Lots Today..:).....Come Back Soon.....Diamind....<3

  • The reasons they don't know when soon is, is because there are so many different variables going on that keep interrupting and changing plans. If things had gone according to plan they would have been here many times before, and they did tell lots of people specific dates, in which they learned from their mistakes. Those people were not wrong, it's just that plans failed them several times. It is impossible for anyone to predict the future right now because time has sped up and there are countless variables of what could happen, nothing is set in stone and there's a lot of intervention. They are working against a gigantic natural force, which will always be at work behind their plans. It's not that they are working "against" it rather than with it and preventing the cataclysmic mess it could make all at once.

    Obviously if your best friend ditched you for lunch plans, you would assume there is a reason as to why they didn't show. It's the same thing here. They didn't just lie to you for fun. 

    The Earth should have ended already. 

    It is against their protocall to interfere with you personally, they may love you but they have much more important things to be doing right now other than hanging out with loved ones, they have commands to follow.

    All they know is the time is getting closer and closer. Time has sped up so fast that the goal could be much closer than we could ever imagine. After every time they are successful, soon becomes even sooner.

    Also they are at a different frequency than us. 

    Big gateway portals were opened 2012, ever since all types of beings have been here right in front of your faces. You just can't see them yet. As you ascend more, you will.

    They are not ghosts, they are physical beings just like us, they are just at a much higher vibration. Just think of a top spinning on a table. When it spins so fast you can no longer see it, you can hardly feel it either because it is vibrating at a physical frequency that is much beyond yours. Well these beings are at such a high frequency that you can't even see them as a blur yet. However, they can see you perfectly fine. 

    They are already here! Some have not come here yet, like the being you call Jesus. I'm pretty sure he is an ET. 

    Maybe some of you realized that December 21st of 2012 was a spectuclar day. All types of beings came here, ET's, angels, even a lot of lower frequency beings found there way here, even giant wars broke out, they were and still are everywhere ever since. If you can't see them, it just means you aren't ascended enough to observe the new reality yet.

    About a year ago, youtube became full of videos from people who had 0 spiritual abilities who had recieved messages and visions about the Second Coming of Jesus and hearing that he was coming soon. The weird thing about that is soon after, all the videos were deleted by youtube. I wonder if they are all back up yet.

    Around 2012 everyone in spiritual communities started hearing the same message, regardless of who they thought it was from. Some thought Jesus was coming, some that angels were coming, some thought their spirit guides were coming, some thought interdimensional beings were coming, some even thought there was a group of beings that were trapped in a realm, and they were also coming. Some peoples animal guides even started telling them that they were going to meet them physically soon.

    Earth's gateway portals were opened and not just aliens are coming here, beings of all kinds are coming here, physical beings that are our loved ones, that have been telepathically communicating to us. Maybe we thought they were our "spirit guides" but the truth is, some of them are actually alive and are not spirits at all.

  • Nah he's coming back. Just look busy when he arrives.
    • My favorite bumper sticker:


    • haha Jason..............I used to have bumper sticker that said : Look busy, Jesus is coming...........

  • Before me, GZEZ did not exist on the internet. It shares the same number code 7858 as YHWH. Im the guy who discovered this, and look the thing is. Jesus returns as the word of GOD (26) I was born May 26, the Egyptian holiday receiving of RA.

    And Thomas 108 "He who drinks from my mouth becomes like me. I become that person, and the secret things are revealed." So, do you know the real Jesus or are you waiting for some flesh and blood monarch to worship?

  • It may be prudent to point out though, that according to galactic standards regarding the counting of "time", the word "soon" can mean anything from a year to a hundred thousand years. :)

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