• thankyou for all that you send out to me ..blessings for christmas and new year xxxxx
  • Ja denna film är mycket viktig i uppvaknandet! Här finns den med svensk text.

    • Lögner väcker ingen...

  • I think at least 90 percent of people are trying to get along and grow..I don't like this because it is so negative. The original movie denies the existance of the Christ..not going for it! I believe!
    • You've focused on one tiny part of the movie, simply because it contradicts what you've been brainwashed into believing. Their research shows that Christianity is simply a take-off from other more ancient world religions. It doesn't say that there isn't a higher power, a consciousness, an ultimate source. What it DOES say is the way MAN has interpreted that is incorrect. Maybe Christ does exist, just not in the way the bible portrays.
    • is not is the TRUTH...and the TRUTH is bad (and im not talking about whether Jesus existed or no) ....the solution is not to fight the society, or reject it..the solution is to stop supporting it..and if you do so,it will collapse (if it dont collapse by itself anyway)...YES, i know its scary for you,and you want to hang on to the old....but this is not the way...we need past the old ways..and replace them with something better...when something is not working we change it...And this society we are in now, is NOT working... The time for change is NOW!!!
      i dont care whether the makers of Zeitgeist believe in Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, in a rock from their backyard...or in nothing at all...this is not important...i am not living with them at the same room....
      and i think it is better that they only approach the issue from a scientific point of view...because this way it has a much bigger percentage to succeed than if they bring the ET's and spirituality in it!!!
      Do you think that they would approach the masses better if they talked about ET's???...I dont think so....
      People need to do a research...and SEE what this is all about...ITS NOT ABOUT hi-tech futuristic houses...
      OPEN YOUR MINDS...question things..."Who are these people??..what they say?? this society possible???,,,how can we do it???...dont you think that by seeing 2 movies we have all the answers,and get in the usual conclusion:"well its good but it cant happen...we are being controlled"..... B/S....NOBODY will do it for us,if we dont do it for ourselves....
      EDUCATION,EDUCATION,and more EDUCATION...IF people could only REALIZE what this is all about,we would have a GLOBAL revolution before tomorrow morning!!!!
  • The two Zeitgeist movies are key components to Awakening. Although they are limited in content (lacking the spiritual and ET aspect), they are synthesized well in explaining The Conspiracy against humans minus The Elite. PJ needs to make one more movie that ties in the spiritual side and the involvement of ET's bringing people's realities on higher paths instead of doom and gloom lower vibrations that the first two movies seem to focus on. The Venus Project is wonderful, in theory, but what I didn't understand was how they thought it would work if the World stays on it's present course towards NWO (for those in that reality anyway). There was little (if any) reference towards "how" to fix the problem other than what is encouraged at the end of Addendum. They are good ideas, but not enough when it comes to battling beings that are much more advanced than us that have had us in oblivious states of perception for around 300,000 years.
    • ...the beings that are battling us is the "stupidity" in the human brain...the oblivious state in our mind is there because we ALLOW it to be there...The Venus Project says what is the solution...but if we sit all day on our couches, eating pizzas and beer, reading our "favorite's channel" latest news and then we all go to vote for our favorite "puppet" at the elections holding flags and banners...then NOTHING is gonna change!!! The world of course will stay on it's present course towards NWO,if we are only waiting from the others to do something...EDUCATION is needed...SPREAD THE WORD to friends and families...STOP SUPPORTING THE SYSTEM...
      • The human brain does not contain stupidity because it is not where memory lies. I agree that we have allowed this state of control to happen and have done very little to thwart it. But, what I am also saying is that we have been cunningly deceived into complacency intentionally by beings not of this earth. They are here for the long haul and have no intentions of being taken down by some inert actions such as nonsupport of the system. Rejecting this society they have developed for us is part of it, but developing a loving heart and erasing lower vibratory emotions such as anger, fear, and worry that only keeps you at their level will do you much more good. The Family of Light will prevail because the God self in each of you is many times more powerful than they are. All you have to do is access it and use it. Start by healing and loving yourselves and others around you. You will be noticed and it will spread. Namaste
  • Thank you Ben for the dont need to know space science for to understand what it is all just needs COMMON SENSE...which it seems,it is missing alot in our days...SPREAD THE WORD!!! EDUCATION is needed!!!
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