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  • i am back here again! nice to meet you again on ashtar's site. blessings, i love u miss u so so much!

    p.s thanks for everything u do for the creation

  • LOVE
  • unicorns Pictures, Images and Photos

    Namaste My Beautiful Sister :)
    Much Love and Light...
    Liora xoxox
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    Have a blessed day
  • Hi Christine

    Thanks for the comment! Love your art! - very special!

    Bright Blessings!
  • Thank you beautiful Christine ! I LOVE YOU
  • hi, thank you for the beautiful painting Is dreamy and deep with in , you really have talent the painting says alot thanks again and have a wonderfull day , by the way the other picture with the clouds is really interesting.
    love and light
  • May all being be forever blessed as we are my dearly loved siStar Christine.

  • 'I am always with you in the night" is just bresthless ! so beautiful !
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful present !!
    I love you my dear Chrisitne !
    ☮Peace☮ & L♡ve ✿
    Blessings✿✿✿ ...♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

  • Many blessings to you my beautiful friend !!
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Palmdale, CA

About Yourself

I am a visionary/fantasy artist and face/body painter. I also enjoy writing books mainly for children. I have been a ufo/et researcher and "fan" since 1971. I found a wonderful channel in the 80's named Bashar and have gone to many of his channelings and listened to tons of the tapes. I was on the last one he did in Sedona, Arizona in November 2008 and we spoke of angels, synchronicity etc. It was a real fun time. In the late 70's I actually went to George van Tassels home and the integratron where Ashtar had connected with him then. Was fun to listen to him. Now I wish I would of taped it. Anyway, I have seen a couple ships. One was like a big glowing golden egg at night in the mountains where I lived..Just disappeared around 3 am. The other was in Sedona actually. Bashar's ship is now over Sedona at this time. Check him out at if you want to, great information and he is funny too. If you are interested in ordering a ethereal portrait or any other art let me know! Also, if you are in the Palmdale..LA area. I do face painting and body painting for parties. I do fairy parties at Midsummer Fairies here in Quartz Hill. WIshing you all the best. Love and Blessings, Christine Von Lossberg 661-456-8070 My Magic Jack Phone Number

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Everyone basically...Bashar, Abraham, Jesus, so many.. life!

Christine Von Lossberg posted a video
This is a video of some of my paintings, drawings, face and body paintings. The beautiful music i...
Nov 2, 2020
Christine Von Lossberg left a comment for Kathar Ra
"Sending a couple of new ones..the first is Isle of VIew and the second one is Temple Goddess ..maybe you could name it better. So happ you are here! Love your logo and new name..Much muich Love to you honey!  OXOXXO Christine"
Jun 27, 2012
Christine Von Lossberg left a comment for Kathar Ra
Jun 27, 2012
Christine Von Lossberg left a comment for Kathar Ra
Jun 27, 2012

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"The nuclear arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three matches and the other five. - Carl Sagan.."
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"From 1983 to the present day, the Draco - Zeta Resistance resumed their hybridization program through abducting humans creating several strains of hybrids and human clones. They also created infiltrates via genetic engineering through which they…"
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"Betelgeuse, Bellatrix , Procyon, Sirius, Orion, Saip, Regel and Canis Minor are home to some of the Zeta Greys."
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