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Hi Everybody, 

I want to bring up the subject of Wifi, emfs, and how they affect consciousness, thought,

and our subtle, etheric, or electromagnetic organs.

Having been subject to this for a number of years, as the proliferation of wifi, and wireless technologies has increased, along with an increase in personal sensitivity and awareness,

its become quite a concern for me. I have noticed that many people who are other wise up to speed on things like organic food, health care, and other wise "in the know" do not seem to have any concept that sitting next to a microwave generating device, like a laptop, or having a wireless router in your living room, might be having an effect on you.

Personally, I can feel these thing affecting my subtle bodies, and not in a good way. It seems to me, to hit me most in the head, and 7th chakra and above region, kind of "dumbing me down" and cutting of "higher" spiritual awareness and other third eye type activities, like seeing/sensing etheric energy in plants and other people.

You can look at the standard brainwave frequency tables for EEG measurements:  Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Mu, Theta. They each correspond to a psychophysical brain state.

I don't know the specifics of how sensitive brains are, but, I suspect, that, being a sensitive electrical organ, if the brain were subjected to external frequencies, it could be specifically entrained or modulated into a desired state. Meaning, if you understood the electrical patterns of the brain, it stands to reason that you may be able to induce brain states through external electric manipulation.

Also, I would like see a kind of map of what freqencys the human body can put out.

Obviously, thermal, auditory, and energies like anger, apathy, love, intelligence, plus the vitality of the etheric body. So if you looked at a human through a spectroscope, you might find that they are already emitting in the wifi range. You could see where these emissions were generated from, and then try to modulate them.

From what I gather, the mind, operates from another dimension, and uses the physical body as its 3d transducing point. So, it seems to me that, while not acually affecting the higher mind, the microwaves may make it hard/impossible for clear communication to take place between the physical and spiritual realms. Anyone want to corrorborate this?

While useful, these technologies may be a kind of trojan horse, causing people to voluntarily subject themselves to  continuous microwave emissions, coming from computers, phones, and wifi routers, often directly broadcast to the head or near the heart or ovaries/testes(phone, chest pocket, pants pocket)

This has also permitted the building of large, numerous arrays of antennas that broadcast over huge populated areas. Such networks are Cell towers, city wide wifi (wimax) and things like gwen and haarp antennas.

I would suggest that it may be possible to use frequencies which are actually harmonious to the human body to communicate.

    I quote, from The Morning of The Magicians, by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier
         In his reception address at Oxford University in 1946 Jean Cocteau told the following story:               "My friend Pobers, Professor of parapsychology at the University of Utrecht, was sent on a mission to the West Indies to study the part played there by telepathy, in current use among the simple people. If they want to communicate with their husbands or sons in town, the women speak to a tree, and the men bring back whatever they have been asked for. One day Pobers was present at one of these occasions and asked the peasant woman wehy she addressed herself to a tree. Her reply was surprising and conducive to solving the whole modern problem of our instincts being atrophied b the machines on which we have come to rely. This, then, was the question: "why do you address yourself to a tree?" And this was the answer: "because I am poor. If I were rich I should have the Telepphone"
I Invite everyone here to share related expereinces with WIFI, cell phones, how they make you feel, how they affect your psychic perceptions, what you think about the frequencies, if there are covert agendas, and how to deal with, heal, or avoid the problem.
Here are some teachers I have worked with who study this problem:          and

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This is great, I don't have time now but I would like to check out these links :)  I use orgonite for my computers and wear protective stones most of the time, always interesting to see some good spirit science playing out. 

All communication between two parties is based on an exchange of energy. Understanding occurs when the exchange is mutually understood. This occurs when the frequency vibrations are compatible and resonant with one another. One party sends the energy, another party receives and 'translates'. In verbal communication, the words spoken create an audible pattern of vibration of which the recipient must also understand the pattern. Mind communication such as channelling / telepathy creates patterns of vibration which must be mutually recognized by the recipient in order to be understood. Information as a pattern of vibration regarding quantum physics would not be recognised by an individual with no understanding of the subject. The level of communication will be based on the level of understanding. The use of metaphoric stories or imagery may be used to convey a deeper meaning instead. Mother Shipton could not describe a satellite or the internet or even telepathy so stated instead - 


Around the world men's thoughts will fly,
quick as the twinkling of an eye. 


And so in response, if you seek to communicate on the same frequency as a cell phone or a WiFi system then you will find interference from them, however, rest assured, my own communications remain unaffected by these devices being in close proximity.

I choose one in particular which may assist your question:

How do you communicate with each other?
We do not use language as you use language – although we do at times use our ‘mother tongue’, so to speak, amongst our own kind. We communicate as we are doing with you now – by placing our thoughts in your head. For us to do so, we need firstly your permission, this is important for all communication. We do not force our thoughts upon you, there must be reciprocation and willingness for you to listen – mmm? Secondly, we must establish a connection, you must raise your own thoughts / vibrations and we must lower ours. When the vibrations match, there is a level of fine adjustment until we have a clear channel.

Are these words and thoughts not my own?
Yes and no. They are certainly and feel like your own thoughts for they are generated within your own head, however the pattern of vibration has not been generated by you, it has been placed there by us. Much like your ear drums resonating with an external sound. Your brain interprets and tells you the sound which you hear in your head but the source of the sound is external to you.


And one final point from Mother Shipton which always proves interesting considering the year of its composition - 1560:

And before the race is built anew,
a silver serpent comes to view
and spew out men of like unknown
to mingle with the earth now grown
cold from its heat and these men can
enlighten the minds of future man
to intermingle and show them how
to live and love and thus endow.
the children with the second sight.
a natural thing so that they might
grow graceful, humble and when they do
the golden age will start anew. 


I have much information regarding the frequencies of emotions and yes, artificial EM fields do have a direct effect on the human energy bodies, however, this is not something that we need to concern ourselves with for very much longer.    

I wish you well my friend.

thank you for sharing this guys

interesting information

love to you all

Hi kadvaga and thanks for bringing this subject up. I would agree with you that all this frequencies can be an obstacle to someone’s effort to work on their spiritual self, spirit self, higher self.

There are many spiritual and scientific people out there that address the severity of this subject.

One of my favorite places to visit is Ivan Stein’s website

As he gives a wonderful overview of how a spiritual community can function(diet, technology, education … and so on). This community exists with real people and it’s a good example of many of us to follow.

As regards the brain you are right again it can be manipulated or keep a person in pure thinking.  There are technologies out there called “remote viewing” that try to do exactly that.

Kind of you to bring this subject forward as it is indeed a piece of information and knowledge that relates to spirituality.  Love to your way

I have been wondering lately why I'm hearing of a lot of cases of bladder cancer.  Then it occured to me that maybe it's being caused by carrying cell phones in our pockets. 

Very good post, dear Kadvaga!

I'm not using WLAN anymore or microwave ovens anymore as I'm aware of their harmful effects. And I reduced using cell phones to a tiny minimum. Even when I use it I avoid holding it directly next to my ear and use free speach function instead as the harmfullness reduces exponentially with distance of the (micro-)wave source. But the really worst source of microwaves seem to be big cell phone base stations. They very often cause cancer as well as other serious health problems to the people living next to them. I can really feel the negative effects of them whenever I come close to them. They make me feal very uneasy.

However cell phones can be very useful, too. But I suggest not to use them daily.

Some time ago, I've read a channeling of Metatron, and he spoke about this issue, and how microwaves negatively effect the (human) aura. He said that gold chains (silver to a lesser degree, too) around ones neck and wrists can quite effectively protect you against these harmfull effects. I followed his advice and now wear gold and silver chains day and night. I'm not sure about how good this really works, but I have great trust in his words even though they tend to sound very strange to us earthly mis-educated humans... ;)

You know what's funny is when I started "waking up"  I could feel energy through my laptop's wifi connection (i swear..I know it sounds crazy)  But it was like a swirling energy...and sometimes I felt like it was following me around or something.  Can't explain it, idk if it was wi-fi or what.  But I did feel like something was 'blocking" me from communicating with my guides--or sometimes that it heightened my awareness of the energies of people on the internet. I felt both :/ It's not clear what was wifi and/or what was just me going through my transformation process.

But then my laptop broke...and then I decided not to use a cell phone anymore (which also sounds crazy to a lot of people).  I'm pregnant so I didn't want all that extra energy hanging around my baby--because I always wonder, if it affects our brains, what is it doing to my unborn baby? I never bothered to fix my laptop, and i don't use wifi at home.  But I can't get away from it because it's everywhere else.  BUt at least I can do my part to lessen the impacts a little.




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