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I can speak with pleiadians i ask them was i trapped they say nothing i ask when will i go home they say never that was going on for years they tell me to change humanity or die i swear im telling the truth i speak with pleiadians thats what they tell me to change world to bring golden age to earth or die trying it thats why i make that older post about living on earth we cant change world thats not possible thats why there is no ascension date at all i hope good will win im crying almost every day trying to beg them to take me home they just tell me bring golden age on earth we are starseeds thats why we are here to change the world if we fail we die im so sorry for everyone i just want to kill my self i just dont have power to do it i dont want to suffer anymore the life is very hard for me as it always was i just dont know how to improve my life i tried Google but it  dont help me at all to success my life but i still cant be happy and not to suffer in this ugly life i just cant change people i tried  but they just hurt me cant get a friends at all even on work or school i just want to go home :( you can see there is no love there we just cant go home when we want but never im crying writing this text hoping humanity may change so i can go back home ;(

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Lol, I'm going thru something similar right now. i've never been asked to BE anything by anyone tho, I've had an urge to BE "jesus" since birth instead and was for a while. But as you say, such a life includes ALL karma of "jesus".

The lessons are very painful to go thru. :)

 Jessi, I can understand and relate very strongly to what you are describing. The truth is though, that we can never change anyone.. and we are not suppose to change anyone.. not by forcing them to, or craving it to happen. Doesnt matter how much we want it or like what see around us or not. The only change we can do is to change ourselves and then spread that change outside of us, and act as living examples. It is not about to wait until the word has changed.. As I personally see it, its more about being the person you want to be, regardless of whats happening around you. It is up to every single person to change who they are. It's not our job other then creating our own lifes and Let other people Be. Alot of people seem to think that after 21st december 2012 everything should just change all by itself, But nothing will ever change unless You change yourself first, in the direction you want to. because reality is just a reflection of Who you are at every moment.. It is We who Create our World. Not someone "out there" that creates it for us. We have to find our inner light and then shine with it.. together we can create the world we prefer. But its up to us what kind of world we want. Even though there is a truth that energies are changing right now and so on.. its still ultimately WE who have the final-say of what the Universe should look like. Our mission, as I see it, Is to be.. and follow our Heart, whatever feels true to us. Its always about You, and not "the other people". True peace can only reach us when we wake up to the truth, that the world is a game, and this is an experience we chose to have in this lifetime. All answers lies within .. You KNOW the truth for you :) and that is what counts.. together we can unite and create changes.. but lets change together and support eachother in it. It is all possible.. IF we stop see the world as misserable and stop TRY to change it.. its not about judging the world and all negativity out there.. True Love is unconditional and we can only find it through stoping to WISH the world to change. It is not always easy though I know. But as a team everything is possible :) and You are an Infinite POWERFUL Being. So just Trust in that everything will change and everything is gonna be alright .



Hey Jessi,

I've picked up these messages before, they're not pleiadian but they are bloody horrible. Sometimes when you're not in a good place you get stuck in the lower channels - it can happen to anyone.

It's all part of clearing out the rubbish inside so you can feel better in the end. And even if the pleadians are saying that (which I promise you they're not, or at least not in that way), you are part of our huge, mad fun family anyway, so you're never alone. We've all been through it and is excruciating as it is, you have to to get to the other side.

Lots and lots of love and hugs

Cat xxx

I feel you. Love Jenn

Because the work you've set for yourself is not complete?
Who said you get to go home in a ufo anyway? That might be something that is told so that people will be more predisposed to give up, or at least not complete their work.

Besides, isn't home everywhere within creation?

C'mon people it's all just lessons, it's the soul that matters, not the body.

Keep on Keeping On! We will get there one way or another! In some ways we've already arrived, yes? Much Love! We are One! From Heart to Hearts!


My friend Susanne Still at Blue Jaguar Medicine Arts in Santa Fe created the second image "Healing on Golden Mountain".




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