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New age is pure misinformation.Let s get straight to the points.

1.Why do extra terrestrials demons angels occult entities and etc etc never ever provide a proper scientific theory/facts that can make scientists baffled?Why only deliver spiritual messages which we can have from any psychologist or scripture or philosophy?Why the fancy crystals and rehashed wisdom for sale?

One intereseting case from my country is Srinivasa Ramanujan who claimed his village god gave him advanced maths knowledge.He is one of the greatest mathematcians.But no other mathematcian ever got anymore inspiration from that deity or replicate his feat in any field and Ramanujan was also helped by his professor to channel his genius.Otherwise it would be incomplete

2.Where are the indigos/starseeds who come out every month reincarnating from mars pleaides etc predict end of the world and claim to be messiahs only to get temporary spotlight from media and disappear without a trace?

3.Why are the UFO models so flawed?Why do they come here to visit farmers and stupid unintersted people after travelling vast distances in space when they have expert scientists to talk with?Why cant UFOs be replicated by ancient alien theorists?

4.Why do ancient alien people only sale merchandise,claim psychic powers and ufo contacts and secret knowledge only make money instead of joining the government and taking charge in politics,while they provide zero proof and get debunked easily?

5.Why do conspiracy theorists say that everything is negative,water is polluted air is poisoned by chemtrails people are being microchipped and tracked,personal data is being monitored and do nothing like join the politics and change the system,but more seminars more ,tv shows,books ,spread fear and make money like David Icke?What do they want to tell people,to commit suicide?

6.Why cant psychics win the James Randi challenge or go to the court if he is faking?

7.Why are end of world predictors are all a big joke?

8.Why do new age spiritual teachers have so different theories even antagonistic theories like some say reincarnation is a trap some say reincarnation is growth ,about everything when they are accessing and studying the same reality?and why do they claim themselves to be genuine and others fraud?

Its your eyes and see...the new age movement, conspiracy theories are all nonsense.they spread fear and delusions and make money of innocent people by giving them spiritual garbage....but never ever provide evidence of their claims

any child with enough common sense and scientific knowledge can find out how absurd new age claims are

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I do believe in aliens.But the information new age and conspiracy theorists provides about to stand any logic....just like you believe in a soul, but u wouldnt believe in muslim version of what is a soul its orgin purpose and destiny.

I wanted to be an astrobiologist as a child...unfortunately there were no availability for this i believe in aliens....but if you really research the things conspiracy buffs would like you to believe,,they dont stand a chance.I only see them making money ,leading lavish lives and spreading fear and distrust.

So i dont believe in aliens as new age ,ancient alien theorists advertise because they have extremely poor understanding of science to be honest...their scientific knowledge ,reasoning and logical skills is close to 0.

I dont believe aliens are interested in us.They give a damn about us.They are busy doing their cosmic stuff and not eating children alive,when even we humans dont eat chickens  or cows alive.Have some decency man!Dont give in to these mumbo jumbo.Why should they be interested in us?even we civilized humans dont have any interest in tribal development.Why should they have?

Yes bad things do happen in our planet....but they are just because of struggle for existence and lack of proper education and mental disorders and socio economic and political conditions...rather than blood sucking human disguised aliens ruling this planet.

nothing to believe..............................

aliens are 4d interdimensionals and are absolutely real-but a lot of this new age is fake channel nonsense or channeling non enlightened spirits;but chrystals have helped me in clearing my aura and have a natural vibration-

New Age is created by the dark forces to mislead lightworkers and to make them passive.

Just sit on their arses and waiting for the Ascension that will take them to 5:th dimension.

The dark has succeded big time through NA by using chipped and by other methods controlling "channelers".

But , there are some channelers that are pure , but they are very rare.

Now , we are standing in front of a transition aka. the divine plan.

We will though have to experience a period of chaos first.

Be prepared with , food , water and other supplies.



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