Who made the aliens?

So I'm having a discussion with a Christian guy I know, and we're discussing my beliefs in human origin. I believe in Intelligent Design, and he asked me "Where did the first aliens come from?". I don't know.

WHERE did the first life come from? I don't believe in the Christian god, and I don't have an answer. For those of you who ARE NOT CHRISTIAN (because if you are, I already know your answer lol) where do you believe the first life came from?

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  • Perhaps there was a place full of aliens that went extinct before the earth was ever made. Perhaps we are the first aliens. What is an alien? A being? Anything with a brain?maybe aliens are watching us now. They could be mean. They could be nice. We could spend unlimited amount of time on aliens. I have always thought of ourselves to be the most precious of aliens.
  • Funny you should say that Star about knowing the answers after we die. When I had a NDE experience and was clinically deceased for a little while until revived I had a vivid experience where after coming through a glossimer yet dark and tight feeling tunnel at a blistering and frightening speed that took my breath away (although was not breathing cause of being "dead", I came out on the other side of the tunnel. My head felt like it was exploding with the answers to all the questions that I had ever wondered and it was an epithany, the most exhilerating and orgasmic ah-ha of all. All of a sudden everything imaginable became chrystal clear to me, everything I had ever wondered, in an instant and everything all made sense in life for the first time. Unfortunately I was revived and when I was back I forgot all those answers just as quickly, only remembered that I had KNOWN for just an instant. I felt so gyped but realized that being in a 3D earth incarnation you are not SUPPOSED to know the answers. It is not part of the purpose of the game. There was much more to my NDE but not pertinent to this post so I will save that for another time.
    • Same thing hapened to me...and i still have a after feeling of knowing i just do not know what to do with it...lol
  • Good answer, Star Brooks. I believe we'll know what we need to know when we need to know it, and not before.
    I know the more answers I have the more questions I have......is there any end to the questioning and answering, or is it eternal? :)))))
  • hahaha actually I really like that answer :D
  • Thank you all for your replies!!

    Although I would prefer more profound and thought answers than "we are one, we are all the same, no one is alien" blah blah.

    That's not what I asked. Stop hiding behind your dogma and THINK about it. It's okay, you wont hurt yourself.
    • Jemjem, I really like your choice of words in this statement......greater consciousness....pure awareness. I feel that this all HAD to have a starting point, an origin, a beginning. However, at this point, I don't "see" this point of origin. I just KNOW it exists.

      As one of my very wise mentors said: "If people are not ready to hear/know the Truth, you are doing them more harm than good to share with them." I feel that each individual will naturally "attract" the knowledge and/or experience they need for Soul growth when they are ready. Thus, it is not a positive thing to use force on anyone.
      • Little Feather, this is the problem I have when discussing it with other people.
        I KNOW we started somewhere. I believe in a grand consciousness, but I do not have a name or description for it. I don't know how HOW or WHY or WHEN the first life occurred, only that it did through some intelligent design/creation.

        I have found that the Christian folk I've spoken to are, especially, frustrated by my lack of definitive answers when talking about the creation of the universe. I don't know and I'm okay with not knowing. I think knowing would spoil the surprise :)
        • It is strange that people have the need to explain everything in words. Words to explain the All have not yet emerged. Why do you think people used to refer to trains as iron monsters before? It is not that you do not know, the creation is not a word,it is the same as love,billions of books and words and still nobody can explain love. As for christians (no ofense intented) they thought the creation of the universe stopped in the clouds. Also i do not think it is important to know who created the creator let's first try to understand what creation is before we jump on that one.
      • Yes, total agreement from me about the pure awareness concept of God and I totally totally agree the each sould will attract the knowledge and or experience they need for their soul growth so pushing something onto someone as far as ideological and other opinions is never a productive or responsible thing to do. I have found this to be a truth in my life.
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