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So I'm having a discussion with a Christian guy I know, and we're discussing my beliefs in human origin. I believe in Intelligent Design, and he asked me "Where did the first aliens come from?". I don't know.

WHERE did the first life come from? I don't believe in the Christian god, and I don't have an answer. For those of you who ARE NOT CHRISTIAN (because if you are, I already know your answer lol) where do you believe the first life came from?

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lol id love to know the same answer :P i belive it all came from god/ the all/ supreme being myself.
well I believe Aliens made humans..... O.o
so.. more aliens made the aliens who made us?
Who made them??
hahaha nice!
I've never spoken to an Athiest about this stuff. I imagine they would get quite annoyed with me because I don't know who exactly created the earth (but I suppose it was some kind of intelligent entity) and I'm okay with not knowing LOL
Nice quote!

Take a quote from Andrea Corr's Secret Life - "If truth were an ocean would it fit in the pool of the human mind?"

But what if a drop from the ocean is a perfect hologram of the whole containg all it's information? Surely then this one drop would fit into the pool of the human mind!

There is no space as infinite as that of the human mind, for who can measure the infinte potential of the mind?
This universe and the life in this physical universe were created by Powerful spiritual creator beings. The spiritual universe was there before the physical one and was created by Divine Providence. i.e. the highest light, the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, eternal creator.
All is ONE. All is infinite consciousness. I don't separate us from 'aliens', nobody is an 'alien', we are all in creation together.
Maybe we created ourselves...
This is a GREAT discussion. Good questions....good answers. WHO KNOWS?

Perhaps I am only using my reasoning abilities, common sense, rationality, etc., but, has anyone EVER seen the Creator. I almost HAVE to believe that all we see just on this planet alone did not just "happen" by accident. And, what I know of the depth and breadth of the Universe is so vast, I cannot believe it just happened. I don't even like to use the word "God" anymore, because, it's become so maudlin and really non-descriptive. Until I can hear or see something to convince me otherwise, I still have to believe that some Super Intelligent Being created all this. I was provoked by a friend a number of years ago to contemplate this when she asked me, "Did God create man or did man create God?" And, at that time, having just left the very fundamentalist "christian" church I was yanked up in......I felt so very guilty even contemplating the question.

I've known only 2 professing atheists in this incarnation, and what I have seen is that these people are far more responsible for themselves and their families, and their experiences than so many christians I have seen who "depend" on their God for their "blessings" and the positive experiences they are having.

I've made an effort several times to "pretend" to be the Creator and contemplated how I would feel and what I would do about this "mess" on the planet right now. The only conclusion I could reach is that I would want "my children" to grow up, mature and be responsible for their thoughts, words and deeds.

And, Petar, maybe we DID create ourselves. Who knows for sure?

BTW, these days I question EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. I doesn't make me feel good to be gullible and naive.
I second you on this one
I'm with you, I question EVERYTHING.

I'm not content to just accept what I'm told, when I'm told it. I need to know all versions, all opinions, all options so I can formulate my own.

There is nothing blissful about ignorance.
You can say that again, Sis-star.....don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. lol One of my fave one-liners. And, "there is nothing blissful about ignorance"....AB-SO-LUTELY!!!

But, I hear you. If I question something, I have to prove it to be correct or incorrect to MY satisfaction. I've been deceived TOO many times to go on being naive. Question EVERYTHING I say.
For me, choosing from all the infinite answers to choose from to answer the question, I choose your answer as the closest to mine. I am in total agreement that we are all parts of the whole. There are no "aliens" although when I was getting abducted I did not feel this way.....but now I see that we are all parts of a whole story, that of creation. We always have been and always will be the parts of the whole of creation, and that is good enough for me. So I believe that you are exactly right, we created ourselves.....



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