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Who could it be now? Who can it be now? Men at Work Mandella effected

Who could it be now?  What do you remember?

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 Who's Jesus when he's at your so sad..your right I wont waste any energy sharing anything with someone who acts like you do..

Thats fine by me.

To:  valda m(sp)  Well, I think that you will believe in the Mandela Effect sooner or later (though in maybe in this particular instance, people just heard it wrong - couldn't say one way or the other)

Yeah possibly as that's whats been instilled via others,but people will still question... as even intelligence's are not an absolute.. based upon the accumulation of different consciousness's and retrieval of information,Intelligence and behaviour are functions of consciousness that are entirely consequences to the basic energy of any human being,we are all in a sense drunk within this basic energy level of our presence state here without ever realising it until its questioned.One must develop the ability to sense into these energetic levels & the capacity to alter the quality of their energy within it. Its not until ones intelligence is tested in recognition of an error persay [as in this music case & its lyric's being sung incorrectly,one only has to listen to the old video footage to know or ask the band themselves who actually wrote it,what the true lyric's actually are,they may be laughing at everyone who has been singing their songs lyric's incorrectly for years every time they heard them singing it too]... does one question their part in this altered reality state of mind..when everyone follows suit on something then it becomes their reality that they only know & its not questioned, its like any mind indoctrination process...same goes when parents indoctrinate something into a child's mind,they know no different until someone suddenly tests that energy level & reality within it thus telling them something totally different to what they know was told to them..this then bursts their bubble in other words in their mindset it was encased within..they may even then ask the parent who taught them.. why did they fill their head with such untruths of knowledge...but the parent is only passing on what they also were indoctrinated in they know no different..this is when a new mindset of consciousness begins and the instantaneous ability to shift levels of consciousness starts..I agree with your terminology of 'not mirror people' these people are the questioners in society & whats being pushed onto them..which is a good thing..

You can dance if you want to-wait,no-we can dance if we want to;

yep that map was my reality a little over a year ago-used to take 7 hours to fly to san paulo now it's ten;

Image result for map of the world

Image result for map of the world

panacea any way to zoom in on your map-to the bering straight?  There is and island there now that is half Russian and half US-Almost in the center of the straight

Panacea:  What is the significance of the white rectangle on your map?

Panacea:  WTF?

darkstar-isnt it funny feather and mike are absolute mandella deniers -mike thinks its the cia, oh yeah so does the new zealand guy

yes panacea it takes ten hours to fly to sau paulo and only a year ago-2 years maybe-it was 7 hours-wait did I say this already?


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