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I have noticed quite a few dark ones on even Ashtar and there is no surprise there. I would not usually bother but there is alot of step ups from the dark ones and claiming the cabal is good, the Annunaki are good etc etc. I am here to help bring some truths.

Okay where should i start. Who is the Paa-Tal. The origin of the word is Draconian to start with. That is what they call the four oldest races in Orvorton and it translates insanely strong ones. I hear you saying what is Orvorton that is the name of this Grand Universe. A GRand Universe is 1000 odd Universes. The true term of a universe is 1 million habitable worlds. WOW i guess it blows out the notion of ARE WE ALONE. ummm let me think NO.

There is not many on our world that know about Orvorton let alone much of our universe we are in which is called Nebbadon,

So the Paa-Tal are these four races the Ainu-Ra, Mem-Ra, Shin-Ra and the youngest the Ashand. The first three are you may know them as the Golden Ones or we call the them High Elves. This is why in fantasy we have them alot stories passed down about the immortal elfs.
This is true. Now all beings are immortal from a Soul point of view please dont let anyone tell you any differently. ALL HUMANS ON GAIA / EARTH are immortal souls living in a Human vessel. It is the learning tool but our ones were broken along the way hence our junk DNA. Turned down by the dark ones around 13000years ago or so.

ALL HUMANS ARE DIVINE BEINGS dont let any one tell you otherwise okay. There is no middle man needed for your though adjuster to talk with Source / The almighty etc. You can also communicate with your Higher Self, your God self and your Oversoul. When you attempt this demand that only the light to communicate with you.

Okay so back to the Paa-Tal. How old are they? As old as this Grand Universe. In the Trillions of years if you measure Tima and Space in 12D (yeah sorry guys the universe is not only 13 billion years or so old) Do you know it does a breathing function so it goes in and out over billions of years thought i might help with that one. The first three races are 12D even in phyical form they resemble 12 foot tall handsome elves. The oldest have wings so they resemble Angels but in psyical form. In fairness they are Angels in form.The Ashand are the Silver Elf like race of 10-11D which is virtually immortal but not fully whilst 12D is.
So what do they do? They seeded this Universe and keep an eye on it for the Almighty that is what they do. They seeded life on Gaia / Earth 500 million years ago. They stayed as well until around 200million years ago and left for awhile. This is where some of these old giant fossils may be found from as early as 280 miilion years ago like that guy Ed cowin who found giant fossil teeth from that time period.
The movie Prometheus showed an Ashand turning into DNA at the start but that was the only part of the movie which had any truth, THEY DO NOT WANT TO COME BACK AND KILL GAIA which is what the dark ones wanted you to think.
They came back when other races in earlier parts were advanced enough and choose to settle in our solar system. For around a million years beings came from other parts to live on the earth most of them from the Pleades Star system. Though we were much higher than. The planet was 8D then. Most of us who were there then were tall as well 10 feet tall or so. The Hyperboreans are still really tall but thats for another day.
The Paa-Tal started to decide they should incarnate to boost the light especially when a rebellion happened all the way over in Andromeda firstly then eventually to this universe. You might wonder who was the Rebellion it may help alot with the story. The Draconian race always like to fight and battle etc and they were the fist to rebel under Satan, Yes Satan was a Draconian King does that help, Lucifer was a different being. They pushed them eventually over eons of time out of Andromeda into the milky way where they settled in Alpha Draconis.They hated Humans with a passion and still do. Along with the other dark ones the Archons and the Annuanki and the Greys they formed the Anchara Alliance, which was the start of trouble here. You may ask why here. Well this was one of the first Universes which had free will as the Almighty thought beings would learn more. You had free will but then it is your choice to serve creation as its the only way up especially if you were ascending being not a descendig being like the Paa-Tal.
So The Paa-Tal started to incarnate in the universe to counter the rebellion directly as well. Which the dark ones hated even more so. They hated the Paa-Tal more than Humans due to them being their father race even as all are in a way in this universe. Once they found out they were incarnating directly to fight and influence the rebellion back to the light they got more angry. So it has gone on for awhile.
The beings through history of note are alot of the Paa-Tal incarnations and not just from Earth. For eg Vishnu and Zeus is the same being. Shiva and Apollo etc etc. I could give you many such answers like this. I can even tell you why some of the Indian Gods were painted Bllue in your history books abd literature.
See under the four oldest races you have the 6 races of colours also known as Sangrit races and in each colour you have 12 shades of colour. White man is the lighets shade of the Blue race if it helps. Then you modfiy this skin tone based on the light gamma of that star that put out. As Shiva and Vishnu etc came from 8D Pleadies star system where is the stars are blue. Hence why they were painted blue as they were blue when they first came to earth. Over time our sun made them loose that pigment colour and it took about 30 years. At those days 8D humans live for around 90000 years and were around 9-10 feet high or so. So alot of these famous beings from old were the same being just ver such a long time and different areas names and looks were different etc.
So where are they now, well some are on earth still others are in their ships waiting for when they need to step in or not and to what level. Their tech is light years more advanced than the other races they can stellar jump into other universes in around 1 hour. So how do I know, lets just say some of us are still here remember.

I hope it helps feel free to copy and paste and email to other peoples.

Love in the name of the Almighty / All Father / Source   

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  • this is all the information I have on the paa-tal and the draconians - my higher self, crethis starflower liun, is a paa-tal/draconian mix - but has existed for 954 billion years - which means he's from the "draconians" that existed before they were brought into this universe to seed - they were stronger then. He was created in an attempt for both races to form a truce - even back then they did not like each other - I believe both evolved out of the fae, but I only have mental info of this to go on - the paa-tal represented the constructing nurturing force, the draconians the controlling forceful force.

    I am a portion of his energy sent here to heal and help out - an incarnate, not a reincarnate - I will probably return to his being when I am done, unless I choose to evolve upwards on my own.


    the last pdfs at the end of the thread are probably the most complete story I have found to date - tying all the other information together :)

  • I was looking for some info on the paa tal technical their whereabouts. I have to comment on your theory. The draconian s are entirely separate while some of share genetic yrsots and abilities specific to certain groups. The pas tsl are earth born who have managed to activate the necessary markers and expanded their usage.
  • MANY GROUP MEMBERS WILL FIND THIS LINK WELL WORTH THE VIEW,BLESSINGS EVE.  Principles of Reincarnation derived from Past Life Research, by ...

  • dear soul brother,will do.blessings eve.

  • dear Frenzy,lol, Mol is full of surprises,blessings eve.

  • Indeed! Thank you MasterofLight, sharing. :)


    Much Love,


    Wes :)

  • Awesome Matthew,the proof is there without any doubt whatsoever,love,light,blessings eve.

  • Afraid of who Alfred?????blessings eve.

  • 8113898676?profile=originalMaybe this is what climate change is all about,The Next Step In Earths Evolution.

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