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OK.... I think I have this in the right category … 

I have always been very dramatic, commonsense glamour, Ethical, I can be very spiteful with words not actions. I analyze everything constantly and ive always been very emotional. Im very connected to animals, children and insects way more than adult people, I find it really really hard to connect and stay connected with people. im not the type to want to go hang with anyone. Not that I don't like to have fun. I love LOVE dancing!! But even being married I like my solitude! 

Back when I was 8 yrs old I looked into a mirror and I saw a reflection that wasn't mine and I could not see its face. I don't know if it was me or a spirit, a guide or... anyway it prompted me to ask my father a couple of questions

1) Why do I look like I do? 

2) Why was I born when I was born?

He gave me the typical answers and it confused me then he asked me...Why do you think you look the way you do. I said I don't know how I look because I couldn't see my face in the mirror it was different from my girl face.  What I saw in the Mirror wasn't me and I described it to my father....

Know when your cold, how your skin gets really blotchy looking and your have the separation of blood showing threw the skin? well imaging just the blood color being all earth tones and pastel pink threw out in every earth tone blotch with that faint peach separation lining and no hair, no ears neither but a h*** and side strip, and I couldn't see a face, that was kind a more blotch blurred and then he asked me When do you think you were suppose to be born?  I said not now! but way way into the future!. He just looked at me and stuttered his head movement and mumbled and walked away and we never talked about it ever since. Sooo to this day that stuck with me. Before I ever knew what aliens or saw them on tv I was always partial to black ery glossy or mirror looking eyes if that helps

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sounds like some type of inter dimensional-you may have seen yourself from a past life, or like you say, a future life-one mirror meditation (you probably know this) is staring into your own eyes and trying not to blink.  Say some prayers first for protection if needed ( NYC area is so wicked that you need protection for all spiritual exercises ) and repeat 'who am I? who am I? who am I?'

Soon you should see your face altering to past lives and maybe future



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