• hmm, i would get it  checked out by a dermatologist to rule out any skin issues/ natural genetics

    my mum , grandfather, and I both have these spot things... its so annoying... because it appears on the skin... and disapears at it's will, and (looks like a spot) , its more than likely genetics.

  • This same thing happened to my oldest son when he was 16.  He woke up and had a huge white round spot on his cheek which was very pronounced because he was quite tan and it was the size of a penny.  I took him to his doctor who referred him to a dermatologist.  The dermatologist said that is a thing called halo nevus.  It is a benign (not cancerous or dangerous) skin disorder that can spring up over night.  I asked him what to do about it, and he said that they  can go away on their own, but it takes time, and sometimes they don't and people opt to have them removed.  We could have had that area of skin frozen off, but my son did not want a scar there, so he used cover stick on the spot till he graduated...He got pretty good at camoflaging the spot....It may be that, what your sister has.  I would recommend her going to a dermatologist because they can spread and develop more of them, but that is her call.  My son ended up with a penny sized on on his cheek and one between his shoulder blades that was very large and it had a darker ring in it, which looked like a bullseye. The one on his face went away but the one on his back we had removed before it got any worse.

    Definition of Halo Nevus

    A usually benign, sometimes multiple, melanotic nevus that involutes, producing a uniformly depigmented pale or white circular formation on the skin. Also called leukoderma acquisitum centrifugum , Sutton's disease .

    It could be something else completely, but thought I would share this information just in case. I am certainly no doctor, just passing this info along for what it is worth.


  • Or it could be a..........pimple!!  hehe

    • hahaha, No It's definitely not a pimple! 

  • it must be something to do with her Third Eye Chakra. :P

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