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    Wanted to share this wonderful poem with you... :)

  • Hi Horus1111 ^^
    Thailand has many beautiful civilization. I want you to come here.
    So,thanks for adding me I hope we will be a good friend

    light and love ~


  • yes we feel and know about twinflames but not all twinflames journeys will be the same as we all have different paths to walk and a peice of the puzzle to put into place to create the awaking of the new journey we will walk in the new unconditional love energies that will be our new world planet or what ever label u r comfortable with using we r all here to do a specific spiritual job we all bring and have special gifts and when we work as one with our gifts then WOW BADDA BING BADDA BOOM AWSOM AWSOM AWSOM amazing stuff will happen .

    we will help u with all of your questions but first feel on this question we will ask u


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  • Hi

  • hihorus

    here is the site 

    111 doorways see if you can find and let me know blessings

    Coming Soon page
  •   hey horus i have a great site for you to read a story on 1111 ill find it and report back

  • Braveheart is myMission

    like the movie,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, blessings against all odds

  • Dear Horus I feel sosad

  • I am not sure where to start ....................... its such a long story .........and Im not sure

    about it but its alot like yours mmmm I feel well at the moment torn inside and out of this 3d world

    Blessings love and light

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New Delhi


May 3

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I wish to help Mother earth with her rebirth process, and myself, and to anchor myself firmly into the light.

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Teal Scott, The Spirit Science Community, Sadhguru , Ram Dass , Horus , Isis , Thoth , Mary Magdalene , Jesus Christ , Buddha , Brahma.

Horus1111 posted a discussion
Nov 6, 2012
Horus1111 posted a discussion
Sep 30, 2012
Horus1111 commented on Nikki's blog post EARTH TO COLLIDE WITH NIBIRU ON NOVEMBER 21, 2012!
"I think this is some seriously sordid disinformation! It can't happen, It won't happen. The whole 'purpose' of nibiru/ planet x/ object-behind-the-sun/ object-beyond pluto, is to facilitate 3DD. WWN is not a viable information source. "
Sep 28, 2012
Horus1111 replied to tvgame's discussion Questions regarding the salusa channeling of 14 september 2012
"If you could manifest a beard, I presume you could manifest the very same beard, or if you miss 3D so much, you COULD manifest a blade, but only if you wanted to, of course, SaLuSa couldn't want to manifest a beard and a blade just because, right?…"
Sep 14, 2012

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"Another example is the smock-like clouds that form at the tail of a jet. These clouds enables us to 'see' otherwise unseen entities: ions. The fact that what we see are clouds rather than the ions themselves is immaterial. Similarly we can see…"
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"The most interesting case is where the kirlian photograph shows a 'disembodied aura' eg the one which completes a cut leif. But they wiped where the lief was placed, took the Kirlian Photograph, and when they failed to find the image, they said that…"
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