God said:
Whether you recognize or absorb this or not, I AM you, and you are I. Our Oneness is not a choice you make. From the beginning, you and I are One. The most you can seek is for the awareness of this Eternal Truth. Awareness and Oneness are two different things, even though, in Oneness, there is no difference. Nothing but Oneness is. You cannot claim Oneness. You are Oneness. Oneness is a pronoun without antecedent. Oneness can only be One. Therefore, Oneness has no example. Oneness is its One Self. The sun shines on itself. The Glory of God is walking in the world.
Whatever the scene is before you, whether it is city lights or a pastoral scene, you paint it. You create it. You project yourself. You project yourself everywhere. There is only Oneness, and yet you project Oneness in a myriad of ways, and, yet, you are Oneness and nothing else but Oneness. Light is light. You are the Light of the World at the same time as you are a Flame in Heaven.
It has been said that there is nothing new under the Sun. This is true, yet, at the same time, the Sun, Its Old Self, is always new. New. A-new. No shadow falls. Newness arises. You come fresh each day from a Fountain of Love. There is nothing fancy about this. This is simplicity itself. Simplicity is Oneness. Oneness has no frills. And, yet, Oneness seems to represent itself in a myriad of ways. Oneness is Oneness, and yet it seems diverse. Behind the scenes, Oneness is not a symbol of Oneness. It is Oneness, pure and simple. Oneness does not hand out samples. It hands out love.
In Oneness, We, you and I, share One Heart. How fine that is. It is Love. It is Love Without Trying.
In Truth, there are only beautiful moments in life. In your life. How can it be otherwise when you and I are One? Diversion is fantasy. Life in the world is a fantasy. Roles are played. Characters are cast, and, yet, no matter what, Oneness Is.
Hooray for Oneness, and hooray for its representations. What is is. What is not is not. Oneness Alone Is.
And, yet, in life in the world, you come to peace with multiplicity. You watch the movie in 3-D. And, yet, there is One Reel running. Whatever the pictures on the screen, whatever movie is playing, whatever title it carries, there is the One Screen upon which your eyes play tricks. You look for news, beloveds. You look for a digest. You play for high stakes when, all the while, nothing is at stake. Or, We could say that folly is at stake. Life is not at stake, for life is Infinite and you are life and you are infinite.
You play hide-go-seek when there is nothing hidden. There is, however, for a moment, eyes averted, eyes that fool themselves that they are other than Oneness, that they see out when there is only within.
There is no other. Oneness is not in parts. The Self is the Self, and there is One Self. Therefore, there is you and I -- there is I. You and I are One. Oneness exists. Plurality is play on life. Life goes on stage, and a production is made. Oneness is a playwright and writes scripts and acts in them. Seeming others watch them play-acting. The stories are told and retold, and yet there is not story, unless you call Oneness a story. Oneness is singular. Oneness cannot be grasped in two hands. Oneness can only be Oneness. Long live Oneness. There is nothing else. In Oneness, there is no splitting of the heart. There is One Heart, and it is Mine, and there is no you for Oneness to be. Oneness is greater than a cast of thousands or trillions. Oneness, Oneness, Oneness.

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  • i'm not a fan of this oneness. i actually hate the talk of it to what its to become. i see the point of coming all from the one energy. and we are all connected and always will be. but everything and one is different its just connected to the hole state of being! our path is are own to become what we inspire to be. and if we are true to ourselves it will be original benefiting ourselves to grow and the dimensions around us so they can expand. we have to experience things differently on this platform but to truly succeed we must respect and support others for theirs. yes we are always connected to this oneness. But we can still be individual and make this world a better place. this oneness larky is foaming a new foam of control over humanity and this I and many others do not wish to see.  and we will fight it. can't we just put aside labels and religion for once and for all and allow and support others to be them to find their own meaning and understanding. we can be one with the universe while being just ourselves. because that's true freedom and that is what this world needs... not a new controlling belief.  I AM FROM THE ONENESS TO BECOME ME... to creative my own unique path and become who i want to be and to learn a grow. stop trapping people into a box call oneness because we are NOT ALL ONE with are apart of oneness. but if you chose to believe this... you be apart of oneness but don't class us all as one. we can also all talk for ourselves too thank you!        

  • That word is spelled wrong its Bye Bull

  • I think this happened on Tuesday. The afternoon I believe it was///.......




    We're all the same but different...  and when left at that anyone can draw from it in their own life.  You sound confused. 


  • thats what jesus says in the christs returns ego and divine spirit is oneness it is both playing out in two dimensions and or more simultaneously all at once depending how you see the picture.

    Thats how people see oneness in myriads of different formations, it has to be pondered on or you end the story.

  • Oneness cannot be experienced .

    Why because

    I'm not trying to intellectually understand oneness.

    I'm saying that this description of oneness is just words juggled.

    Its an impressive demonstration of going nowhere.Oneness is not like love. It is based on an egocentric viewpoint. Love is based on unselfishness to another-- thus at least dual.Eating Ice cream is pleasurable

    for some -- its a physical sensation its not a vague experience.

    I am trying to point out duality. That oneness cannot exist without duality.

    There must be both one and different.

    I can't accept this lie---of oneness ONLY

    Its incomplete and I have to tell you feather.

  • 134193263867299839_6JkRfSDx_b.jpg

    • Example of totally rediculous word jugglery.

  • Your making this all up. IT's juggling words around and has no basis in actual facts. This oneness is an unprovable theory only.If it were provable and we are all one--- then what I am stating here is also correct and you must accept it. But you dont accept. HOW dare I interfer with your illusion.This is an example of brainwashing --- mind control--- and bunch of word strung together with no meaning at all. A hype only.I'm sorry to break it to you. If i let you kill yourself am I a nice guy?
    Or should I try to stop you? Its ok to allow this nonsense? I shouldn't interfer with your right to be deluded?
    Should I let you drive your car drunk?

  • You both seem to be saying the same thing... using different words... ;)

    Oneness is love... And to understand and feel Oneness, one must let go of the ego.

    everyone's definition of ego might be something other than what we are thinking... may be they are referring to uniqueness... It does not matter...

    If we understand oneness , we do not need to worry about the barriers which separate us and the self-image which we call ego.

    This is my opinion... :) :)

    Much Love and light...

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