Where do i go from here?

Lets start with it happened to me over 3 years ago. And i have thought about it over and over never really sharing it with anyone. And over that time trying to figure out how to word it to where i don't come out looking crazy, so here it goes.

I was meditating and learning a new way to go real deep into a" just be" state, let me explain that.I was meditating in the afternoon everything was going great. I starting thinking of my body as light as air, clouds just weightless. I thought of just being, removed my thoughts and feelings and thought of nothing at all. And over mins my body felt lighter and lighter, starting from my toes and working up my body. At the same time my mind is getting stiller. I start to feel i am no longer in my living room i am somewhere else. like a nothingness.,void or something i really don't exactly know. Next thing i know this being is right in up in my face. I look to the left,right, up, down and behind me and there is nothing around. There is this real faint light  , i mean real dim i could barely see the outline of the being. I had no fear,i just was wondering what was going on and was going to ask it a question. As i looked and started to ask a question i felt a weird rush and opened my eyes and it was a hour later. But only felt like a moment. I also felt like I was in the presence of another intelligent being and i don't think it was human. That experience lasted a moment in the whole time i was meditating. And i did not feel i was in danger in a way but i feel like i was rushed away. And i know it wasn't in my mind or my mind playing tricks on me. It was a real experience. I do believe it is possible to expand your thoughts outwards in a deep state and that amazing things can happen.

Did i put myself into such a deep state that i opened myself up to communicate with other beings? And i have not tried to put myself into such a deep state since, or at least in that way.Has anyone else had something like that happen to them?

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  • Yes, I believe you may have done that.  It could of been an angel or a being from another dimension.  I believe that these beings are always THERE, we just can't percieve them.

  • you only go forward.................on personal level of courc

    • thank you michael for your post, i am going to go forward on this that happened to me. To get a personal understanding and hopefully clarity about it. Here soon i'm going to put myself into that deep state again meditating and see what happens. And will post what happens if anything, here to share with you all

  • Hi, Infinite Soul, I hear you :-)  I have inner vision too, I see beings of geometric light and can connect as one with different aspects of the divine feminine aspects so I sort of know where you are coming from but we all experience things in our way that fits us, if you are happy with the being you encountered, that is what is important in my opinion.  The more you meditate the more often you will have these encounters and perhaps you were rushed away because these things tend to happen in dribs and drabs... you get tantalizing glimpses of altered states of consciousness only to crash land on this clumsy plane of ours... as time goes on you will grow into a deeper understanding, I am sure.  

    This site about kundalini has been very helpful to me to understand my personal experiences (and to help me know I'm not crazy lol) - note that she states that during the kundalini state that people meet other beings like aliens or gods but that it is all illusion- I would disagree and argue that et's and alternate beings exist but that they are only perceived through different states of consciousness.... We can train our minds to see them, in other words, and kundalini is all about achieving higher consciousness where we can perceive and interact with alternate planes of existence.  


    Do you have any of these symptoms?  


    Muscle twitching, cramps or spasms, shaking, trembling, limpness, rigid-contraction, facial contortions. Itching, vibrating, pricking, tingling, effervescent bubbles of bliss. Tingling/throbbing in left foot and leg is one of the main signs that kundalini is active. Hot or cold changes in body temperature. Shooting currents of energy or heat. Zigzag or double helix of energy up the spine. Prana flow in the central nervous system. Pulsating sensation in the sacrum. Involuntary laughing or crying, deep sighs. Abdomen may flatten toward the spine. Contraction of visceral organs. The anus contracts and is drawn up (bandhas). Purging or constipation. Bad digestion. Chin may press down against the neck (neck lock posture). Eyeballs roll upwards or rotate. Eyelids may not open despite effort to open them. Left eyelid flickers, then towards the end of the awakening the right eye may flicker. Tongue rises to the roof of the mouth or stretches back. Repetitive popping sensation in the sinus above the palette. Body may twist in all directions. Body may bend forward or back, or roll around on the floor. Spontaneous asanas and mudrus. Breathing constriction, heaviness or contraction of diaphragm. Unusual breathing patterns, tendency to belly breathe, emphatic out-breath. Racing heart, expansion pains in heart. Feeling of levitation or intensified gravity, radical grounding and associated lethargy, Chronic Fatigue. Body sense might expand to feel huge or small. Strange aches and head pressures, headaches. Clenching jaw. Yawning, excessive sleep. Inability to sleep during hyperactivation; Hyperactivity, need to constantly walk or exercise. Dry throat, great thirst. Feeling headlessness, mindless, giddy, heaviness of head like one is wearing a helmet. Build up of pressure at the head, neck, spine, thorax and eyes. Paralysis during Samadhi or hypnogogic states. Numbness and pain in limbs, especially the left foot and leg. Numbness on the left scalp and down into left face, with drooping of the left eyelid. Years of pain in the throat (thyroid) or in the left foot or shin prior to the awakening. Loss of strength in the arms during rapture and heart expansions. Psychokinetic interference with electrical equipment. Smell of roses or peaches eminating from the skin.


    Inner visions and lights, flames, geometric shapes. Visions of deities, or saints. Dream-scenes. Inner sounds, celestial music, bird sounds, animal sounds. Buzzing or humming in the ears. Inner voices. Spontaneous mantras. Speaking in tongues or foreign languages. Smell of perfume arises. Transcendental vision, everything illuminated scintillating, vibrating. Dreams and visions in transcendental vision. Atom bomb dreams. Temporary loss of eyesight.


    Love with no object arises. Devotion. Sublime gratitude. Uncommon compassion and understanding. Tolerance and patience for "What Is." Enormous faith accompanies the bliss. Transcendence of reactive patterns, social conditioning and egoic habits. Intense sexual arousal without provocation. Intensified sexual and sensoral pleasure. Feeling of gaseous bubbles arising from reproductive organs, champagne pelvis. Feeling of radiating ambrosial bliss, an aura of nectar. Heat, sweat. Strange activity and bliss in different areas of the head at different times. Sensations of blissful honey moving through brain, spine and connecting heart to other parts of the body. Traveling bliss, or pervasive bliss, rapture. Spontaneous sexual ecstasy with no stimulation. Increased ESP, precognitive dreams, telepathy. Bio-location of loved one through heart's navigation. Alchemical preparation for future unknown events, ie: translocal transtime development. Linear time transcended. Feeling of entire life reaching a nexus point in time. Heightened senses. Hyper-sensitive. Field of self widens, peripheral awareness increases. Exquisite awareness of one's environment and others. Ability to affect energetic states and promote heart expansion in others via sympathetic resonance.


    Deep questions and answers arise. Spontaneous mystic poetry that writes itself. Important insights, eurekas. Scientific and creative solutions. The Herald of the Muse appearing as a sound or voice in the upper right-brain field prior to the emergence of information. Increased creativity and expression. Intensified understanding. Finer focus on "the most important thing." Compulsive need to write.""

    Hope this helps :-) 

    • thank you Kelly, for taking the time to post this here for me. And thank you for sharing with me  :)

      • And i hope others look at this post too and maybe it can help them.

  • I had something similar but I think it was me meeting my higher self.... You didn't feel threatened did you

    • Very cool Lisa, i too believe that we can connect to our higher selves/spirit what ever people may call it.   :)

      No i did not feel anything like that. The void or whatever it was, and the being right there face to face caught me off guard is all. And the experience was something i never had before with so many questions still left about it. 

      • Dearest there's a message for you maybe try to go back.... So cool....

        • I am going to try again today and put myself into that deep state and see what happens  :)

          It took me a very long time to learn how to do that in that type of way. Clearing my mind and removing all thought  is the hardest part for me to do when i try to get to that state. There's always a wondering thought,lol. And in doing so i hope to pick up where i left off, or at least get more clarity about it..

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