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Lets start with it happened to me over 3 years ago. And i have thought about it over and over never really sharing it with anyone. And over that time trying to figure out how to word it to where i don't come out looking crazy, so here it goes.

I was meditating and learning a new way to go real deep into a" just be" state, let me explain that.I was meditating in the afternoon everything was going great. I starting thinking of my body as light as air, clouds just weightless. I thought of just being, removed my thoughts and feelings and thought of nothing at all. And over mins my body felt lighter and lighter, starting from my toes and working up my body. At the same time my mind is getting stiller. I start to feel i am no longer in my living room i am somewhere else. like a nothingness.,void or something i really don't exactly know. Next thing i know this being is right in up in my face. I look to the left,right, up, down and behind me and there is nothing around. There is this real faint light  , i mean real dim i could barely see the outline of the being. I had no fear,i just was wondering what was going on and was going to ask it a question. As i looked and started to ask a question i felt a weird rush and opened my eyes and it was a hour later. But only felt like a moment. I also felt like I was in the presence of another intelligent being and i don't think it was human. That experience lasted a moment in the whole time i was meditating. And i did not feel i was in danger in a way but i feel like i was rushed away. And i know it wasn't in my mind or my mind playing tricks on me. It was a real experience. I do believe it is possible to expand your thoughts outwards in a deep state and that amazing things can happen.

Did i put myself into such a deep state that i opened myself up to communicate with other beings? And i have not tried to put myself into such a deep state since, or at least in that way.Has anyone else had something like that happen to them?

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I am surprised i have not had any feed back on this post.

I see things on this site posted that are people expanding there minds in a deep state and having wild things happen to them. 

Some have things posted about connecting across the cosmos with other beings. Being on a ship, and the list can go on and on. What i'm saying is this was a real thing that happened to me and would like some feed back. Something to know i am not alone in what happened to me, clarity on the subject.    

And when i take the time to post something on here,  it's me sharing my mind with you all. What has meaning to me or helping expanding minds and raise awareness. That's what i;m asking of you all here too.

           thank you,

                                Infinite Soul.

Hey my brother .. I just saw your post in this minuite, but dont worry if you dont see replies so soon, it happens .. Ive posted quite a few blogs in the past with nada responses, not even one .. Lol .. sometimes people dont always get around to responding to all the blogs and discussions in here, and they slip into the archives unnoticed ... but no worries ...

As to your expierence, well, Ive had a few simelar expierences myself, once when I was in my room, visualisng colours comming up through my Chakras, I sort of felt real lightheaded and I felt weightless .. I was aware of my Pineal Gland which was buzzing almost and I felt my concious awareness "shift" as though I was lifting out of my body, like an OBE, I felt that same "rush" you are speaking about .. and .. I felt a degree of uncertainty and at that moment, I thought I was breaking through a membrane or something, perhaps into a higher place because I had a definate sense of "other worldly presence" around me and these "beings" were literally waiting for me or something, it kind of gave me goosebumps and I literally shot straight back ito my body again .. but for a brief moment, I think I was within a second of entering a very high realm, and since that expierence, I have been drawn to the work of Terrence McKenna, and especially his discription of "Machine Elves", who are a group of multidimensional beings that morph and change and recreate themselves right in front of your eyes, these beings apparently exist and once you penetrate the veils and make the breakthrough, through the use of DMT or "Dimethyltryptamine" which actually already exists naturally in the brain, you come face to face with them.

Dimethyltryptamine is activated every night while you are sleeping, during REM, usually between the hours of three and five in the morning, and when we dream, we are getting into the world of Dimethyltryptamine and its powerfull realities, hence some of the very weird dreams we expierence.

Perhaps your expierence was different but indeed, what happened to you was just as real and maybe you also tapped into those areas, the DMT in your own system may have been activated or something, I am not sure .. but it shows that you are open and sensitive to new, multidimensional expierences.

Thanks for sharing your story, my brother and may you have many more, safe and happy ones to come.



thank you for sharing that with me luke.

You are most welcome, my friend .. I hope it helped you somehow .. :-)

Luke you have always been a very helpful friend and i am grateful for that.

Oh likewise brother .. it is a privilage for me to share with you and indeed, to learn from you and from what you share with me and with the rest of the community, indeed, like many of our loving brethren in here, you are beloved and deeply respected. I feel many do and will grow in spirit from your valuable insights, not least from your very warm loving heart, I am grateful for that alone ... stay as blessed as you are, my brother.

happy now infinate soul ?

I had something similar but I think it was me meeting my higher self.... You didn't feel threatened did you

Very cool Lisa, i too believe that we can connect to our higher selves/spirit what ever people may call it.   :)

No i did not feel anything like that. The void or whatever it was, and the being right there face to face caught me off guard is all. And the experience was something i never had before with so many questions still left about it. 

Dearest there's a message for you maybe try to go back.... So cool....

I am going to try again today and put myself into that deep state and see what happens  :)

It took me a very long time to learn how to do that in that type of way. Clearing my mind and removing all thought  is the hardest part for me to do when i try to get to that state. There's always a wondering thought,lol. And in doing so i hope to pick up where i left off, or at least get more clarity about it..



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