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  • Hugs be well be safe my friend

  • 8115559254?profile=originalhave not seen you here in a while hope you are well my friend....

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  • 8115479257?profile=originali never thanked you for your friendship... Boy, as I get older I'm slipping lol... Thank you so much for who you are and all you do... I look forward to building a great friendship with you filled with years of joy light peace and love... Always your friend, Lisa

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Northwood, NH


August 5

About Yourself

Hello everyone, My name is John. This state I live in is real beautiful, so much woodlands and wildlife. And living here I experience life to it's fullest everyday. I go by Infinite Soul on here because,I AM forever being and the power of my spirit is infinite. I'm 41 years old and for years now I have been spiritual, meaning I do not belong to any belief system or religion. I have my own personal connection with god, universe, the source, whatever you may call it. And it's beautiful. My beliefs are not the same as many on this site, but I like the fact that we have all come together here to help humanity and this beautiful world by raising awareness and expanding minds, spreading truths, and sharing knowledge. Connecting with you all is a honor. I AM here to share with you all and learn from you all, and to give my light and love to you all.
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Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

i believe we are all students, and we are all teachers.

infinite soul posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
infinite soul left a comment on Music for your soul.
"I'm such a burnout,lol. I can't figure out how to post the link to a music  video where the video will pop up and not the link,lol. Can someone enlighten me?    :)"
Feb 18, 2018
infinite soul left a comment on Music for your soul.
Feb 18, 2018
infinite soul left a comment on Music for your soul.
"it's been long since I've been here on this group. I am honored to see it's still going,because of all of you. Still sharing your love for music, thank you. "
Feb 18, 2018

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Steve Hutchinson posted a discussion
  ...Dare To Be Different By Pamela Kribbe & Jesus/Jeshua Dear friends,I am Jeshua, your brother and equal, who has lived as a human being among humans. I am with you, although not physically, but in and through your hearts. You are connected to me…
1 hour ago
Indigenous Alien left a comment on Comment Wall
"Hello my fellow incarnate Earthly visitors... I have a question about crystals. Having looked online and noticing most are polished, which is best polished or not or does it matter? I am in high gear all of a sudden, seriously, so many things are…"
2 hours ago
Shahram posted a status
Hello every one,
is there anybody who can tell me how can i find out Aliens are truth?
3 hours ago
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